Rothschild’s General, Barry Soetoro – At War With America: America, Never Submit To The Left Wing Fascists Who Illegally Passed The Health System Takeover!

The hour of your redemption is here…. Rally to me…. As the lines of battle roll forward to bring you within the zone of operations, rise and strike. Strike at every favorable opportunity. For your homes and hearths, strike! For future generations of your sons and daughters, strike! In the name of your sacred dead, strike! Let no heart be faint. Let every arm be steeled. The guidance of Divine God points the way. Follow in His name to the Holy Grail of righteous victory. — General Douglas MacArthur October 17, 1944

New rally cry: Don’t submit!

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has a message for the Americans people: Do not submit to “Obamacare,” the massive health-care reform bill President Obama just signed into law.

“I want to let people know that we hear you,” she told WND. “We want this bill repealed, too, and we’re not just going to roll over and accept Obamacare. We’re not going to roll over and let Nancy Pelosi have her way because it was just a handful of Democrats leadership that pushed this bill onto the backs of 300 million Americans. We don’t have to accept this.”

Now you can join nearly 15,000 Americans and 100 members of Congress in declaring your independence from Obamacare by signing the Declaration of Health Care Independence.

While Bachmann explained that she is not advocating civil disobedience, she said people must not give into apathy and believe the health-care bill cannot be overturned.

She was the first lawmaker down on the floor this week as she eagerly presented H.R. 4903, a one-page bill to repeal the Democrats’ health “reform.”

Asked whether the health-care bill really has a chance of being repealed, Bachmann replied, “It’s very difficult. I won’t put rose-colored glasses on.”

She cited a poll that revealed 76 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Congress has been doing.

Americans must prepare to take the fight to the polls this election, she explained, and they must vote for constitutional conservatives to make up majorities in the House and Senate.

“What we saw on Sunday evening was the results of November 2008,” Bachmann said. “Pure and simple, that’s what it was. We also will have our day of victory, but we have to focus on November 2010. It is all about choosing constitutional conservatives who have a winnable chance of getting elected.”

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

She added that the American people must also strategically select a strong presidential candidate in 2012.

“We can take no substitutes for our nominee. We cannot be fooled with someone who is conservative lite,” Bachmann said. “It has to be a bold, strong, constitutional conservative who we run for president, one who is strong enough to see this fight through of repealing Obamacare. We absolutely can do it.”

She called repeal of Obamacare a winning issue and the No. 1 concern that conservative candidates would be wise to embrace during their campaigns this year.

“We will continue to win this argument, and we’ll win at the ballot box in November if we continue to press our case from now until November,” Bachmann said confidently.

Left Wing Operative John McCain

In light of the passage of the health reform bill – and the Democrats’ more than questionable tactics – she said it is more important than ever that Americans declare their health-care independence. Nearly 15,000 people have signed the Declaration of Health Care Independence at WND. Bachmann has received signatures from an additional 11,000 Americans and nearly 100 lawmakers in rejection of an unconstitutional Washington takeover of health care.

Speaker Pelosi And House Democratic Leaders Discuss Health Insurance Reform

Bachmann; Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa; Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, and other lawmakers drafted the Declaration of Health Care Independence and formally unveiled it on Jan. 27. The declaration is a commitment to protect the rights of the American people to make their own health decisions, reduce bureaucratic red-tape, decrease intergenerational debt and implement 10 common-sense principles for future health-care reform.

They presented the following 10 points of agreement in the declaration:

We, therefore, the People and Representatives of the United States of America, do solemnly Publish and Declare that health care reform, as a matter of principle, must: Protect as inviolate the vital doctor-patient relationship;

  • Reject any addition to the crushing national debt heaped upon all Americans;
  • Improve, rather than diminish, the quality of care that Americans enjoy;
  • Be negotiated publicly, transparently, with genuine accountability and oversight;
  • Treat private citizens at least as well as political officials;
  • Protect taxpayers from funding of abortion and abortion coverage;
  • Reject all new mandates on patients, employers, individuals or states;
  • Prohibit expansion of taxpayer-funded health care to those unlawfully present in the United States;
  • Guarantee Equal Protection under the law and the Constitution;
  • Empower, rather than limit, an open and accessible marketplace of health care choice and opportunity.

“The Declaration of Health Care Independence is a framework for going forward on health-care reform, something that we believe all Americans agree with,” Bachmann explained. “All 10 of those statements are items that the president himself said that his health-care reform would embrace.”

However, she said Obama’s statements were untrue because the health bill contains full federal funding of abortion and allows illegal alien access to taxpayer-subsidized health care because there are no procedures for verifying immigration status prior to receiving benefits.

Rep. Michele Bachmann speaks to PJTV during protest against Obamacare at Capitol on March 21 (photo: Flickr, theqspeaks)

Bachmann added that Obama was wrong when he said Republicans do not want health reform.

“The president was very rude and arrogant when he stated that Republicans didn’t have a plan,” she said. “Even the day before the health-care vote, he stated very rudely and very arrogantly that Republicans and those who didn’t vote for his bill wanted the status quo. That was patently false, and he knew that was false. We had more than 70 different proposals for health-care reform.”

She said true health reform would embrace the principles in that declaration. As for the Democrats’ passage of the health-care bill on Sunday, she said conservatives have a right to feel disappointed, but they must pull out all the stops in the upcoming months.

“What is at stake is the survival of the finest health care the world has ever known,” Bachmann said. “We want to be able to continue that. We don’t want to allow ourselves to devolve into a social welfare state, but that’s clearly the president’s intention for us.”

She added, “Now it’s up to us to fight for our country, just like those who have gone before us. We have to be up for the battle.”


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