Arizona Passes Second Law Banning Schools From Teaching Ethnic Solidarity Instead Of Individualism!

Arrogant liberals all over America continue to try to condemn and demonize Arizona for their attempts to keep illegal aliens from flooding in and bankrupting their state. Well, Arizona has responded by passing a law to ban ethnic studies courses.

An article on Fox News reports: “After making national headlines for a new law on illegal immigrants, the Arizona Legislature sent Gov. Jan Brewer a bill Thursday that would ban ethnic studies programs in the state that critics say currently advocate separatism and racial preferences. The bill, which passed 32-26 in the state House, had been approved by the Senate a day earlier. It now goes to Gov. Jan Brewer for her signature. The new bill would make it illegal for a school district to teach any courses that promote the overthrow of the U.S. government, promote resentment of a particular race or class of people, are designed primarily for students of a particular ethnic group or ‘advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.’ …Schools that fail to abide by the law would have state funds withheld.”

They must be serious. They actually put some teeth into it!

Why is Arizona of all places suddenly showing some backbone in racial matters? My guess is that it’s all those White people who fled from southern California over the years and who don’t feel like packing up and moving again. That’s the problem with “White flight.” Whenever White people flee, the Third Worlders always follow. Unfortunately, the good public schools in Arizona start filling up with Latinos. Gang bangers start committing crimes and Latinos start turning Arizona into a copy of a bad L.A. neighborhood.

The next interesting step will be to see what the Obama regime does about all these pro-White laws in Arizona. My guess is that the Attorney General is going to go running to federal judges to get injunctions against the laws. White people however are getting pretty sick of arrogant liberal judges inventing so-called Constitutional reasons to void any law that protects White people or that cuts hand outs to non-Whites.

If White people “working within the system” are not allowed to protect their interests, and the Feds step in to veto a perfectly legitimate state law, what will happen next? Will White people finally decide that they need a radical pro-White party that will support their interests instead of the tepid, timid Republican Party, which has been lacking a spine for decades?

David Duke