How Many More People Have To Die, Before America Understands The Banking Cabal Shadow Government Has Waged War Upon Us?

2005 British Monarchy‘s BP Killed 15 In Texas Oil Refinery Explosion!

Next week, one of the world’s largest oil companies, BP, will go to court in Galveston, Texas, to face a young woman who says the company killed her parents. Ascorrespondent Ed Bradley reports, the woman’s parents were among 15 oil workers who died in an explosion last year at BP’s refinery in Texas City, Texas. At least 170 others were also injured in the blast. It was the worst workplace accident in this country since 1989.

60 Minutes spent the last three months investigating the explosion at Texas City, and what we found was a failure by BP to protect the health and safety of its own workers, even though the company made a profit of $19 billion last year.

60 Minutes also found evidence that BP ignored warning after warning that something terrible could happen at Texas City.

CBS News

2010 British Monarchy’s BP Killed 11 People In A Floating Gulf Oil Platform

Families bid farewell to 11 men killed in Gulf rig explosion

BP Informant Exposes Drilling To 6 Mile Depth First Time On Water – Creating Abiotic Oil Volcano Which Is Not A Spill! Well Pressure Is 45,000 psi Compared To Typical 1, 500 psi And The Well Is Actually Dumping 4,000,000 Gallons/Day Contrary To What Is Being Reported By MSM (Main Stream Media).

Cheney Deregulated The Oil Industry, Not So BP Making $40 Billion USD On OUR Oil Could save On A Mere $500K  Fail Safe Switch, But So British World Government Oligarchy, Could Establish American Meltdown!

Hillary Clinton Lies About Brazil : Time To Fair Tax The Bilderbergs, Soros, Rockefellers, & British Petroleum To Feed The Children Of The Oil Drenched Gulf :


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Vendetta – The Infinite Human Spirit That Refuses To Submit – Rothschild Fascism!

Criminal Rothschild Of London – Forcing International Debt With Monopoly Money!

Rothschild Rockefeller Fear Competition : Why Michael Jackson Was Murdered!

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Professor Of U.S. Constitution : Obama Bastardizes For Rothschild!

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USA Without Representation : U.K.’s Rothschild Going Bankrupt : Give Them Your Retirement Package! Main Stream Media Owned By General Electric And On Barry Soetoro’s Recovery Panel Wants You To Lay Down And Shut Up While Their Operatives Play Semantics With New Laws To Bail Out England And Roll You Over!

Financial Crisis : Democrat’s Commission Of High Treason