GOP Efforts To Hold Democrats Accountable For Lack Of Budget :

GOP Leader Asks Obama About Delay on Abortion Funding Executive Order

Free Speech Under Attack By Piece Of Shit “George Soros Open Society” Operative, Alan Grayson (D-Florida) : Feigns Outrage Over America’s Missing $500 Billion USD During Orchestrated 2008 Financial Meltdown!

United States Waking Up To Rockefeller’s RHINO – Johnny McCain – Johnny Hates America For The Wrong Reasons!

The World Gears Up While U.S. Dumbs Down – Obama & McCain Terminate F-22 Stealth Raptor Program For Inferior F-35: McCain Gates Agree Sodomy Shower Policy!

Obama Promotes Hate Law: Rosa Brooks Promoter Of Islamic Head Cutting Sharia Law Appointed To Operate Within The Pentagon As Top Advisor!

Europe Is No Longer Europe, It Is Eurabia, A Colony Of Fascist Islam. Politically Correct Terrorism And The Invincible Ignorance Of The Nazi Left.

PREDATORY LOANS: Barney Frank And Christopher Dodd What They Did To Set Up America For Socialism

Rothschild’s General, Barry Soetoro – At War With America: America, Never Submit To The Left Wing Fascists Who Illegally Passed The Health System Takeover!

Pope Benedict XVI Condemns Global Warming: ‘Corruption And Illegality’ By Politicians And Businesses

Obama, Soros, And Socialist Congress Padding Their Portfolios By Deconstructing USA – Same Fate As Argentina

United States Militias: Oath To Support And Defend The Constitution Against All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic

Rothschild Banking With Blood On Their Hands : United States At War With The British Monarchy!

California Has Stopped Producing : Cities Going Bankrupt As France!

Ayatollah Obama Constructing Failed State : Islamic Fascism’s Shariah Law, Population Control, Diversion For Housing Bubble, Hedge Funds, & Sociopath Soros!

Obama’s Centralized Revenue Funnel – Out Of Your Neighborhood, Enslaved To Debt, Increase Taxes Sent To Central Government, Reduce Benefits, Outsource Employment Overseas!

Obama : Rothschild’s Eye For The American Guy!

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