MSNBC’s Left Wing Marxist Chris Matthews: He May Not Engage In Violence : But There Are Those That Would – Here’s Proof!

  1. Jindal’s Campaign Aide Beaten By Obama Goon (Leg Broken In Four Places), Boyfriend Received A Concussion/Broken Jaw/Broken Nose) –
Update – New Orleans Police Department Public Information Officer Bob
Young termed the beating as “of a political nature.”

Left Wing Radical Bob Etheridge (NC-2, D)

  1. MSNBC Nazi Propaganda Minister, Chris Matthews Inciting Obama Goons To Violence Against American Citizens!
  2. CNN : Dobbs Is Shot At By Left Wing Extremists – Billy C. Pimps Left Wing Neo-Nazi McVeigh Tragedy In An Attempt To Blame Conservatives.
  3. Sharia Hate Being Taught In California Public School System – 7th Grade Classes
  1. Obama to Democrats: ‘Punch back twice as hard’
  2. Obama, Bill Ayers: Ayers Wanted to Kill 25 Million
  3. Six charged in Kenneth Gladney beating

  1. Obama Furious With Arizona New Law To Produce Birth Certificate – Sends Goon Sharpton To Start Race War!

Violence Against Your Health!

  1. Breaking : Baxter Drug Company Obtained Patent For Dangerous H1N1 Vaccine 1 Year BEFORE Swine Flu Pandemic Hoax!
  2. Chávez, Hollywood MilkMan, Sean Penn : Promoting Sodomy Which Shortens Life By 20 Years!

Obama Promoting A Violent Ideology Upon The United States – Is That 50 States Or 57 States?

What Is Easier To Believe?

1) A Man Who Is Running For President Of The United States Can Forget How Many States Are In The union?


2) A Man Who’s Middle Name Is Hussein, Who Constantly Needs A Teleprompter, & Who Exposed Himself Through A Faupaux?

Hats Off To Old1 For OIC!


  1. Che Guevara The Barbarian Motivated By Power: Executioner Of 14,000 Boys & Men And The Useful Idiots Who Worship Him In Romanticism.


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