A Wall Of Prison For Rothschild’s Israel:

“Dilexi iustitiam et odi iniquitatem, propteria morior in exilio.”
I have loved justice and hated iniquity, therefore I die in exile.
”  – Gregory VII


This last weekend I had a little temper tantrum. I was enraged to see the President of the United States bowing to the Emperor of Japan. The American President bows to no mere mortal, and neither do Americans. This is not arrogance. This is freedom!

So, I scribbled down a short narrative and sent it to Canada Free Press. I must have hit a common nerve. The article was published with an accompanying video and had a tremendous impact on a lot of people.

I received more comments on this one short emotional diatribe, than I have from any of my last ten articles … put together … and not one of the comments was “hate mail.”

As a student of history, I simply could not reconcile myself to the sight of my President bowing like a common serf to the Japanese Emperor, who is the embodiment of the Japanese people.

No, this was not the traditional Japanese bow or protocol, where both persons look each other in the eye and bend slightly at the waist.

No, this was the full monty of bows. What an insult to our valiant Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who gave their lives in WWII in the Pacific.

I thought, “So, is this where our President leads our nation? …  into serfdom?”

We the unwilling Americans, are being led by this “citizen of the world” Obama, not into a position of equality, but in a position of egalitarian ordinariness, or worse yet, inferiority.

But, I said to myself, “We are Americans! We are an exceptional Nation. We are the greatest nation on Earth because we are an exceptional “coat of many colors.” When we cease to be exceptional, the United States of America will cease to be. I, for one, will not go quietly into this morass of collectivist dogma, living my life according to Party Slogans and Production Quotas!”

Apparently, there are a lot of you out there who think and believe likewise. You were: Thirty or so who agreed and who wrote encouragement to me; hundreds who agreed and who wanted to write but did not; thousands who read and agreed, and thousands more who read and are thinking about this for the first time.

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“The Prisoner.”

I was watching a pilot show on television [AMC] Sunday evening.

It was a re-make of the old 1967 mini-series starring Patrick McGoohan called “The Prisoner.” The original series pitted McGoohan, a man struggling to maintain his wits, sanity and sanctity of self, against an almost omniscient, largely invisible force of controllers.

The re-make stars Jim Caviezel as protagonist, called “Number Six” and Sir Ian McKellen as the nasty antagonist, called “Number Two.” Unlike the original, McKellen, as Number Two, shows himself early instead of remaining dark and shadowy as with the original.

Likewise the original series took place in a cold and clammy fishing village setting not in the desert. As with most remakes, the heroes, villains, and sets may change, but the morality play of good versus evil does not.


The scene opens with Number Six wandering dazed in the desert. Coming across a dying man [another escapee?], he is “rescued” and taken back to a strange oasis in the desert inhabited by rather soporific people who seem to lack purpose and have rather hazy memories.

The oasis is an apparent collective where town-folk are given news over a loudspeaker system like in a prison camp … all rather “1984-ish.”

It would seem the Number Six was a rather important figure who resigned his position for some reason and sought to make an escape from his world. Number Six apparently cannot remember why he resigned, nor much about who he is as a person anymore.

Number Two is determined to have Number Six’s secrets and keep him under control. Number Six clearly knows a secret but what? It is all rather confusing but strangely intriguing for those who like puzzles and mysteries.

Number Six is a strong individual, a nonconforming freeman among slaves. He is therefore an oddball to the rest of the village and a threat to those who run the collective.

It remains to be seen how well the rest of the series conforms to this theme. But one testy exchange change between Number Two and Number Six impressed me, so I jotted it down. It went:

Number Two: “Number Six … What do you want?”
Number Six: ” I want out.”
Number Two. “There is no ‘Out,’ there is only ‘In.’ “


The Dilemma.

I sat up and thought for a moment. “Yes,” I thought, “I want out.”

I want out of this prison, this collective, this “village” that Barack Obama is building. Glenn Beck has been saying that he thinks that some framework or superstructure is being set up over our society. It is a deception, a great Potemkin Village.

Barack Obama and his Progressive Socialist minions are building structures that overlay our present social, economic and cultural heritages. These structures are meant to re-order American Society in their image, and diminish your and my freedoms.

Day to day life in Barack Obama’s “New World Village” will seem fairly normal. Except that there will no longer be spelling bee winners, valedictorians, first place winners, top athletes, or champions of causes. The entrepreneur will no longer succeed beyond a point. Science will becomes a servant of politics. Discussion will only be allowed within their defined framework.

There will be no more heroes except for our Great Leader, of course, and those he dubs as Heroes of the State. American Exceptionalism is to be murdered, cut low by the utilitarian demands of collectivist egalitarians: The greatest good for the greatest number with the collective; from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Glenn Beck search no farther. Here is your epiphany.

But then, I pondered a dark thought, “What if it is too late? What if [like in “The Prisoner”] there is no ‘Out,’ there is only ‘In?”

The Answer.

Shazam! Eureka! That’s it! THEY want US to believe that there is no ‘Out,’ that there is only ‘In!’

No. I simply refuse to go along. They can go to hell!

We are Americans. We are Exceptional. This is a battle of ideas: a war over our freedom and sanity. If our opponents want us to change, go away, become slaves, or die, then our opponents had better be even more exceptional than we are.

But they are not. No way. No how.

Do you want to know the mortal truth about those imposing Obama Figureheads … the men and women behind that curtain in Oz? They, and not you, are the ones without a clue. You see, they gave up on God a long time ago and traded him in for the State. My friend; I chose God a long time ago. I also chose American Exceptionalism. I chose Freedom. I chose the Truth, and we all know that the Truth is a Person!

So, now that you are fully awakened, what can you do? This is on many minds out there across America. I’ll offer a few suggestions:

  1. First and foremost: Resolve firmly not to be trampled by these politically correct collectivist robots.
  2. Speak your mind strongly, but politely, when you hear all the yada-yada trash talk and blind dogma of the Left.
  3. As St Paul encouraged young Timothy: “Be instant, in season and out.” … You know the rest: practice what you preach.
  4. Get involved: Get into your PTA. Run for the School Board. Become a candidate. Write articles. Make speeches. Write letters to politicians.
  5. And if this is all out of your comfort zone for now, then just show up at a rally with or with out a sign, and support your fellow Patriots!
  6. Start studying American History, the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist.” Become an expert.
  7. As my old Army Leadership Manual taught me: Be. Know. Do.

No sir. Do not march quietly toward their Red Dawn.

Resist! Resist! Resist!

If you do: You will love justice and hate iniquity. But unlike Gregory VII you won’t have to die in exile.


mussolini rothschild
Memories Of History: When The People Get Fed Up!

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