Obama’s Step Sister Dies : Lia Soetoro & Barry Soetoro Both Were Indonesian Citizens

Lia ‘Soetoro’ Obama

Lia ‘Soetoro’ Sobah stepsister of Barack Obama, died unexpectedly on Februay 26, 2010.

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The Indonesian obituaries also state Lia was born in 1957, and that she had three children with her husband, Edi Sobah, with whom she lived in West Java, Indonesia. The obituaries identified Lia as having been adopted by Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, and Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro, Obama’s mother.

Internet researchers made the link between Obama and his stepsister, Holiyah “Lia” Soetoro Sobah, after translating from obituaries published in Indonesia.

Even though Obama makes no mention in “Dreams from My Father” of having had an Indonesian stepsister, the Indonesian obituaries make clear that Obama slept in the same room as his stepsister while the two of them grew up together in the Soetoro home in Jakarta. According to the Indonesian obituaries, Barry Soetoro and Lia Soetoro were always together, playing, traveling on family vacations and even bathing.

A photograph of Lia shows her holding a monkey doll and wearing clothes given her by Madelyn Dunham, Obama’s maternal grandmother, when Lia visited Hawaii for three months. The visit apparently was in 1971, the year Obama left Indonesia permanently.

Corsi says there is nothing on the public record to indicate that Obama sent any condolences, or even acknowledged the death of his stepsister.

Scott and Barry 3rd grade 1969

The Obama mythologists insists Obama was in Indonesia from ages 6 to 10, and left in 1971, but we know Obama attended third grade at the Noelani Primary School in 1969, and here’s the evidence.

Lolo Soetoro and Anna Soetoro had one daughter, Obama’s step-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng.  It is she who places Obama in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 1967 through 1972.

Obama Law Tab Hits $2,800,000.00: Contempt Of Court, Contempt Of Congress, Contempt Of Constitution ~ Still No Birth Certificate ~ ALL To Foment A Constitutional Crisis!!

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