Growing Concern About Felon George Soros’s Mental Stability: From Hitler To Soros!

America Nulls & Voids Obama’s Counterfeit Debt With The Glass Steagall Act : Britain Threatens War!


Soros- and Taxpayer-Funded Documentary Embraces Left-Wing Terrorists Who Plotted To Kill Republicans 10.22.10
George Soros Puppeteering the Media in Broad Daylight 10.22.10
Socialist Felon Soro’s Organizations Get Millions in Taxpayer Funds, Including to Promote Drug Use and Prostitution 10.22.10
SOROS’ NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO: Huckabee Calls for Gov’t to Defund NPR – NPR’s CEO Mocks Him – NPR’s CEO Apologies for Psychiatrist Crack – Fox Hires Williams with a Big Bump in Pay 10.21.10
BECK MERCILESSLY TAUNTS GEORGE SOROS – Challenges Soros to 1-Hour Debate 10.21.10
THE BECK SHOW THAT MADE GEORGE SOROS FLINCH. Here’s theRushed Transcript 10.20.10
Soros Dumps $1 Million Into Media Matters Sinkhole. Beck Says It’s a $1 Million Bounty for Media Matters to Go After Beck. 10.20.10
From the Tea Party Handbook: Soros Funded Organizations 10.15.10
The Soros Web and the Spiders Within 10.11.10
George Soros: Even I Can’t Stop a Republican “Avalanche” 10.11.10
Obama’s Boss and Socialist Felon, George Soros Warns of Global ‘Currency War’ that could Collapse The World’s Economy 10.09.10
BECK: The History of Fabian Socialism (including George Soros’ Role) 10.07.10
Scoundrel Soros’ Massive Campaign to Tranform the Courts 09.29.10
George Soros’ 8 Most Despicable Acts. 09.19.10
Planned Parenthood More Corrupt than ACORN. Time for Gov’t to Defund Them. Planned Parenthood and ACORN are also Both Funded by George Soros 09.16.10
Rivers of Cash: How the George Soros Communist Network Bankrolls the Far Left 09.17.10
Felon Obama Boss, Soros Erasing Felon Status 09.16.10
ACORN-like Fraud at Soros-Funded, Obama-Supported Planned Parenthood 09.12.10
Obama’s Socialist Felon Boss, George Soros Spent $Millions to Undermine Our Judiciary Process 09.10.10
Obama’s Boss, Socialist Felon George Soros, Worked for Nazis, Sending Fellow Jews to Death Camps 09.07.10
Socialist Felon, George Soros-Funded New Planned Parenthood Mega-Facility Labeled “Sacred and Holy Ground”. Here’s Late-Term Abortion Supporter Barack ObamaSpeaking at Planned Parenthood 09.04.10
Socialist Soros Launches Frontal Tea Party Assault 09.03.10
Sorosian New World Order 08.22.10
Confirmed! Obama’s Spiritual Marxist Advisor, Jim Wallis is Funded by George Soros 08.19.10
Uh-Oh… Obama’s Boss (Socialist Felon, George Soros) is Bailing Out of the US Stock Market 08.19.10
Gun Owners of America Linked to Soros & Marxist McChesney’s Free Press 08.13.10
Snopes Exposed: It’s Actually Funded by Socialist Felon and Obama’s Boss, George Soros 08.09.10
Obama’s Boss, DR. EVIL 08.05.10
Soroswood: The Intersection of Politics and Hollywood Propaganda, Part 2 08.05.10
Meet Obama’s and the Clintons’ Employer, Socialist Felon George Soros 07.30.10
Obama’s Boss, Socialist Felon George Soros Plots Plunder of 2012 Election 07.30.10
Obama Official Led Soros ‘Fund’ Supporting World Government
New Planned Parenthood Board Members Have Union, Soros, Democrat Ties 07.29.10
Soros, Terrorist, Acorn: Pushed Felon Vote. Now Dems Want More Felon Votes. 07.20.10
Soros-Funded Marxist Group Wants Feds to Probe Talk Radio “Hate Speech” 07.18.10
Obama’s Boss and Felon Socialist, George Soros, Communist Van Jones, and NBC’s Jeff Zucker All Meet Tomorrow Morning in East Hampton to Discuss America’s Financial Future. Impromptu Patriot Protests Expected. 07.17.10


White House Linked to Fraudulent Racist Tea Party Video. Think Progress CaughtCreating Fake Tea Party Racism. Funding for Video Came from George Soros. 07.16.10
George Soros’ Nationwide Campus Conference: Infiltrated 07.15.10
Ties: Jim Wallis, Sojourners and George Soros 07.13.10
The Secretary of State Project: How George Soros Plans to Steal More Elections. SeeHow It Works. View the US Traitors List 07.13.10
George Soros’ New Plan for Globalism and Crony Capitalism 07.12.10
George Soros’ Relationship Map 07.12.10
– EXTREMELY TOXIC!!! Gov’t Spraying into Air at Night
– EXPOSED: 20% of Gulf Spill Responders. Also Shrimpers.
– MANUFACTURER: Tied to Soros, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs…
$1.3 Billion in Taxpayers’ Money Missing. Court Tosses George Soros-Funded Planned Parenthood to Legal ‘Bounty Hunter’. Obama Speaks to Planned Parenthood. 07.04.10
Soros Pitching His Orders to Obama and to The EU 06.28.10
Obama’s Puppet Master, George Soros was Most Happy When Confiscating Jewish Property When He Worked for the NAZIs in 1944 06.28.10
GOP Lawmakers Echo Beck’s Claims Against Soros 06.23.10
Soros-Funded, MoveOn.Org Scrubs “General Betray Us” Page (Which Obama Did Not Condemn). Patreus Attended Bilderberg Meeting. 06.23.10
Soros-Funded, Planned Parenthood Missing Over $1 Billion Taxpayer Dollars 06.23.10
Obama’s Communist Boss, George Soros and Communist Van Jones Speaking in East Hamptons 06.19.10
Obama’s Socialist Felon Boss, George Soros Ready To Profit From Oil Disaster 06.19.10
BECK Shows: George Soros (via Center for America and John Podesta) Directing Obama, George Soros Crushing US Economy as He Gets Rich by Obama Loaning $2 Billion for Brazilian Oil, George Bush was a Progressive, Fannie/Freddie’s Value Down 99%, and More CRIME INC Details. Key Observation: Obama/Dems Wants UN to Control the World; Bush/GOP Wants US to Control the World. Also Shows History of Propaganda and MSNBC Asking Obama to be a Dictator. 06.17.10
George Soro’s Funded Planned Parenthood Also Received $657 Million in Taxpayer Funding. 06.16.10
ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS MEN IN AMERICA AND SOCIALIST OF THE DAY:JOHN PODESTA, Who Plays a Key Role in Steering the Obama Administration’s Direction, is Directly Tied to George Soros, Bill Clinton, the Apollo Alliance, ACORN,Center for American Progress, and Known Communist Members of the Weather Underground Terrorist Group. Podesta is Indirectly Tied to Nearly Everyone Discussed on This Site. 06.16.10
COMMUNIST ISLAMIC TERRORIST, OBAMA ACHIEVES GOAL OF FURTHER KILLING GULF STATES OIL JOBS AND ECONOMY… IDLED OIL RIGS NOW MOVING TO BRAZIL. Obama’s Boss, George Soros, Invested $811 Million in Brazilian Oil. Obama LentSocialist Brazil $10 Billion to Help Soros. 06.13.10
Socialist Felon George Soros Compares the Crash of 1929-30 with 2008-2010 06.12.10
George Soros – Crime inc. – United Nations – The Club of Rome and How the Oil Spills America into Global Governance. Soros Buys 2 Million Shares of Halliburton. Play the Video. 06.11.10
George Soros Sees Fall of Financial System ‘As We Know It’. 06.11.10
George Soros, Sting, Montel Williams 06.04.10
George Soros’ Secretary of States Project 06.08.10
Van Jones Clone and Soros Marxist Now in State Dept 06.04.10
GEORGE SOROS – FCC’s Sovietization of Media 06.04.10
Soros and Paulson Hoarding Gold as Dollar Implodes 05.27.10
Soros-Funded, Marxist-Led Organization Tied to White House 05.26.10
George Soros Funding DailyKos, HuffPo, Snopes, More. Snopes Exposed. 05.25.10
Democracy Alliance Member/Funder: George Soros 05.23.10
O’Reilly Grills State Department Spokesman Over George Soros Funded Nuts Working There 05.23.10
Soros’s Open Society Foundations have Facilitated Coups and Rebellions in Many Countries 05.22.10
Soros-DNC Recount Strategy using Dem Secretaries of State 05.21.10
George Soros-Funded Marxist Free Press: Has Close Obama Ties. They Want Govt-Funded Bailouts for Failing Obama Media Outlets. 05.20.10
RUSSIA’S PRAVDA: Plummeting Euro to Send Global Economic Tsunami to Every Nation (Just Like They Planned). George Soros is Betting Against the Euro. 05.18.10
Another Obama Marxist, Assistant Secretary Michael H. Posner, Tied to George Soros and Promoting World Wide Socialism Using Taxpayer Money. 05.18.10
George Soros, Morton Halperin and Why We Lost the Vietnam War 05.17.10
Regulation for You, But Not George Soros 05.17.10
BEWARE – Fake Tea Party Petitions Funded by Socialist Felon and Frequent White House Visitor, George Soros 05.16.10
George Soros Donates $1.5 million for Baltimore Socialist Job Training 05.15.10
George Soros: 3rd Largest Investor in Communist China’s Biggest E-Commerce Site 05.14.10
George Soros Funds Free Press Thuggery 05.14.10
Maurice Strong and George Soros Plan to Destroy the US Auto Industry 05.13.10
Who is Socialist Joel Rogers (Glenn Beck’s “Wizard”) and How is He Tied to George Soros? 05.12.10
Obama’s Favorite and Often Recommended “Faux News Source” is Run by Socialist Felon, George Soros: 12 05.11.10
Socialist Felon George Soros – Now He’s a UN Climate Adviser. ABC New’s Report 05.10.10
George Soros, Greek Bail-Out, IMF, CFR, Kissinger, Rothschilds and The New World Order (see videos) 05.09.10
Manipulation, Not Error, Behind This Week’s Market Plunge. Was It Soros? 05.08.10
Retired US Army General Wesley Clark, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, is now working directly with socialist George Soros, whose stated goal is to defeat capitalism and make America a socialist country. See article below:
International Crisis Group: George Soros is on the Board along with Council on Foreign Relations Members, Thomas R. Pickering, Morton Abramowitz, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Wesley Clark, James V. Kimsey, George J. Mitchell and Kenneth Adelman and UN Leaders, Kofi Annan, Lakhdar Brahimim, Asma Jahangir and Louise Arbour. These Men are Enemies of America. Wonder What New Financial Crisis They’re Planning Next for Us? 04.24.10
Meet the 26 Members of George Soros’s Secret Team to Rewrite Economics and Rule the World’s Global Economy. On Soros’ team is Jeffrey Sachs of Goldman Sachs, who is the Director, Earth Institute of Columbia University and a Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development (“Sustainable Development is a UN Communist “Code Word”). Goldman Sachs Received a $12B Bailout and the Passed Out $14B in Salary and Bonuses to It’s 443 Partners. Goldman Sachs Obtained $Billions more from theFinancial Crisis. Jeffrey Sachs Wrote “Common Wealth“. Like Soros, Sachs has Links with Google and the UN and Promotes Global Warming. Soros Created the October 2008 Financial Crisis with the help of Jeffrey Sachs, as They’ve Done Together in Other Countries since the 1980’s. 04.07.10
Goldman Sachs Shorted the US Financial Collapse 04.24.10
Soros is a Felon. George Soros Convicted in France for Insider Trading. Hungary Court Confirms $2.5 Million Fine on Soros Fund for Insider Trading. 04.23.10, 03.25.05
SEC and Goldman Sachs Financial Times Article Written by Obama’s Boss and America’s Current Leader, Commie George Soros 04.23.10
Obama and Goldman Sachs 04.22.10
Obama Not Returning Goldman Sach’s $1 Million Donation 04.21.10
THE RED HOUSE KNEW: Obama’s Organizing for America Bought Google Keywords ‘Goldman Sachs SEC’ 04.21.10
Obama’s Wall Street Bill Lets Crooks Escape 04.20.10
Darrell Issa Seeks SEC Records on Goldman. More on the Topic and NY Times Collusion 04.20.10
George Soros Talking the Euro to Death 04.20.10
Obama Received Almost $1 Million in Goldman Sachs Campaign Contributions. Other Obama campaign contributors, like Microsoft (the MS in MSNBC) are also listed. 04.20.10
SEC Accuses Goldman Sachs of Civil Fraud. Jeffrey Sachs is on GEORGE SOROS’Financial Team. 04.16.10
Fraud-Accused Goldman Sachs was Obama’s Biggest Backer! 04.16.10
Goldman Sachs Rallies for Obama in Wall Street “Reform” 04.16.10
Jeffrey Sachs, Tim Geithner (as a Consultant), Larry Summers (as a Consultant), Hank Paulson (CEO), Robert Rubin (Chairman), Stephen Friedman (Chairman): All Worked for Goldman Sachs 04.16.10
Obama Warns of Another George Soros Manufactured Financial Crisis 04.17.10
Is Soros Planning to Wreck Our Economy Again? 04.14.10
George Soros Warns: Europe on Brink of Disintegration 04.11.10
Soros Connenction: 2008 Market Crash Should be Investigated (we’ve been saying that since 2009) 04.07.10
George Soros Hated in Thailand for Causing Asian Economic Crisis
Financial Warfare Exposed: Soros, Goldman Sachs, Hedge Funds Attack Greece to Smash Euro. The Plan is to Drag America Down with Greece. Describes Two More Cabals: Paulson & Co. and GlobeOp Financial Services, as well as three Zombie Banks: Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Barclays Bank. 03.03.10
Super Rich Crooks and Traitors Assemble at The Red House: Soros, Oprah, Bill Gates, Goldman Sachs, Jeffrey Immelt and Many Others 11.04.09
Record Fine for Soros Illegal Manipulation of Financial Markets’ 03.31.09
George Soros and Jeffrey Sachs (along with CNN and Nouriel Roubini) Talking About Our Financial Crisis They “Predicted” 10.22.08
George Soros Lead a Speculative Attack on Thailand’s Currency. Thailand Blames Soros and His Hedge Fund for Setting Off the Asian Financial Crisis in July 1997. In Thailand Soros is called “The Devil” and has been Threatened with Physical Violence and Protests 03.01.07, 04.23.07, 01.27.01
Who is George Soros?
George Soros: Shorting and Destabilizing Thailand and Malaysia. Describes Soros’ Activities in Russia, His Distain for Capitalism and How Soros Always Seems to be Involved when There’s a National Financial Crisis. Mentions Warren Buffett. 12.06.98
George Soros Recruited Jeffrey Sachs in 1980’s: The Secret Financial Network Behind “Wizard” George Soros. Says Soros: Robs from rich western countries, and uses his profits to rob even more savagely from the East, under the cloak of “philanthropy.” His goal is to loot wherever and however he can. Soros has been called the master manipulator of “hit-and-run capitalism.” Says he has attacked the currencies of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Mexico. Says George Soros is part of a tightly knit financial mafia and connected to the Rothschilds. Says Soros admitted in a radio interview that his father gave him Nazi credentials in Hungary during the war, and he looted wealthy Jewish estates. Further research showed that this operation was probably run by the SS. Says Soros worked with Communists in Poland and shows his ties to Henry Kissinger. 11.01.96
The Man Who Broke the Bank of England
Soros caused the 4Q’08 US financial collapse (with the help of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd). The precise timing of the global bank run – just weeks before the 2008 election – was the tip off. No doubt, Soros has more US financial blows planned for US capitalism to achieve his world-wide unity socialist plan. Is this part of his master plan? Question: whose team is tax cheat, Tim Geithner, on anyway and should we be concerned? Obama appointed Geithner, so the answer is “yes, we should be concerned”.
George Soros Wants to Destroy Capitalism 12.14.09
Soros Spending $50 Million to Speed Death of Free Market 10.27.09
US Public Enemy #1 09.15.09
George Soros and The Plan For Socialist World Government 06.17.09
Unrepretenent Nazi Collaborator Whose Goal is to Destroy America 02.18.09
George Soros Background
George Soros Videos 04.16.09
Why are (3) George Soros Funded/Associated Organizations (Microsoft, Amnesty International and Goldman Sachs — the only ones mentioned) all Specifically Identified in this Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) Document Written by the CFR’s President? The Document Describes the US and Other Countries Giving Up Sovereignty (for example to Cap Carbon Emissions). The CFR Organization’s 4,300 Members includeVery Big Names. George Soros has written and/or is mentioned in (379) CFR Documents. “Goldman Sachs” is found in (888) CFR Documents and “Jeffrey Sachs” is found in (319) CFR Documents. “New World Order” is a frequent focus and found in (135) CFR Documents. The Communist code word, “Social Justice”, is found in (916) CFR Documents. The Communist code word, “Sustainable Development”, is found in (352) CFR Documents. The Communist “Global Warming” Scam is found in (957) CFR Documents. “Socialist” is found in (562) CFR Documents. EXAMPLE CFR “MUST READ” (Their Words, Not Ours) New World Order Document. Says “Copenhagen talks are an indication that a new world order may be forming with increasing power given to China.” We Suspect Most Americans Will Not Like What This Powerful “Think Tank” is Thinking. 04.25.10
McCain-Feingold Act and George Soros (Pt.1), Pt. 2Pt. 3. John McCain and George Soros
– Bill Gates and George Soros
– Google and George Soros
– Google is Training Its Employees to be Socialists
– Al Gore is Special Advisor to Google’s CEO
– GOOGLE is Systematically Mapping Street Spy Cam Photos to Private WLAN Networks and MAC Addresses. In Other Words, Google is Developing a “Big Brother” Database of Personal Computers with Matching Building/Home Photos.
– George Soros: $32 Million Invested in Apple
– Apple is Promoting George Soros’ Socialism
– Google’s CEO Used to be on Apple’s Board
– Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Owns 1 Million Shares of Apple
– Al Gore is on Apple’s Board
– Apple Boycotts Glenn Beck, Promotes Che Guevara

DON’T FORGET: Yuri Told Us the Key to a Communist Takeover was Collecting Huge Volumes of Information on Individuals
Communist George Soros is Pushing Global Warming Hard. He wants to Take Our Money and Cripple the US. Soros has found his “Mini-Me”, a guy named Stanley Druckenmiller. So we have two guys to watch. Soros and Druckenmiller own almost 2 million shares of Apple and 3 million shares of JPMorgan Chase. 12.16.09
Soros has Millions Invested in Tech Firms: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Apple. Do you think Soros is influencing these companies? 02.26.10
George Soros Videos 04.16.09
CFR Member, Dan Rather to Head New Newspaper Relief Agency: Passing Out Grants to Failing Liberal Newspapers. George Soros is Providing the Funding. 04.29.10
Soros Trying to Sell “Capitalism is Broken” after having Crashed the US Financial Market 04.29.10
George Soros and the Shadow Party: The Managers of America’s Decline 04.27.10
Highly-Rated Hedge Fund Manager Recruited by Soros 04.26.10
Soros: It’s Not Easy Being God 04.07.10
George Soros and his Socialist Open Society Institute are talking to Google Again, this time about a High Speed Internet Project 04.06.10
Did Soros-Owned Ohio Elections Boss Boot Tea Party Candidate Off Ballot Improperly? 04.05.10
Dodd “Financial Reform” Bill Lets Soros Off the Hook 04.02.10
Socialist George Soros and Google’s CEO Go Way Back 03.30.10
George Soros and “Jihad Orgy” List: All White House Visitors 03.28.10
UN Recruits George Soros to Help With Climate Financing 03.28.10
John McCain and George SorosMore 03.28.10
George Soros and UN Conspire to Kill American Gun Rights 03.15.10
Soros’ Open Society Funding The Coffee Party. Meantime, St. Louis Libs Hold Coffee Party – 30 People Show Up. 03.13.10
George Soros Behind: Global Financial Destruction 03.06.10
Geroge Soros’ Bought, Lying Politician, John Edwards Facing Indictment 03.03.10
Communist, Felon Soros Commends His Bought Politician’s (Obama’s) Power-Grabs. Meantime, Soros Dumps Solar and Buys Oil while Investigations Begin into Whether He Tried to Crash the Euro. 03.01.10
Communist, Felon, Obama Boss, George Soros is Looking to Profit from The Euro’s Collapse 02.26.08
George Soros Talking New World Order Stuff: Centralized (Socialized) European Bank and Treasury 02.22.10
Uh-Oh!: George Soros Doubles His Gold Investment (shortly after calling gold a bubble) 02.18.10
Obama’s Official Twitterer Connected To 02.15.10
Communist Felon Billionaire, George Soros Says: “The Volcker-Obama (Financial) Plan is the Right One” 01.28.10
Obama’s Boss’ Agenda in Peril 01.21.10
Haiti Earthquake Slows Felon George Soros’ Open Society Institute’s Plan for Worldwide Socialism 01.15.10
KS Senator Pushes Defunding of Planned Parenthood 12.30.09
Soros Funded Organizations: Catholics in Alliance for the Common GoodCatholic Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Legal Immigration Network are Tied to SEIU and ACORN and Influencing the Catholic Response to Healthcare. Catholics are Protesting Socialist Activities in Spain (US Catholic Protests are Needed Now!). 11.13.09, 12.28.09
Reason Obama Bowed – Saudis in Bed with His Boss, Soros. More on Soros and the Saudis. 12.23.09
Obama’s Boss (and Unrepented Nazi Collaborator) Gets Permanent Death Panels. More on Obama’s Boss. 12.22.09
Obama’s Boss (and Unrepented Nazi Collaborator) Gets Permanent Death Panels. 12.22.09
Beck Names Names on “Fat Cat” Communists, Crooks and Liars 12.16.09
If You Have Progressive Insurance, You’re Financing George Soros and Progressives 06.25.09
George Soros’ Allies Brought Down Wachovia Bank 09.29.08

Commie Blaster

Breaking – Do Democrat Neo-Socialists : Support Obama Sending Billions In U.S. Taxpayer Dollars To Brazil For Offshore Oil Wells?

British Monarchy Illuminati: Project Monarch – Socialism Programming.

Convicted Felon George Soros: Buying Off Corrupt Politicians To Destroy Elections For America’s Judicial System: