Reparative Therapy For Those Addicted And Suffering From Homosexualism: Pepsi Is Giving A Million Dollars Promoting Homosexualism

So much for homosexuality being an immutable characteristic, like race or sex.  No Gay Gene has ever been found, and more to the point, homosexuals fear one being found, lest couples in the GATTACA future screen for and eliminate potentially-gay babies.  Instead, homosexuals are often products of molestation themselves or other forms of aggressive childhood recruiting.

Reparative therapy is a means of correcting homosexuality, which is a mental defect or condition. The presence of ex-Gays and the success of reparative therapy bears this out.

Pepsico’s board of directors has heard from a traditional values group about their support of the homosexual agenda—and its alienation of the company’s consumer base.

At the Pepsico board meeting in Dallas on Wednesday, Greg Quinlan of PFOX—Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays—offered a resolution to the board calling for full disclosure and accountability on contributions to charitable organizations. He tells OneNewsNow why he called on shareholders to support Resolution No. 6.

Pepsico is giving a million dollars to the homosexual agenda, supporting groups like HRC, the Human Rights Campaign…the ninth-largest of all independent political action committees in Washington, DC,” he says. “Also they have been giving money to PFLAG—half a million dollars. PFLAG is Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.”

In a transcript of the speech he delivered today, Quinlan described HRC and PFLAG as “gay organizations that hate people like me.
Quinlan, himself a former homosexual, says he is pleased with the outcome of Resolution No. 6. As he explains, it only takes three percent of the stockholder vote to keep a resolution alive.

“And I was told by people in the know that if we got five to six percent it would be a miracle. We got over five percent,” he shares. “That is an answer to prayer, and it keeps the issue alive in front of the Pepsico board of directors and in front of their shareholders.”

Pepsico Foundation officials said they would be in touch with Quinlan to continue a dialogue on the issue. But he urged American Family Association members and others to continue the boycott against Pepsico because he believes it is helping set the stage for possible change. AFA announced the boycott in January.

Pepsi CFO Indra Nooyi recently gave a speech at Columbia Business School in which she compared the U.S. to the middle finger on a hand. Pepsi quickly moved to damage controlsaying that her remarks were mis-interpreted.

In her address last Sunday, the Chennai born Nooyi compared the five major continents of the world to the five fingers of the human hand.

First was Africa – the pinky finger – small and somewhat insignificant but when hurt, the entire hand hurt with it. Next was Asia -the thumb – strong and powerful, yearning to become a bigger player on the world stage.


Third was Europe – the index finger – pointing the way. Fourth was South America -the ring finger -the finger which symbolises love and sensualness.

According to some students who were present at the graduation ceremony and who fired up the issue in the blogosphere, Nooyi then reserved the remaining finger for the United States (and not North America, they say), launching into “a diatribe about how the US is seen as the middle finger to the rest of the world.”

Apart from the anti-Americanism, One Hand Clapping says it was a lousy speech. The New Criterion also has more.

Maybe this was all a planned marketing tool, much like New Coke back in the 80s – except this time Pepsi is hoping to capture the Middle East/Anti-American clientele.