OBAMA’S BOSS: Convicted Felon George Soros



Everything discussed in this article is fully documented by reliable sources.

By CommieBlaster
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December 1, 2010 7:41
George Soros (a.k.a. George Schwartz) is like a real life, evil SMERSH villain straight out of a James Bond movie.  He’s a filthy rich billionaire, documented WWII NAZI collaborator, trained Fabian Socialist, convicted felon and a Marxist/Communist. Soros thinks he is some kind of god and he just happens to be running America.

Fourteen years ago, he began creating a Shadow Party to run our government. Thanks to the help of Republicans John McCain and George Bush on the McCain-Feingold Act, he’s been siphoning off hundreds of millions of our tax dollars and using it to transform America into a Communist State. These funds enabled his “Shadow Party” to capture the White House, Congress, Wall Street, and nearly all of the US Media.

George Soros steers hundreds of radical activist organizations, including the Democratic Party, which is now a true Socialist Party (due to its political members and due to its joint alliance and initiatives they’ve created with the Party of European Socialists).  Soros got Obama elected.  Every day, George’spaid strategists and writers tell Obama precisely what to do and say.
Soros caused financial collapses in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, England and the US.  The latter occurred in October 2008 and was orchestrated with the help of Goldman Sachs.  Soros recruited Jeffrey Sachs (of Goldman Sachs) in the 1980s and Jeffrey Sachs is a member of Soros’ hand-picked international financial disruption and profiteering team (a true international criminal organization). His team perpetrates economy collapses to take over national regimes.
Soros is steering America, not Obama.  So we recommend you watch this video below and get to know your boss and America’s criminal communist leader, George Soros.  You will be shocked and hopefully will say, “Enough is enough!”
Then send this article to your Congressmen and demand Obama and Soros be investigated for un-American activities in televised, House of Representatives hearings beginning on January 5, 2011.


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