Columbia Professor Aspires To British Monarchy Tradition: Royal Incest.

Prince Charlie


Even by Ivy League standards, Columbia University has a reputation for wallowing in moonbattery. The alma mater of the Moonbat Messiah (whose college records are top secret) offers a soapbox to terrorist dictators but a much cooler reception to patriots. Also known as Sodom and Gomorrah University, the school is infamous for journalism students cheating on an ethics exam and for offering a platform to Comrade Obama’s PLO buddy Rashid Khalidi. Parents who haven’t decided yet whether the school is worth the $41,160/year undergraduate tuition (plus $10,570 for room and board and $2,144 for “mandatory fees”) might appreciate this glimpse into Columbia’s social climate:

A popular Columbia professor was charged Thursday with incest — accused of a sick sex relationship with a female relative, prosecutors said.

Political science Prof. David Epstein, 46, bedded the young woman over a three-year period ending last year, according to court papers. …

Epstein, who specializes in American politics and voting rights, has taught at Harvard and Stanford and often is quoted by news organizations. He also has blogged on The Huffington Post.

That’s some resume. I wonder if Obama needs a Family Values Czar.



British Monarchy Incest

British Monarchy Incest

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