Priorities: White Baby Given the Death Sentence by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Even though 58 out of 60 babies who receive life-saving treatment for DiGeorge Syndrome survive, Indiana has elected to allow Seth Petreikis to die, claiming they do not have the $500,000 to cover his treatment.  Indiana staffers of the Family Social Services Administration have actually told parents to dump their disabled kids off at homeless shelters to get services for them. Governor Mitch Daniels has cut funding from the FSSA due to state budget shortfall, leading to the denial of a thymus transplant to a small child.  Yes, these are hard times and it’s time for everyone to tighten their belts.  Perhaps Indiana should consider tightening its belt in other ways in order to come up with the cash for the thymus transplant, such as deny funding to services aiding illegal immigrants, or cracking down on the bankers and mortgage companies that have in their possession trillions of stolen money from American taxpayers.The treatment this child needs is provided only at Duke University in North Carolina, however, Indiana’s Medicaid program has elected to give the death sentence to this innocent United States Citizen.  Had the child been a foreigner, an illegal immigrant, a Chilean miner, a Haitian refugee or a beached whale, no effort would be spared to save his life.  It’s too bad that foreigners get such widespread support over the youngest of our nation’s own.

Consider giving Gov. Mitch Daniels a call at 317-232-4567 to find out why he caused a baby to be put on death row.

For further details see Yahoo News and Northwest Indiana Times.  For information on how to help the child, see  Seth Petreikis’ medical fund.


Dr. David Duke