Will Congress & Chief Justice John Roberts Remain Idle, While An American Soldier Faces Court Martial Defending The Constitution?

I believe that Lt. Col. Terry Lakin‘s decision to lay his career on the line in the effort to resolve doubts about Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the Office of President is a morally courageous service to the whole American people.  To show support visit SafeguardOurConstitution and find out how you can help uphold Lt. Col. Lakin’s conscientious and patriotic fulfillment of his sworn duty to the Constitution.

I doubt that most people would be shocked to learn that sometimes the influence of power can interfere with and even derail the course of justice in our legal system.  Behind the scenes, a phone call from a powerful politician, or a corporate mogul often affects the actions or judgments of people whose personal ambitions they are in a position to help or hinder.  Usually though, people giving heed to such considerations have enough sense to cloak what they do with words or actions that give their corruption at least the appearance of probity.  Maybe its the tribute that vice renders to virtue.  Maybe its nothing more than self-serving prudence (the mask of honesty that facilitates corruption.)

However, when court officers conclude that such hypocrisy is no longer worth the effort, things are pretty far gone.  The video featured with this post  focuses on the recent decision by Col. Denise R. Lind, the military judge charged with presiding over the court martial of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.  People who still care about American justice will recognize the facts as confirmation that America has passed ‘far gone’ and is approaching the point of no return.

Judging by Col. Lind’s demeanor, the court marital is apparently slated to be the inaugural “show trial” of Obama style Stalinism in the United States.  Without even a show of rational argumentation ( as WND’s story reporting Judge Roy Moore’s insightful comments makes clear) she has denied Lt. Col Lakin “the right to obtain potentially exculpatory evidence” for use in the Court Martial proceedings brought against him on the charge of refusing to obey lawful orders from the military chain of command until the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility for the Office of President has been investigated and resolved by the decision of a properly constitutional  authority.

The Judge’s derelict disregard for constitutional right adds this military tribunal to the long list of civilian courts that have made themselves vehicles for the anti-American elite’s purposeful derogation of the authority of the U.S. Constitution.  In the course of her dereliction, however, Lind spoke of the documentary evidence Obama has thus far abused government power to suppress.  She proclaimed that “opening up such evidence could be an “embarrassment” to the president.”

It’s marvelous that a supposedly competent legal officer of the United States military could cram so much prejudicial nonsense into so few words.  She refers to Obama as president.  But because, among other things, of her own action, his status as president is, as the lawyers might say, a fact not in evidence.  If he is in fact not constitutionally eligible for the office, then he is not president.  If he is not in fact constitutionally eligible, then no lawful authority emanates from him to the military chain of command.  Therefore,  Lt.Col Lakin is not guilty of the charge against him.  Judge Lind’s language is prima facie evidence of prejudice, and she should either recuse herself or be removed from the case.

She suggests that the evidence might be embarrassing to Obama.  Since when is the embarrassment that may attend the discovery that a public official has sworn or acted dishonestly a lawful reason to suppress evidence tending to establish his official malfeasance?  Since when does the mere possibility of such official embarrassment justify suppressing the constitutional rights of a person accused of a serious crime and liable, upon conviction, to onerous punishment?

Judge Lind’s words appear at the very least, prejudicial. However, they may also raise the possibility of serious malfeasance on her part.  How has she reached the conclusion that the evidence in question may be embarrassing to Obama?  Has she privily received communications to that effect?  If so, why did she not publicly indicate the source or sources of these communications, so that Lt. Col. Lakin could claim his constitutional right to confront, in a proper hearing, the witnesses against him?

An American military officer is of course subject to military justice, but it must nonetheless be American justice, not some covertly influenced and intimidated repression of constitutional right dictated by the very people seeking to defend their claim to the constitutional authority in question.

Lt. Col. Lakin is an honorable officer. He acts from motives that honor both his profession and the Constitution he has sworn to defend.  I deeply believe that there is no more certain evidence of evil than the willingness to destroy decent, honorable people in order to cover up the embarrassing lies or malfeasance others may have perpetrated to obtain power.

With her allusion to sparing Obama embarrassment Col. Denise Lind has fairly openly admitted her surrender to the influence of such evil.  So has every judge, every elected official, every money-manipulated media hack  who has co-operated in what is fast becoming a 21st century American version of France’s infamous Dreyfus Affair.

I honestly don’t expect Barack Obama to care what happens to an honorable American soldier.  I expect him to be as careless of our soldiers’ consciences as he is of their lives.  Whether through fear or their own corrupt ambition, America’s self-serving elites have proven to be just like him.  They are willing to ridicule, dismiss or vilify decent patriots like Terry Lakin whose only “crime” is to ask that the Constitutionally inscribed words of the people be respected.

But what of the people themselves?   Last weekend, at the behest of one such elitist scoffer (Glenn Beck), hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington, D.C.  They gathered with hopeful sincerity to proclaim their reverence for God.  But what if they follow Beck’s lead?  What if they, and others like them, are willing to let an innocent, honorable physician, a healer of the guardians of liberty, be nailed to a cross of military injustice?  What if they too sit, like the convener of their congregation,  in the seats of the scornful shouting “Let him be crucified”?

Then, to spare Obama embarrassment, the nation will be embarrassed by the spectacle of that evil sacrifice; and the people will be embarrassed by the destruction of the Constitutional authority that has for so long offered refuge from the onerous impositions of tyranny.  Then, all too soon, the people will feel the embarrassment 0f minds burdened with chains forged by the sacrifice of truth, justice and honor.  Then they will be cowed, bowing down again as people had through all the ages before this nation, conceived in liberty, carved out a place for equal justice among the nations of the earth.  Then they will have no choice but to be silent, and in that silence mourn the loss of all their liberty.

[I invite anyone willing to break the silence to visit Safeguard our Constitution and learn how you can show your support.]

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