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Gov. George Allen: Climate Bill Will Hurt U.S.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 10:44 PMBy: Jim Meyers Article Font Size 

Former Virginia Gov. George Allen tells Newsmax that President Barack Obama and the Democrats’ cap and trade plan to reduce carbon emissions is being pushed by “sanctimonious social engineers” and will cost American jobs.

Allen served as governor from 1994 to 1998, then was elected to the U.S. Senate from Virginia in 2000. Since his defeat in the 2006 election, he has founded the American Energy Freedom Center to focus on U.S. energy policy.

Newsmax.TV’s Kathleen Walter observed that 10 Senate Democrats have sent Obama a letter insisting that any bill taxing carbon dioxide emissions must include a “carbon tariff” on goods from countries that do not limit carbon emissions, so that U.S. manufacturers do not bear the brunt of any climate change policy.

See Video: Former Virginia Gov. George Allen talks about the dangers of the Obama administration’s cap-and-trade plans – Click Here Now

“I have commended these 10 senators for recognizing the problem with this cap and trade tax that’s going to harm American manufacturing, making our country less competitive with others,” Allen said.

“In fact, India and China have clearly said they’re not going to impose this on their countries, so it will have no impact on greenhouse gases globally. It will only throw Americans out of work and obviously lead to skyrocketing electricity costs for Americans, hurting families and jobs and our competitiveness.

“The problem is that while they’ve diagnosed the problem correctly, the solution is not tariffs. The solutions are positive, constructive ideas, whether that is using our abundant coal, or oil and gas resources. Coal can be gasified or liquefied.

“We ought to be allowing states that want to drill off of their coasts, and also [employing] advanced nuclear [technology]. And the other thing is practical, common sense conservation.

“The government’s going in the exact opposite way. Here we see that American taxpayers are actually funding a Brazilian state-owned oil company with $10 billion in loans so they can explore off their coast. Meanwhile our government prevents American private companies from exploring for gas and oil in states that want to do it. It makes no sense.

“Rather than worry about tariffs, which I think is a harmful approach, the better approach is to make sure that America has affordable, reliable and preferably American energy to move our economy … rather than being vulnerable to the whims of OPEC and hostile dictators, cartels and oligarchs.”

Walter asked if the senators’ letter is an admission that cap and trade would drive jobs overseas.


“That’s their worry,” he responded.

“These [senators] are from mostly Midwestern states. They’re all Democrats. They had previously voted incorrectly on this in years past and they’re realizing that with this recession, the last thing we need is burdening American businesses, particularly manufacturers, with higher taxes.”

Allen agreed that the letter puts Obama in an economic policy bind.

“I hope he will listen to these 10 senators,” he said.

“So far he has not. He’s still pushing for this approach, which is really just a bunch of sanctimonious social engineers that are going to impose a tax.”

Forecaster William Gray told Newsmax a few months ago that human-induced global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated, and that CO2 emissions have almost no impact on global warming.

“Others have said that too,” Walter noted. “Why isn’t the opposition capitalizing more on these expert opinions?”

Allen said: “One of the things we’re trying to do at the Energy Freedom Center is to make sure Americans are informed.

“For example, there are now more than 130 scientists in Germany who are calling this a pseudo-religion. What they’re asking for, and a lot of us are asking for, is that these decisions be based on science, not political ideology. And the whole issue of so-called global warming being caused by man is scientifically debatable.

“The proponents of this cap and tax scheme say 50 years from now, if we adopt all of these draconian, harmful, burdensome policies, the temperature of the earth will be a fraction of one degree less. They can’t predict the weather 10 days from now, much less 50 years from now, so why harm American families, American jobs, and our competitiveness?

“Even EPA Administrator [Lisa] Jackson, who’s a big proponent of this cap and tax scheme, admitted just last month at a hearing that if China and India do not participate in it, then there will be zero impact on greenhouse gases and climate change. So why the heck would we do this to the American people?”

See Video: Former Virginia Gov. George Allen talks about the dangers of the Obama administration’s cap-and-trade plans – Click Here Now

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