Obama Law Tab Hits $2,800,000.00: Contempt Of Court, Contempt Of Congress, Contempt Of Constitution!

Law Tab By The End Of 2008 – 2009 $1,700,000.00

FEC record for payment to Perkins Coie, 2009 July quarterly report (covers April 1, 2009, to June 30, 2009)

FEC record for payment to Perkins Coie, 2009 July quarterly report  (covers April 1, 2009, to June 30, 2009

FEC record for payment to Perkins Coie, 2009 July quarterly report (covers April 1, 2009, to June 30, 2009)

FEC record for payment to Perkins Coie, 2009 April quarterly report (covers Jan. 1, 2009, to March 31, 2009)

FEC record for payment to Perkins Coie, 2008 post–general election report (covers Oct. 16, 2008, to Nov. 24, 2008)

FEC record for payment to Perkins Coie, 2009 April quarterly report (covers Jan. 1, 2009, to March 31, 2009)

FEC record for payment to Perkins Coie, 2008 year-end report (covers Nov. 25, 2008, to Dec. 31, 2008)



Gibbs lied when he said Obama’s birth certificate is posted on the Internet.


False Claims And Undisclosed Conflict Of Interest

FactCheck.org is an arm of the powerful Annenberg Foundation which also runs the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, the entity which employed Barack Obama as its chairman of the board. FactCheck.org conducted an allegedly “independent” analysis of Obama’s 2007 computer-generated birth document (see above).According to the National Review, the Annenberg Challenge was founded by former “Weather Underground” terrorist Bill Ayers, who apparently played a pivotal role in politically positioning Obama to run for public office. See this National Review article detailing Obama’s relationship to Annenberg and Ayers and its unsuccessful efforts to review the archives of the Annenberg Challenge.FactCheck is guilty of making the patently false claim that the Hawaii “…Department of Health confirmed Oct. 31 that Obama was born in Honolulu…” See Born In The USA?. Hawaii officials have made NO such claim.On the same web page FactCheck also falsely states that, “FactCheck.org staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate.” In truth, the document examined by FactCheck is a 2007 computer-generated document and is obviously not the “original” Obama 1961 birth certificate sought by the Foundation. These are simply and unequivocally, false statements.

FactCheck.org is part of the Democrat machine.

Here’s the “qualifications” on Joe Miller and Jess Henig of FactCheck. It’s on the FactCheck “About Us” page (http://www.factcheck.org/about/ ):

Joe Miller
Staff Writer, Annenberg Political Fact Check

Joe Miller earned his B.A. in philosophy from Hampden-Sydney College, his M.A. in philosophy from Virginia Tech, and his Ph.D. in political philosophy from the University of Virginia. He joined the Annenberg Public Policy Center in April 2007 after working as a writer with the Mack/Crounse Group. Previously he was an assistant professor of philosophy at the United States Military Academy and at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and a visiting fellow at the Callaghan Centre for Conflict Studies at the University of Wales at Swansea and

Jessica Henig
Staff Writer, Annenberg Political Fact Check

Jessica Henig earned her B.A. in history of science from Smith College and her M.A. in English from the University of Maryland. While at Maryland, she taught digital literature and rhetorical writing. Prior to joining the Annenberg Public Policy Center in May 2007, she worked for the National Academies Press. She has also worked for the National Institutes of Health and as a freelance researcher and editor.In addition to being Democratic schills, NOTE there’s NO qualifications for either of them in document examination, document forensics or any field remotely similar, and yet the word of these two has been taken as absolute fact!

Forensic Document Examiner Ramsey, Has Submitted And Filed Affidavit With The Court, that even the COLB which is NOT a Vault Birth Certificate nor allowed to represent the same. Even The COLB that was provided is a scam.

McCain under Congressional hearings provided his vault copy – So where is Obama’s – excuse me – Barry Soetoro’s?

In March 2008, a lawsuit was filed to remove John McCain, the GOP candidate, from the ballot because his natural-born status was also in doubt. John McCain immediately responded by showing his actual, original birth certificate to Congress.

On June 12, 2008, about three months after John McCain settled his eligibility issue, the pressure on Obama to do the same led to the release of what was called his “original birth certificate” — an image copy, not a paper copy, by his campaign, not by himself, to the Daily Kos blog, not to Congress, or to anyone even remotely responsible for vetting him.

Moreover, what Obama submitted for “release,” was not an image copy of his original birth certificate as claimed. It was an abbreviated transcript of a birth record called a “Certification of Live Birth.” HOWEVER, the image itself was a fabricated forgery intended to mimic this transcript. Since a forged birth document cannot represent a true birth record, it means that someone committed forgery just to keep Obama’s actual birth record from ever being known.

What makes it a forgery?

The image contains digital signatures of Photoshop
Only one side of alleged COLB shown (COLB is two-sided)
Missing second-fold line while first fold-line is shown
Missing the embossed Seal of Hawaii
Missing the State Registrar’s signature
Unusual and unnatural pixilation between the letters of text data
Original text was removed by pasting a layer of background over them
Different text was typed onto a text layer and merged with background layer
Pixel blocks of text data are different from the data headers
Heavy and unnecessary sharpening of the whole image, except for the border
Border was created as a separate layer and merged with other layers
Border pattern is more blurred than the background
Border pattern more transparent than those on genuine scans
Top and bottom black border bars have less pixilation than text
Border bars are more black in color than any of the text
Absence of green, background pixels inside the border bar text
White lines between border bars and pattern (both sides)
Image colors are very different from scan images of real COLBs
Lack of pixilation in black rectangle covering certificate number
Different blocking artifacts from JPG compression found across the image.


In other words, Which part of this caveat did the “Cult Of COLBrs” NOT understand?

There is conclusive and irrefutable evidence that the COLB image created and distributed by Obama’s campaign to the Daily Kos, Annenberg’s Factcheck, and the St. Pete Times, Politifact, is, unquestionably, a false identification document.

Furthermore, there is conclusive and irrefutable evidence that the photos taken by Annenberg’s Factcheck, in collusion with the Obama campaign, are themselves, false identification documents, having been made from the same false identification document image, as well as from additional false identification documents created for the same purpose; namely, to proffer these false identification documents as true reproductions of a genuine, Hawaii-issued and certified, “Certification of Live Birth” document, and thereby, intentionally deceive the American public into believing that Barack Hussein Obama is a natural-born citizen of the United States, and thereby, fully qualified to become their President. ~ Authenticate 360



Obama’s sister, Maya Soetoro-NG was interviewed by Bennett Guira of Rainbow Edition, Volume 2, Issue 3 in November 2004.  In this article, entitled “A New Face in Politics”, it is stated in the first paragraph “Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 at the ****[Queen’s Medical Center]**** in Honolulu, Hawaii.”


However, Maya Soetoro-Ng was interviewed again by Laurie Au with the Start Bulletin in February 2008 under the headline “Obama backers stress importance of caucuses”.  In the Star Bulletin interview, Maya Soetoro-Ng stated:

“This is a place that’s been relatively unchanged for him, and so much of who he is was born here,” Soetoro-Ng told a crowd of about 200 people eating “OBAMAsadas.”

“He was born in ****[Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children]****, two blocks up from where our grandmother still resides … the place where he used to stick orange peels under his bed, where it got all dried out and … nasty.”


Obama was registered in a public school as an Indonesian citizen by the name of Barry Soetoro and his father was listed as Lolo Soetoro, M.A. Indonesia did not allow foreign students to attend their public schools and any time a child was registered for a public school, their name and citizenship status was verified through the Indonesian Government. The school record indicates that Obama’s name is “Barry Soetoro;” his nationality is “Indonesia;” and his religion as Islam. There was no other way for Obama to have attended school in Jakarta, Indonesia as Indonesia was under tight rule and was a Police State. These facts indicate that Obama is an Indonesian citizen, and therefore, he is not eligible to be President of the U.S. Under Indonesian law, when a male acknowledges a child as his son, it deems the son, in this case Obama, as an Indonesian State citizen. Constitution of Republic of Indonesia, Law No. 62 of 1958 Law No. 12 of 2006 dated 1 Aug. 2006 concerning Citizenship of Republic of Indonesia, Law No. 9 of 1992 dated 31 Mar. 1992 concerning Immigration Affairs and Indonesian Civil Code (Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Perdata) (KUHPer) (Burgerlijk Wetboek voor Indonesie).

Out Of Africa: Kenyan-Born Obama, All Set For 2004 US Senate ~ Christians, All Set To Die.

Furthermore, under the Indonesian adoption law, once adopted by an Indonesian citizen, the adoption severs the child’s relationship to the birth parents, and the adopted child is given the same status as a natural child, Indonesian Constitution, Article 2. The Indonesian citizenship law was designed to prevent apatride (stateless) or bipatride (dual citizenship). Indonesian regulations recognized neither apatride nor bipatride citizenship. In addition, since Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship; neither did the United States and since Obama was a “natural” citizen of Indonesia, the United States would not step in or interfere with the laws of Indonesia, Hague Convention of 1930. In or about 1971, approximately a year after the birth of Obama’s sister, Maya, Obama’s mother sent Defendant Obama back to Hawaii. Obama was ten (10) years of age upon his return to Hawaii. As a result of Obama’s Indonesia “natural” citizenship status, Obama could never have and in fact never regained U.S. “natural born” status, if he in fact ever held such. Obama could have only become “naturalized” if the proper paperwork were filed with the U.S. State Department, in which case, Obama would have received a Certification of Citizenship, after U.S. Immigration. A COLB (certificate of live birth) is not a vault copy of Birth Certificate – in fact, Maya who’s vault copy of Birth certificate has been validated to have been born in Indonesia received a COLB from Hawaii. COLB argument for Barry is a ‘moot’ issue. These facts invalidates the remainder of your argument, with regards to Hawaii of which Obama claims to be his birth place. ~ Volubrjotr


[Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro] was born in Hawaii, there are four (5) other obstacles to Senator Obama’s eligibility. However according to experts the documents he has posted on his site are a fraud, and were used for seed documents.

1. In and about 1967, Senator Obama moved to Indonesia, took the last name of his stepfather, Soetoro, and went by the name Barry Soetoro. In original legal action filed by Mr. Berg, he presented Senator Obama’s school registration, showing him registered as Barry Soetoro, Citizenship-Indonesian, Religion Islam, signed by L. Soetoro.

2. From 1945, Indonesia has not allowed dual citizenship and, therefore, Ms. Dunham-Obama-Soetoro, Senator Obama’s mother, had to relinquish her son’s U.S.citizenship in order to obtain Indonesian citizenship for him, which would make him ineligible to become a United States President.

3. Regrettably , the United States could not allow dual citizenship with Indonesia at that time, as Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship, and it was prohibited by the Hague Convention of 1930, as interfering with the internal affairs of another sovereign Country.

4. Upon return to the United States in and around 1971-1972, Senator Obama would have been required to go to the then current immigration procedures to regain his U.S. citizenship. There is no record of him ever doing that. Even if he had done so, he would be considered a naturalized citizen and not a “natural born” citizen.

5.Aassuming Senator Obama was born in what is now Kenya, at the time of Senator Obama’s birth in 1961, (now) Kenya was the British Protectorate of Zanzibar and Senator Obama was automatically accorded a form of British citizenship under Section 32(1) of the British Nationality Act of 1948, effective date January 28, 1949, based on his father’s citizenship.

Finally, in 1981, Senator Obama traveled to Pakistan, when there was a ban for U.S. citizens to travel to Pakistan. The only logical possibility for him to do so was by using one of his other passports: Indonesian, Kenyan, or British.

A sacrifice to public interest takes place when a citizen is deprived of a constitutional right or rights, See: Arnett v. Kennedy, 416 U. S. 134, 159, 40 L. Ed. 2d 15, 94 S. Ct. 1633 (1974)(quoting United States Civil Serv. Commission v. National Ass. Of Letter Carriers, 413 U. S. 548 , 579, 37 L. Ed. 2d 796, 93 S. Ct. 2880 (1973) .

Obama not showing his “vault” birth certificate, that is the one sealed in Hawaii is in fact a sacrifice to public interest, that’s something we all deserve, he could avoid this by simply having his certificate released from the vault in Hawaii. States cannot diminish rights of the people; Hurtado v. California, 110 U. S. 516, where rights secured by the constitution are involved; there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them, Miranda v. Arizona, supra.

If the State refuses to investigate these allegations the State will be violating the rights of the people of Arizona. Article 1 section 9 clause 7 ( tile of nobility) John McCain was vetted, however Obama; aka Barry Soetoro was not, so Barack Obama; aka Barry Soetoro needs to be vetted.

There is a growing number of suits out there and Americans are made, especially those that were not informed. Discrimination, is the act of treating differently two persons or things under like circumstances, National Life v. United States, 277 U. S. 508, 630, McCain was not treated with the same respect as Obama, nor were the people of Arizona, that sir is discrimination. The denial of equal justice is still prohibited by the constitution, Yick Wo v. Hopkins, supra.

All I’m asking for Mr. Goddard is the same respect that was shown to Barack H Obama, it is also your duty under the constitution to protect the rights of the people of Arizona. And just a reminder Mr. Goddard; pursuant to the Ninth Amendment and the Arizona constitution Article 2 § 13 of the “No law shall be enacted granting any citizen, class of citizens, or corporations other than municipal, privileges and immunities which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens”.
Respectfully submitted

Orly Taitz


See Another Newspaper That Says Not Only Obama Was Simply BORN, But Where He Was BORN.

Many who argue that Barack Hussein OBAMA II was born in Hawaii not only point to the COLB as direct evidence of eligibility, but the [Cult Of COLB] also point to two separate birth announcements that appear in the Honolulu Sunday Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin in 1961. Those doing so, either fail to understand the legal definition of a natural born citizen as it applies to the eligibility factor, or are guilty of intentionally misdirecting the core issue. A birth announcement is simply that – a public announcement that a baby was born. The birth announcements do not provide ANY information about the child’s citizenship, CANNOT be authenticated, and holds NO weight of evidence to support either side of the eligibility argument.

The Obama “mama” Timeline: 6 Lost Months Prior To Birth

In My Neck Of The Woods It Would Be Economically More Feasible To Produce The Vault Birth Certificate Instead Of Signing An Executive Order Hiding The Same. Perhaps This Is The Reason America Is Plummeting Into Debt Obligations To The Rothschild International Banking Cabal. Obama Has Not A Lick Of Frugal Financial Sense ~ Or Perhaps He Does And This Debt Business Is By Design!!

Hawaii’s New Governor May Assist Colonel Terry Lakin: Release Available Information Consistent With U.S. Constitution ~ Contrary To Obama Executive Order 13489

Jacob & Wifey Rothschild ~ I’m Sure They Bailed Out Japan Right????? ~ Or is it just their banks, that are allowed that title of [too big to fail]? And this, after setting America Up With The Housing Bubble Derivative Scam & sinking The U.S. into the Black Hole Of Rothschild Subjugated Debt.

Another E.O. That Weighs Heavily Into The Rothschild Corner Of Life!

JFK Killed Just Days After Shutting Down Rothschild’s Fed Reserve In 1963: Secret Memo Shows President Signed Executive Orders EO-11 And EO-110! ORDERS ARE STILL IN FORCE BUT NOT ENFORCED!!!

They’re just people doing their jobs right???

Hey, What About The Other $1.1 Million In Legal Fees That Makes $2.8 Million?

As of 2009, there were 48 Federal Lawsuits challenging Obama Eligibility and with legal fees at $600/hour ~ well, why not show the $20 Vault Birth Certificate????



A Democratic spokesman said in a statement that the expenses were expected and not extraordinary considering that Obama’s White House run was the largest campaign in history, taking in more than $750 million.




“If I am the Democratic nominee, I will aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election.” Also, a Common Cause questionnaire dated November 27, 2007, asked “If you are nominated for President in 2008 and your major opponents agree to forgo private funding in the general election campaign, will you participate in the presidential public financing system?”, Obama checked, “Yes.”


June 19, 2008:

Obama announced he would not participate in the presidential public financing system.





Did You know that all of this extra money [$750 Million] can be used towards legal fees?

Was this planned in advance?

I would think so!

All Right Already, What About The Other $1.1 Million In Legal Fees That Makes $2.8 Million?

  1. FBI Witness Murdered Who Had Access & Was To Testify In Obama/Soetoro Passport FBI Investigation.

The FEC’s decision to audit the campaign is not surprising, given that it was the largest federal campaign in history, raising more than $750 million in receipts. If Obama’s campaign were not audited, it would have been the first presidential nominee’s campaign to escape such scrutiny since the public financing system was created in 1976.

The potential for the FEC’s audit became increasingly more likely as the FEC questioned some of Obama campaign filings. In all, the FEC wrote 26 letters to Obama for America warning the campaign that if it did not adequately respond to the agency’s questions that it “could result in an audit or enforcement action.”

These letters totaled more than 1,500 pages of questions and data that outlined compliance concerns — including the longest one ever sent to a presidential candidate.

The Obama campaign has shown signs of an audit for years as it has ramped up its spending on legal fees and other similar expenses, according to CQ MoneyLine study of disclosure reports.

As of the end of March, Obama for America had spent nearly $3 million on legal fees since the 2008 election. In all, the president’s campaign spent three times more on lawyers after Election Day than in the two years preceding it.

Remember, the Eligibility Lawsuits, Have All Been Stopped By ‘STANDING’ and the [eligibility facts of the past] have ‘NEVER’ been adjudicated/vetted in court. When you read the word ‘frivolous’ in the above Perkins Coie ‘letter of intention’ ~ remember ‘STANDING’.

FYI ==> Perkins Coie serves high-profile clients such as Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks.  In 2006, the firm also represented Salim Ahmed Hamdan, Osama bin Laden’s alleged bodyguard and driver.

FYI==> Dodd’s campaign finance reports may give a hint on what’s going on.  Two months after the Ethics Committee disposed of a complaint against Dodd over his dealings with subprime mortgage giant Countrywide, Dodd’s campaign was still paying the law firm Perkins Coie. From October through December of 2009, Dodd’s campaign paid $77,688.18 to the firm favored by Democrats in trouble.  In the first quarter of 2010, when Dodd was no longer a candidate, his committee paid Perkins Coie $46,844.13.
FYI==> Obama hiring Bauer of Perkins Coie, a week after the ACORN national headquarters were raided by Louisiana state law enforcement is no coincidence.FYI==>Bauer’s law firm, Perkins Coie, has earned about $1.5 million in representing Obama since 2005, according to Politico.

Bauer & Dunn Political Maoists

FYI==> Who Is Anita Dunn? Bauer’s wife!! Anita Dunn’s video surfaced about a speech she gave at a May 2009 high school commencement, where she referred to the former communist dictator of China Mao Tse Tung as one of her favorite political philosophers. Anita was hired by then-Senator Barack Obama in 2006 to direct communications and strategy for his political action committee, The Hopefund.

This move signaled to many that Obama was planning to run for the presidency. While advising Hopefund and Obama in 2006, she was instrumental in the preparations for the launch of Obama for America, and brought many key staffers to the Obama campaign with whom she had worked in Bayh’s and Daschle’s offices. In 2008, Newsweek named Dunn and Bauer the new “power couple” in Washington, D.C. Wikipedia

Judge Carter The Big Bad Marine ~ Semper Fidelis??  Don’t Make Me Puke!!

FYI==>Remember, Judge Carter Was Allowing A Lawsuit Against Obama, When Suddenly The Case Was Dismissed.

In early October, word came out that something very strange had happened. Judge Carter had hired a new law clerk, but not just any law clerk. Judge Carter could have hired a law clerk from among the recent graduates of any one of a number of fine law schools (including his alma mater, the UCLA School of Law) or from any one of hundreds of elite law firms in California and across the country.

Instead he hired Siddharth Velamoor, from the Seattle law firm of Perkins Coie, the firm which represented the presidential campaign of Barack Obama and the firm where Obama’s White House Counsel Robert Bauer was formerly a partner.

Bauer is married to Anita Dunn,  former White House Director of Communications, who is infamous for her publicly-expressed deep admiration for the political philosophy of Mao Zedong, the greatest mass murderer in the history of mankind, according to author and former Red Guard Jung Chang  in her masterpiece biography of Mao entitled Mao: The Unknown Story.

The lion’s share of Obama’s legal spending went to Perkins Coie, a well-known Democratic legal and accounting firm. Perkins Coie is representing the Obama campaign in all major legal matters, including
seven of the FEC’s known investigations involving the White House bid. In each of these cases, the FEC voted to dismiss the case or found “no reason to believe” that the Obama for America or related committees had violated any laws.

Perkins Coie may be also representing Obama for America in the FEC’s spending investigation of a Republican National Committee complaint. A few weeks before the election, the RNC alleged that Obama’s campaign accepted donations from foreign nationals, received contributions that had exceed limits and submitted fictitious donor names to the agency. The status of this investigation is unknown, though the FEC confirmed it received the complaint.

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