RNC Is Attempting To Galvanize An Obama Win In November: Surreptitiously Decertifies 16 Massachusetts Delegates.



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Republican National Convention ‘Committee on Challenges’ recommends ignoring the will of Massachusetts voters and replacing duly elected Liberty delegates with appointed Massachusetts Republican Party friends. MA Liberty Caucus Objects!

Worcester, MA, 8/14/12 — On August 10th, the RNC’s ‘Committee on Contests’, chaired by Mike Duncan, former RNC Chairman and National Committeeman for Kentucky, released their recommendation and upheld “Romney for President, Inc.” decision to ignore the caucus results and uphold the transparent manipulation of arcane rules to decertify sixteen duly elected delegates. Today, August 14th, the Massachusetts decertified delegates filed a Notice of Intent to Object with the RNC prior to the 5PM deadline, and look forward to an impartial hearing in Tampa prior to the convention.

The duly elected, and now decertified delegates are very disappointed that the RNC and Team Romney have rejected yet another opportunity to unify the Republican Party and energize the rank and file grassroots activists needed for the 2012 General Election.

These sixteen duly elected Liberty delegates wanted to participate in the Republican National Convention to promote three platform issues, specifically Auditing the Federal Reserve Bank, Requiring Congressional Declaration of War for Funding Wars, and Protecting Internet Freedom.

This flagrant violation of the foundation of American Democracy has not killed the spirit of Liberty, but rather strengthened the resolve of activists to continue to reform the Massachusetts Republican Party, by actively supporting the removal of leadership that undermines fair elections, promotes cronyism, and whose policy positions clearly infringe on personal liberty. One example of the lack of liberty in the current state Republican Party Leadership is the recent endorsement by Republican State House Minority Leader Bradley Jones of ‘price controls’ on health care that every small government Republican should be opposed.

The tactical purge of duly elected delegates by the Romney Campaign’s top attorney, Benjamin Ginsberg, sends a clear message that grassroots activists are not welcome to participate in Romney’s Presidential Campaign. The grassroots activists that organized, worked hard, and campaigned to elect those decertified delegates can take a hint, and while committed to defeating President Barack Obama and his policies that promote


poverty, not prosperity, moving forward, will pledge their time, talent, and treasure towards supporting local candidates.

Having previously purchased their plane tickets, and made travel arrangements for the convention in Tampa, the Liberty Delegates are excited to attend the ‘We are the Future Rally’, on Sunday, August 26th, where retiring Congressman and 2012 Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul will be delivering the speech the Republican National Convention doesn’t want the rest of America to hear.

At the rally, the Liberty movement will also celebrate their success at influencing and changing the direction of the Republican Party.

Copies of the actual challenges sent to the RNC’s Committee on Contests, along with the Notice to Object, and other source documents, may be found online at http://www.malibertycaucus.com/rnc-committee-on-contests .
Details about the ‘We are the Future Rally’ can be found online at http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2012/06/29/ron-paul-to-hold-major-rally-in-tampa-ahead- of-rnc/



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