Egypt: A U.S. Conclusion ~ Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul discusses recent events in Egypt, U.S. foreign policy, unintended consequences, and government spending.

How The United States Meddled In Iranian Affairs

30 Years ago some people claimed that they had seen Khomaaini’s face on the moon. will we now see our Prince’s face on the moon? On 17 Th. january 1979, Shah’n’Shah Aryameher left Mehr’abad Airport for that last time. This is for the memory of all those turbulent days and the hope of the day that Prince Reza Pahlavi would come back to Iran and once again we will be living in happiness and be proud to call ourselves ‘IRANIAN.’

30 Years After The Attempted Assassination Of The Shah Of Iran: Prince Reza Pahlavi – The Heir To The Throne Of Persia/Iran

Reagan On The Shah Of Iran

After The Maniacal Islamic Fascists Attempted Assassination Of The Shah Of Iran, Terrorism Raised Its Ugly Head Again.

The Prince:

Please Come Home


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