Deadbeat John Kerry: Loathing Of The U.S. Constitution!

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Liberalism: The United States Is Now

on the Verge of Facing from Obama,
What Hitler Did in Seizing
Absolute Power in Germany

John Hoefle: Hi, welcome to the LaRouche PAC Weekly Report for June 29, 2011. I’m John Hoefle; with me in the studio today are LPACTV‘s Alicia Cerretani and the Basement’s Sky Shields; and joining us from Europe is Lyndon LaRouche.

Lyndon LaRouche: Good morning. These are interesting times. We no longer have—we have sort of full time, rather than ordinary time, because what’s happening now is that, time is out of joint. We have to deal with things on a complete new level. The legislation being pushed today, as during the recent days, means that we no longer have a normal United States any more. We have a collision building up rapidly, between the people of the United States, or the majority of them, and most of the members of Congress. There may be some exceptions here and there, but in general, the Congress is totally out of sync with reality, and we hope that some of the people in the Congress, the Senate or elsewhere, will come to their senses and get back with reality, and stop playing games with Obama. That’s our situation.

Now, there are a couple of subjects, which we have discussed among us, the three of us, earlier this day, and one is what is going on immediately, and the other is what’s going to be coming on, during the period between the 1st of July and the 10th, which is the estimated range of days in which a crisis caused by austerity measures—at least from four states, but actually more—austerity measures being pushed on the American people, which are going to create an explosive situation, an increasingly explosive situation.

In such matters, you don’t have an exact time schedule, you have a process schedule, and you have to measure what’s happening as it goes along, to get some idea of what the unfolding process is going to be.

But we’re now in a breakdown crisis, and so therefore, we have to consider the two things as two subjects, and what the issue is right now in terms of politics, and what the countdown is, during the coming five, six, or more days, because of the imposition of the austerity which was voted up by today.

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So, we’re now in an actual breakdown, a Constitutional breakdown, when some members of the Senate—including Senator Kerry, with his absolutely insane babbling in his public presentation of his argument just a couple days ago—have created a situation in which a veil of hatred is separating Kerry and others from the citizens. What they’re proposing to do, will rip apart this republic, and create an accelerating gulf, between the people in general, and those in the government, who are going along with Obama. There’s no basis for any prospect of peace between the people and a man who deserves to be expelled, on impeachable grounds—the current President—and those who are kissing butt, and voting and acting against the people of the United States, creating thus, a crisis beyond the imagination. And that’s where we are.

And that’s what we have to take up first, this question of what we’re dealing with now, the situation right now, as I just referred to.

Then look at what the countdown is, as a result of these decisions made now, what the countdown will be with the coming days, the coming essentially 30 days, or rather, 10 days, but the 30 days beyond. We’re looking at the gravest crisis, threatening to tear our nation apart, in a rising conflict of hatred among the American people, against the representatives in government.

Now, I know there are forces in the United States which will resist this, as I do. What we’re seeing from leading politicians, like Senator Kerry, we’re seeing behavior which is no longer un-treasonous against our republic. Because, in fact, to tear the American people away from their government, and the government away from the American people, under the influence of a foreign power, the British monarchyis, in fact, an act of treason, by those who are making concessions to Wall Street and London. And that’s where we stand.

So we’ve got a couple of people here, who, I think, we’ve discussed this sort of thing, and are ready to speak.

Obama: Elected with Soros’s Drug Money

Alicia Cerretani: I think it’s useful just to take a step back and look at the election of Obama as President. Look at it from an international standpoint: He came in as President, after Lyn had made this forecast in 2007, that under no circumstances, under no government, could the current system exist. He’s elected President, largely by the aid of George Soros, and a lot of money that George Soros had, that George Soros gets from the free market and drug trafficking. That’s the money backing Obama, that’s the margin of victory backing our current President, right now.

Okay, that immediately creates a divides among the Democratic Party, because you had a number of people who were rallied around Hillary Clinton and that faction of the Democratic Party; so there’s an immediate divide now. You have someone who is backed by foreign interests, now as President of the United States…

Hoefle: Including the Inter-Alpha Group, who he’s a frontman for, as well.

Cerretani: Yes. And, he becomes President—the divide deepens. Every major policy initiative that Obama has claimed to have been victorious in, has been British or foreign in its implications: The health-care policy, the continuation of the bailouts, the continuation of the war in the Afghanistan: None of those are American policies. You may have American elements in them, but they’re not American interests, and they were never American conceptions to begin with. They were foreign interests, they’re foreign policies.

And as a response to that, you had a mass-strike break out in the nation, in the Summer of 2009, against his health-care bill, where he was explicitly working with the British health-care institutes, NICE and NHS. He explicitly imported a foreign health-care policy, to put it into action inside the United States, and the American people rejected it! They straight-out rejected it: mass strike.

And, combine that with the fact that nothing has been done, to address the fundamental crisis that LaRouche outlines, that the American people know is coming down on them; Obama has just, every step of the way, funneled money, American money, American taxpayer money, over into Wall Street and the City of London, and there’s been a continuing drumbeat of disgust against the administration, and those who are afraid to confront that administration on the American people’s behalf.

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And so, today, you have a man who has lost all popular support from the American people. They might not understand the international forces at play, but the people in office today are forced to make a decision; and it’s kind of ironic that this is happening around the Fourth of July, that the Senate just decided to pass the Kerry-McCain bill, the subcommittee decided to pass the Kerry-McCain coverup of Obama and extend the Libya operations; all of the Senate’s going to have to go home for the Fourth of July, and come back and vote on this thing. And what they’re really making the decision on is, are they going to sink the United States, and the United States Constitution? Are they prepared to do that? And those are the terms of reference now, that’s the only way to explain the situation for any American otherwise, at this point.

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Irreversible Processes

Sky Shields: Right. And that puts it in beautiful context. I mean, what it makes clear is that, there are processes underway that are actually irreversible. We’ve been stressing this: History moves, real history, in the direction that the overall universe tends—moves in a certain direction. And it’s the opposite of the whole period that we should be outgrowing right now. Right now, we should be on the brink of outgrowing the last several centuries of imperial policy, the whole concept of feudalism, the whole concept that the British Empire represents as a form of social organization. And you’ve got these folks who have been deployed to cling to this. You’ve got Obama, who is supposed to be the stormtrooper, to try to hold this thing together right now, and you’ve got various other people who, along with him, are sort of trying to fling themselves in the path of real progress.

And, what they’re trying to do is impossible, and that’s real clear! There’s no way to try and hold back the forward motion of time. But what they may be successful in doing, is forcing a massive explosion, that could—the very act of them trying to remain in place, given the way the universe moves, is going to create a disaster bigger than any of them can imagine, and we’re watching it build, you’re watching people sort of fall on their swords, flinging themselves in front of this thing, like Kerry and others. And it’s sort of wild.

And the way you put it together, I think makes it real clear that all these actions that are taking place, are taking place completely oblivious to what the actual reality of the situation is.

Cerretani: Yes! We featured this on the LPAC website—if you think about where we were just a year ago, just a year ago, when we were faced also with the end of the fiscal year for the states, the tension has built up so much, because nothing in a year’s time, nothing has been done, to address the fundamental crisis. Nothing has been done, reflecting the overall progress of where we should be going; everything, instead, from a policy standpoint, has been falling in the path, people falling on their swords for certain policies, capitulating.

But the American people, and people around the world, just instinctively know that what’s being done is a bunch of sophistry; what’s being said, is a bunch of sophistry; so they’re responding in something we discussed last week, they’re responding in a sort of an instinctive, “Hey, look, our business is to survive, we want to survive right now. We know the policies being done right now are not out for our survival.”

So again, what had happened a whole year ago: The population today in the United States is much more rallied in support—not just in protest—but in support of the kind of things that would bring, at least immediate relief, including the H.R. 1489. You have a couple of Congress people who are getting a sense of what should be done, what could be done. But we need more than 20 members of the House to do it, to pull it off, and people have to see it in these terms. They have to see it as the terms of actually defending the U.S. Constitution from a foreign power. That’s what it is.

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Shields: Right. No, it’s interesting. You seem to get that instinctive response there is in the population, but they don’t know what it is that they’re responding against and towards. It seems like they do get immediately what the problem is: They get almost instinctively that what’s happening is killing them—I mean, that’s a little hard to miss, what’s been developing, from everything that’s happened, from the collapse on the state level, from the financial meltdown, to just the clear physical collapse and the environment people are operating in, that much seems clear. But it does seem like we’re in a position right now to elevate the population, to demonstrate to them what these processes they’re seeing are shadows of.

The Disease of Liberalism

Cerretani: Yes. And, I want to ask you, Lyn, because yesterday you made very clear, and in the statement you published this morning on the LPAC site, that the source of the greatest corruption, politically, today, is Liberalism. [“The Senators Did Not Grasp the Reality,” And you made it very clear, yesterday, this is really like a disease. It really is as if it were a disease, sweeping across the nation and across the halls of what should be the international leadership. Because right now, you can’t just blame it on one person, or a couple of people, but what you actually have is a defective philosophical disease, and you kind of have to ask, what is the human mind, that something like Liberalism can sabotage our real task at hand right now?

LaRouche: Well, take two particular steps in understanding this. One, is essentially the experience of how Hitler became a dictator. The whole thing was orchestrated from London and Wall Street, and Wall Street was acting as a tool of London. The key in Wall Street was Brown Brothers Harriman. The key head of Brown Brothers Harriman of that time, the chief executive, was a supporter of Adolf Hitler: His name was Prescott Bush. So these people, and Prescott Bush personally, sent funding, to save Adolf Hitler from bankruptcy, and thus, kept Hitler in the game.

Now, the pressure came down on Germany, to support, or tolerate Hitler. Initially, the support of Hitler was considered a joke, by parties such as the Social Democracy. They said that since they actually represented the majority of the voting population, that Hitler could not last long. And so, they were laughing at Hitler.

Then, Hermann Göring, who was the head of the party in that region, orchestrated the Reichstag Fire, and blamed it on the Communists and others, and declared an emergency. And on this basis, you had theErmächtigungsgesetz measures, which established a one-party, essentially—the other, second party was a joke—but a one-party dictatorship over Germany, as a permanent institution.

You’re now facing a situation, in the United States, where you’re on the verge of the same thing, from Obama, that Hitler did, in taking absolute power in Germany.

What you have, is Liberalism, that caused the thing.

Now, the Liberalism—the problem of the Social Democracy is very interesting. The Social Democracy in Germany, from its inception, was a creation of British intelligence. It was organized by British intelligence. So the Social Democracy in Germany, was, on the one side, seen as a joke, on the other side is a massive power because of pure votes, and things like that, and a social influence; but the crisis has happened. And so, suddenly, you had a situation where Hitler has come to power, and people thought that was just a normal, parliamentary problem. But then, the Göring action, with the Reichstagsbrand [Reichstag Fire], set into motion the machinery of dictatorship, which is there waiting.

The dictatorship of Hitler, was backed by the Bank of England, and backed by a subsidiary of the Bank of England called Brown Brothers Harriman, of which Prescott Bush, the father of George H.W. Bush, and the grandfather of George W. Bush, Jr., were representatives. The British represented that policy. The British, even though they were in an existential fit about the threat to Britain with the fall of France, which they didn’t expect, now, screamed, through Churchill, for Roosevelt’s help.

So people have forgotten the facts of how this history worked, and don’t realize that today, under Obama’s Presidency, after he has violated his Oath of Office, that we are in the same position, with Obama today, strategically, that Germany was when Hitler first came into power. We’re at the point, with the Obama Administration now, because of the McCain-Kerry legislation, proposed, we’re on the edge, of going down the same track that the German nation went, with Hitler and the Emergency Powers Act: We’re on the same track.

Why does this happen?

The history of Hitler, the Hitler regime, its origin, its development, are all well known to historians. How in hell, could anybody, allow something like that, to be repeated? There’s one answer: The name of the answer is Liberalism.

Now, the problem here, is—technically, it’s very precise; it’s not some generalization—this is actual law, like a law of physical science. When you adopt Liberalism, you said, as Adam Smith has said, very clearly, and it’s neatly packaged in one paragraph in his writing: That the only basis, for human judgment, and human behavior, is belief that pleasure and pain are the only forces which are realistically acting upon society, and the individual in society. In other words, there’s no definition of truth in Liberalism, none! Truth is what is conventionally accepted. And just as Kerry: Look at Kerry’s speech, look at Kerry’s remarks before that speech, that’s exactly what he said! He said, “I am a man of no principle!”

Now, that’s not Kerry, but that’s Kerry speaking, on the basis of whatever the pressure is from who is operating on him; and the consent of other members of the Senate to go along with that. Kerry had actually betrayed his oath of office to this nation! He’s betrayed his own tradition, in fighting against wrong in the Senate. Why? Because they’ve accepted the idea, that people’s reacting, to their perception of pleasure and pain, is the substitute for truth. And therefore, there is no conception of truth, as in Kerry’s speech—there’s no truth! “You may want to add this, we’ve come to an agreement”; it’s the Obama line, “there is no truth. There is no truth in earthquakes, there is no truth in tornadoes, there’s no truth in anything! There’s only conversation. The very words of Obama: “There is no truth, there is only conversation.”

And we’ve seen that! What’s Kerry’s speech? Kerry’s speech is acting out the Obama doctrine! There is no truth, there is only conversation.And that is the sure road to Hell!

It’s because the German Social Democracy, which admittedly was corrupted by its British affinities, did the same thing—because of theirLiberalism! They, even though they were Germans, they had Liberalism, they had British Liberalism.

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And you had a problem with the Social Democracy in Germany today! One of the reasons for the collapse of the government in Germany, is the Social Democracy! There are other features of the German political situation; some of them are not too good. But the basic problem is Liberalism, it’s pro-British. German Liberalism is controlled by the British; it has been controlled by British influence through the British monarchy, ever since Bismarck was thrown out of office, in 1890! That’s been the trend. Without Liberalism, without British Liberalism, there could have been no World War I; without British Liberalism, we could not have had Hitler; without Hitler we couldn’t have had World War II.

We’re now going down the same damned road toward Hell, based on British Liberalism!

There is, in life, truth.

Forecasting vs. Statistical Projections

Now, take another aspect of Liberalism. Let’s take: Why am I the most successful economic forecaster, since 1956? Why? Because I was not a Liberal. These forecasters, working on a money system, use statistical projections, to estimate what the forecast is. In my experience, since my first forecast in 1956, which was scheduled for early 1957, I have always been in right in every forecast I’ve made, and I’ve made a number of them which are quite prominent, as well as just made. Every forecast I’ve made has been correct. Every forecast which has been opposed to what I proposed has been wrong.

Why? Because reality is located, not in public opinion, as we know now: We have people who are in a state of revolt, against what’s being done to them, as we saw in the recent New Jersey demonstration, which started with about 3,500 people who turned out for this union-organized celebration, against the Democratic Party! And 8,500 turned out by the end of the day, against the Democratic Party! Together with the AFL-CIO, because the AFL-CIO and the people, who were typified as representatives of what the AFL-CIO represented at that time, the people had a sense of reality, which is their suffering, and the fact that conditions were getting worse, and the fact that they were suffering because all the bailout money was going to feed to banks, and especially the British system! While the American people were being ruined, and starved, with no prospects for the future, as a result of this policy!

So, what is motivating the mind of a Kerry? And people like that, who bought into the role of being whores for the British monarchy at this time? Liberalism! They say, “If we can get the touchy-feely side of life organized to come into agreement with this, and put up with this crap on the basis of touchy-feely principles rather than truth.”

You’ve got now, out there, the people out there, don’t believe in touchy-feely, they don’t believe it any more. They’re ready to kill! And what’s been happening, the United States’ people have been put into a systemic, essential conflict with their government forces. Not the government as a whole, but the parliamentary forces, or the people who confuse the Senate and the House of Representatives as being parliamentary bodies, not Constitutional bodies.

And the people now are expressing the Constitution: They are saying, “We, the majority, must be considered! You can not make policy, contrary the very life interest, of us!

And that’s Liberalism: Liberalism turns people into sheep. And the sheep walk willingly into the slaughterhouse. You saw a leading Senator of the United States, John Kerry, walking, visibly—a former war hero, in a real sense!—walking passively, submissively, into the slaughterhouse of the entire people of the United States.

Now, this creates a conflict between the great mass of the American people, and a government which allows itself to be turned rotten, as the Kerry initiative has shown. And the fact that a vote got through for the Kerry initiative on the first trial, shows the danger, of putting the government of the United States, directly with a gun pointed at the head of the citizenry! These guys like Kerry, should sit down and cry publicly, and complain that they done wrong! But the problem they’ll come back with, Liberalism, Liberalism, Liberalism! “We’re Liberals! We’re Liberals!” Well, if they’re Liberals, as the Germans discovered under Hitler, whom they allowed to come to power! The Liberals allowed Hitler to come to power in Germany: And look at the price they paid for it; look at the price the world paid for it. We’re going to pay the same price here, if we don’t stop this damned foolery, right now!

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Shields: It’s significant to point out that this is by design, that this is what Liberalism is meant to do. The whole point of imposing this, and as a pervasive policy, as a pervasive social policy, is meant to destroy, the ability of the human individual to act like a human individual. If you think about what we’ve discussed in past episodes of the show: We’re the only thing on this planet that’s capable to act consciously, according to principle. The universe as a whole unfolds according to principle; that’s what underlies all processes you’re looking at. But we’ve got the ability to recognize that; but the way we recognize it in other things, is that we recognize it as something that we reflect as a process.

And to the extent you do that, you realize that a principle is something that doesn’t exist in time: A principle is something that governs the way a process unfolds over time. A principle is something that exists outside of all the sort of Newtonian measures, space, time, matter, that used to describe things. So that means, for us, if we’ve got the ability to identify with that, is that we’ve got the ability to take ourselves, and exist outside of that sequence. You get a real sense of what it means to have human immortality.

Human immortality is not something that happens after you die. You don’t die, and then see if you keep living after you die. The immortality is something you do in the course of your lifetime, because you’ve got the ability to, yourself, identify with generations that are yet to come, and with generations that have already past. You see yourself as existing, simultaneously, with that whole stretch of all of eternity, of all of human activity.

The whole point of Liberalism as a policy, is that you destroy that ability of the human individual to identify with that at all.

The Classical Conception

LaRouche: Let me put something in here, Sky, at this point, which you probably think is the point to put it, the way you’ve raised this question.

Shields: Okay.

LaRouche: Look, when we organized what became the youth organization, there were two things which were important to us, and the initiative was taken largely under the joint initiative of John Sigerson and me. And I insisted that the great problem in political movements is, they lost touch with Classical musical composition. Because, the way the mind is actually organized, contrary to this Liberal nonsense, the creative mind, the scientific mind, is organized around Classical music and Classical poetry, and aspects of painting which have the same implication.

So the Classical conception, which actually goes to the domain of metaphor, the creative powers of mankind are located in the practice of metaphor, that is, true metaphor, in the Classical sense. And there are two expressions of this: One thing, is the economy of life, life as an economic process, a physical economic process, not a money process. The second thing, which is essential, is the human imagination, the Classical form of the imagination, as typified by Bach. Because all great music, all great modern music comes directly from Bach. If you want to get the best and quickest asset, to the development of great minds, the great minds who can enrich the people,—by means of metaphor!—you find the source of genius, which is expressed as physical science. Because, the first thing is not science and then music. The first thing is the Classical imagination, which is typified by Classical song, by Classical music, which is best typified in all modern history, By johann Sebastian Bach, and his consequences.

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From that, as you will find, like take the case of Max Planck, or Einstein, they were both musicians! Their mind was organized around Classical musical composition, and this was the secret of their genius. Now, you look at other people, who were less in that direction, who were mathematicians: the mathematicians are an absolute disaster culturally, and economically. It is those who have the Classical musical composition as an image, because of the way Bach organized composition. The challenge in Bach, is to address the power of metaphor, as metaphor, in a very special way, a well-organized way, which is Classical musical composition.

And therefore, the great scientific works, especially through the 18th century and throughout the best of the 19th century, was always based, on Classical musical composition, as the development of the intellectual creative potential of the student: The singing of Bach, the singing of that tradition is the source of scientific genius. Because it’s the rehearsal of the imagination of the human mind, to express that which we recognize as the imagination. And it’s to the extent that we can control the imagination, to be a creative imagination in a true sense—truth, music as truth, Classical composition as truth. And this is where the great mind —

So, we organized the youth organization, always, beginning with Bach, with the Jesu, meine Freude as a test operation, to demonstrate to young people how the mind has to operate, to perform Bach, as a popular action, that is, an instructed, popular action in Classical music.

And this conception, the loss of this idea, and the introduction, deliberately, of the destructive force, especially by the Congress for Cultural Freedom, in Europe, since 1950, this movement, the existentialist movement, organized about the destruction of Classical music, and Classical poetry, truly Classical poetry, has destroyed the minds, of Europeans and others, to such a degree, that they have become susceptible, to actions which constitute crimes against human beings’ best interests! And existentialism is the source of the greatest evil on this planet today. Because it comes from European civilization, and spreads into more susceptible populations, in the Orient and Africa, and so forth.

And that’s the thing that has to be considered: We’re dealing with evil. And the idea that imposing popular music, on a population, is the most efficient way to destroy it, and we see the proof of it, where today, you have a Greenie dictatorship, is being installed in Germany! How did this become possible? Because everything, about Classical German culture has been destroyed! Except among a residue of people.

You have similar things in the United States: We have a youth population which has more of the characteristics of a disease, than human beings. Why?! It’s not their fault. Why did we allow that to be done to them, by the social measures we took to bring that about? Our own country has betrayed its own people, by condemning its youngest population, now, to this kind of situation. THAT is Liberalism!

And you guys have had some fun with this, in the youth organization. That’s why the youth organization, today, the former organization we had, was based on Classical music. That essentially died, as motivation, during the early part of the ’90s. That development, destroyed in large part, the organization we had. And now we’ve been working to build it up again, by going back to the Classical principle, which we concentrated especially on Classical musical composition, and on singing, because the important thing is to get as many people as possible, into this process of singing in a Classical mode; so they get some feeling and understanding, and familiarity with this.

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And it’s that quality which enriches their minds, so that creativity comes out of those minds, once influenced that way. And the fact that the Classical musical composition, and Classical poetry, and everything else Classical has been destroyed, in favor of garbage! We turned the minds of whole generations of our citizens in Europe and the United States, into garbage, with this stuff! And it’s not just Liberalism, which was always evil, but it’s the use of garbage in the mind, to promote a certain form of Liberalism, which is destroying the United States, and the world, today.

Cerretani: Yeah, the most recent expression of this, as a principle, is everything that’s come up in the recent period around using a precursor method to forecast earthquakes, volcanoes, and other seismic activity. And it’s the method of bring of bringing a number of different, empirical data into juxtaposition with one another, to see a causal principle. And it strikes you, and you realize that that’s a valid scientific method, which, when employed, will enable us, to not only recognize , but work with, and eventually, at some point, manage some of these greater physical principles that are acting on the planet, that we’re now just sort of “subject to.”

And when you realize that there’s a scientific method involved in tracking these things down, and hunting the principles down, with this juxtaposition, then you see that same sort of thing reflected in a musical composition. And then you begin to recognize that there’s a method of thinking, and surviving—not a coincidence—that the method itself, our scientific method has to be a reflection of this creative principle. And then you realize, or are struck with what the human mind is. But it would be silly just to employ it in just a scientific sense, and not a cultural/social sense.

And so, that’s where it’s been the most clear, recently, if you have this juxtaposition of things, juxtaposition of what is empirically evident. And just now, you begin to see that that is, what is being reflected to you, in a musical composition, that some of these composers understood that, what they’re actually doing, when you’re listening to a well-performed piece of Classical music, is, you’re actually—what the subject is, is not the music, but it’s your mind. And that they can do that, having composed a piece 300 years ago, they’re there with your mind, making the subject of the Classical piece; you know, you have all these musical critics, who want to talk about “this period” of music, and that, and what Bach was doing with this part of his life. But oftentimes, you miss the whole point, that what the subject is, is the human mind.

And it’s a—it’s more than fascinating, because it’s a means of survival. And then you can begin to see, that, were your intention, as the British system is, to lower the population, that’s what you would attack: You would attack the means of survival, which is directly a question of mind. And you would go for music, you would go for the culture, you would go for the things that would reinforce, in any student’s mind, that they are, in fact, human, and that they have a power unlike any other species. You would go for exactly that, and that’s exactly what we’ve seen in the postwar period.

And then, among a number of younger people in our generation, are born into that: Knowing that something’s wrong! We know something’s not quite right, but, it’s really important to understand, how it was done; and that it was done. And that it’s—well, it’s kind of breaking down on them, now.

BREAKING: The capital is abuzz this week over Obama Appointing British Operative Tony Blair, Top White House Policy Maker For Middle East.

Shields: And what the antidote is. Like it makes perfect sense that, the thing is culturally you can train—like you said, we made the point, frequently, that the way to knowledge is through this juxtaposition of the senses. You’re looking for ironies. Nothing is true, in any one of these senses that you’re juxtaposing; each one of these is lying to you. As we said before, it’s like in a Classical tragedy: In a real tragedy, everybody is a loser! I mean, what you see, like we’ve described all these Shakespeare tragedies which Schiller presents. Every single character there is manifesting the same cultural problem of it, a different facet of it; but, somehow, in the interplay of all those voices, you do—the tragedy, the real tragedy, not just some existentialist drama, ’cause you have those, now, where everything’s terrible, and it stays terrible; but a real tragedy is that in the juxtaposition of all those voices, you see an idea that’s not stated by any single one of those voices, there.

Cerretani: Hmm!

Shields: If you do that, you train the mind—it seems like this is a significant way to train the mind, to look for that everywhere. But you have to have that in the culture, that method of thinking has got to become instinctive. And it should tell the folks, I mean, anybody in our generation, people who right now are watching this broadcast here, should realize that there is a way out of where we’re at. We’re often referred to as the “no-future generation,” for good reason, both because our ability to conceptualize a real future has been destroyed; but also, because if we continue along this path, we’re not going to have a future. If we’re looking at what’s developing right now with our so-called leadership in Congress, we’re looking at the risk of losing everything, having a massive blowup by the beginning of July—you know, this talking about a matter of days!

The way out of that, is to reclaim a sense of identity that was taken from us, long before we got here. And so that’s what we’ve been dedicating ourselves to as a political movement. And we invite people to partake in that. There is a way out: But it’s got to be taken consciously, and it’s got to be done as a political act, in the very near term—we’re talking, in the next days, weeks, and months.

Cerretani: Yes! Yeah, that’s one of the things that Rosa Luxemburg talked about, back at the turn of the century, is that she was very clear that her movement, and what her intentions were, was not to have anything to do with the current system. You would make no compromise, you would make no deal for a momentary political advantage with the current system. Because, why would you, if you knew that system was doomed? Why would you make any sort of compromise—it’s like what you said, Lyn, in the paper, why would you be surprised when Satan’s not kind? [laughter] Is that really surprising? C’mon!

So, we’re in the same situation, today, and we don’t—in a certain sense, it’s a luxury that we know that the current system that we have, is doomed. It’s reflected in all the political leadership; it’s reflected in just taking—just a review of the capitulation, after capitulation, of the current leadership. ‘Cause, they’re not thinking trying, they’re not thinking in a revolutionary way. Whereas, as we’re beginning to understand, the rest of the Solar System, the galaxy and the universe at large is a revolutionary system, but nothing about the current political leadership is in that mode, is on that wavelength. And so, to make any sort of deal with it, is—like you—it’s a sure way to Hell.

Shields: We’ve got no interest in it. There’s no reason to be attached to this dying system, at all. Nobody. There’s no human being, no honest human on this planet, who’s got a vested interest in maintaining this thing. You got a bunch of dupes, you got a bunch of fools, like Obama; you got a bunch of fools, like the fools you have in Congress. Because of this, people right now, who, as you said, because of Liberalism, are willing to attach themselves to this thing, and die with it, but the rest of us, who’ve got some good sense, have to really start thinking — you know, take a look at everything else we’ve got on the website, here. And think to yourself, “Well, what was the actual development of human society that was cut off, in order to impose the state of affairs we have right now? And what needs to be done, in order to continue that real development, and bypass this whole mess that we see collapsing around us right now?”

Cerretani: Mm-hmm! Yeah.

Shields: That’s human, that’s a lot more fun, than, you know, watching all the different kinds of ass-kissing that you’re seeing, the displays of ass-kissing you’ve see in the last few days.

Cerretani: Mm-hmm. Yeah, and don’t let the current Congress be you metric for what’s possible! [laughter] They’re making a deal with the Devil, so they’re not your metric for what real political leadership is, and in a certain sense, you shouldn’t be discouraged by them, per se. They deserve ridicule, and they deserve a roasting. But the fact of the matter is, most of us are going to be on the planet longer than they, and in a certain sense, it’s in their best interest, that they think long and hard about that: We’re going to be here longer than they are! In a certain sense, what we demand of them—they are subservient to us, what we demand of them, we’re going to be here! They’re creating a world that we’re going to live in!

And so, in a certain sense, there has to be no—despite the fact that it’s happening, that they’re making these capitulations, there can be no tolerance for it, because it’s not going to work.

LaRouche: That’s exactly it! And we have, in our organization, we have the impulses, and a certain coherence among them, which points in that direction. And that’s really all we have, politically. And the fact that some people out there are resonant with this kind of thinking. And people who are too close to power, think power is—their access to power is so important for them, that they will betray the people, even though they came from the people, and passed through a phase where they did represent something good in intention!

But they now go over to joining the ranks of “being accepted,” by the very power which is their enemy! And the only way I can account for Kerry’s behavior, and the change of behavior, he became too much an integral part of what the ruling forces were, particularly under George W. Bush Jr. and Barack Obama. Ten years of moral degeneration of the leadership of our nation, under the Bushes and Obama, have taken the gut out of many of our people. Otherwise, this could that is happening now, could not have occurred. And Liberalism is the soiled corruption, under which that kind of corruption is made possible.

How could Kerry, whom I knew something about, earlier, how could he become so damned corrupt, as to do this? And he must be so conscious of the fact that he’s corrupt! That he’s acting against the people! He’s acting against everything he used to stand for! How could this happen? Too close to power, and afraid to lose a position, within the halls of power; and forget that when the halls of power go rotten, it’s the people to whom your loyalty is fundamentally attached.

Cerretani: They have a funny idea of “position”: Right now, they are being screwed by Obama. Their idea of a position of power…

Shields: Mm-hmm. Embarrassing position to be in! [laughter]

Cerretani: Not exactly a good one!

LaRouche: It’s called the “West Bendover” policy…

Cerretani: “Position of power!” [laughter]

Shields: You think you’re trumping everything prior!

Cerretani: Yeah—that’s what it looks like to the rest of us, anyway.

Shields: Yeah, right: the view we can get from here.

But, no, it’s exciting: I mean, yeah, the thing you’re struck by really, outside of the very real danger that’s involved, the sheer boredom and banality of it all, really strikes you. There’s not a lot to investigate. You know, a lot of people want to “discuss,” what’re the “ins” and “outs” of the people in power—you get these idiot tabloids, with the royal family on the front, and what’re they doing? And the thing is, it is just the most, debased, depraved, infantile, low-level, pathetic, boring aspect of humanity you can possibly imagine: It’s uninteresting!

Cerretani: The only reason people read it, is because it’s right next to them in the grocery store. No one else would seek out these things! The only reason people know about who the royal family just got married to, is because it’s at the grocery story checkout.

Shields: Because you can’t reach for the gum, without it?

Cerretani: Yeah, no one else would care about it! It has nothing to do, bearing on the interest of their livelihood, or how they’re going to pay for the grocery bill, that they’re there at the checkout for! They wouldn’t care who someone got married to, in the royal family, if it wasn’t put in their face!

Hoefle: Well, the members of the royal family don’t care about each other! Why should the rest of us care?

LaRouche: You have to take the faces of some of the families in the British gentlefolk, and you find and you look at the adult members of the assembly… and you look at the children. And you get a shocking effect, of, there’s a certain disconnection between family heritage and children. Maybe people were just sleeping in the wrong bed, drunk or something. This is how many of the British families became British families!

Hoefle: Like Prince Harry and the bodyguard.

LaRouche: Yeah, right!

Shields: That’s good. But then, you realize there’s a whole alternative there, that’s so much more interesting! What we could do. I mean, what we’ve had on the site—this came up in discussion recently, I mean, you take a look at, you know, look at the disaster we’re seeing right now, throughout the country, on both just the pure economic collapse people are living through; but then, all the ramifications of it, all the cases of the flood, what’s just happened with these major tornadoes. You’re seeing cities being destroyed! We’re losing whole cities, either through just simple inaction in the case of all the Rust Belt cities—what’s happened to Chicago, what’s happened, you’ve seen in around Detroit, Baltimore —

Cerretani: Buffalo.

Shields: Buffalo. But then, you take a look at these other cities that we’re just losing to tornadoes, to flooding. New Orleans is gone! It’s amazing, to realize what we’re facing.

But then, you look at what we could be doing: We’ve had a policy on this site for a while now, NAWAPA, that if you realize what that policy will represent—we’re going to have a video coming out on this—it’s water management for the entire country! We’re talking about taking real, human control of this entire area! You’re talking about, transforming, again—aiding in this transformation of the biosphere into the noösphere, and you realize the scope of this thing! You realize a) that it’s necessary, but b) it’s just the most amazing thing in the world to take part in, where you’re talking about developing! As a corollary of this project, you’re talking about building rail systems that are going to link the southern tip of South America all the way up through the Americas, all the way across the Bering Strait, through Russia, through Asia, down through the Middle East, down through Africa, to the southern tip of South Africa!

That’s an amazing project to take part in: Why would you be doing anything else?

You’ve got all these idiots around Congress, you know, they’re completely enamored of the power they have there, as you described, and they’re engaged in this game that’s just stupid and boring! And then, we’re supposed to be so enamored with this; we’re supposed to be engaged in this. It’s disgusting! It’s time to just flush! It’s time to just let all that go! And there’s a whole amazing path for us to take, to embark on.

Cerretani: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Hoefle: Got any more?

Cerretani: Not until next week.

Hoefle: I think that’s a pretty good thing to end on. How about you, Lyn, you have any more?

LaRouche: I’m fine! I’ve expressed myself, as much as I wish to, and we are very happy about what others have been doing here. We’re having a little fun, you know, and we hope that some other people out there are having fun at what we’re doing.

Hoefle: Yes. Let’s flush Liberalism, and build NAWAPA.

Cerretani: We’ll have the water to do it! [laughter]

Shields: That’s real water management.

LaRouche: And flush the Congress, Liberally, when needed.

Hoefle: Early and often.

Shields: Just give them a wash, they’re getting kinda dirty.

Hoefle: All right. Well, that wraps it up for this week. Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next week.


Kerry’s voting record is every bit as far-left as that of his fellow Massachusetts Senator, the candidly self-avowed leftist Ted Kennedy. According to Congressional Quarterly, over the course of Kerry’s Senate career, he has sided with Kennedy fully 94 percent of the time for key votes. In a number of different years – 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1998, 1999, and 2001 – that figure stood at 100 percent. Kerry’s lifetime Vote Rating from the leftist group Americans For Democratic Action (AFDA) is 93 percent, meaning that more than nine-tenths of his Senate votes have pleased that organization. Senator Kennedy’s AFDA rating is a slightly lower 88 percent. By contrast, Kerry’s lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union (ACU), which is essentially the AFDA’s political opposite, stands at just 5 percent – the third lowest figure in the entire Senate, higher only than the ACU ratings for Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer. The ACU ratings for some other notable Democrats are: 13 percent apiece forRichard GephardtHillary Clinton, and Tom Daschle; 14 percent for John Edwards; 15 percent for Dennis Kucinich; and 19 percent for Joe Lieberman. Senator John Breaux, one of the upper chamber’s few moderate Democrats, has a 46 percent ACU rating.

John Kerry: Further Left Than He Lets On