Breaking => U.S. District Court Subpoena To Be Delivered To Hawaii Department of Health For Barrack Obama Vault Birth Certificate.

Computer scanning expert Doug Vogt and typesetting expert Paul Irey say they will accompanyattorney Orly Taitz when she presents to the Hawaii Department of Health a subpoena that should allow her to examine Barack Obama’s original 1961 typewritten birth certificate.

Vogt and Irey both told WND they are making travel plans to join Taitz in Honolulu when she goes to the state agency at 10 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 8, to present the subpoena in person.

“We will plan to hold a press conference late in the day of Aug. 8,” Vogt said, “and if the document we see varies from the birth certificate documents the White House released, we plan to file criminal charges in Hawaii immediately.”

Vogt shared with WND a copy of a letter he has written to Hawaii Attorney General David Louie, putting Louie on notice regarding the reasons he believes the birth certificate released by the White House is fraudulent.

WND previously reportedon Vogt’s decision to file a 22-page criminal complaint with the FBI.

Irey says it won’t take long to evaluate the original birth record, if it exists.

“Over the years of my career, I’ve seen everything that can be put on paper,” he said. “Now that I’m thoroughly familiar with what the White House released, I will be able to tell you within a few minutes, if what the Hawaii DOH has matches what the White House has released, or not.

“I will expect to see the same differences in typeface that are on the White House version, otherwise I will know immediately that what the Hawaii DOH is showing us is a forgery.”

What the White House released

Vogt and Irey plan to bring a laptop computer and a portable scanner to the Hawaii DOH for the inspection.

“We will scan the document to compare it to the White House electronic version and the Xerox copies they handed out in the press room,” he said. “We will immediately make our scan available to the public over the Internet, so the American public can see for themselves.”

Irey told WND he expects the Hawaii DOH at the last minute will do everything possible to prevent Taitz from getting access to the 1961 original Obama birth certificate, if it exists.

“Quite frankly, I doubt the Hawaii DOH has anything to show us,” Irey said skeptically, “and if we do see a document, my guess is that it will have been forged for the purpose of showing us something.”

Vogt and Irey repeatedly have told WND that if the Hawaii DOH had an original 1961 Obama birth certificate, the most credible thing to have done on April 27 would have been to release that document to the public for professional forensic examination by qualified independent professionals.

As displayed on her website, the July 5 subpoena granted Taitz by the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii allows her to examine the original 1961 Obama birth certificate on Aug. 8 at 10 a.m.:

Page 1 of Orly Taitz subpoena to Hawaii

Page 2 of Orly Taitz subpoena to Hawaii

Taitz’s subpoena was served upon Loretta Fuddy, director of the Hawaii Department of Health. Hawaii Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine is representing Fuddy.

Because Fuddy neglected to file opposition to the court-issued subpoena within the 14 days specified, the Hawaii DOH appears to have little recourse but to comply with the subpoena by producing the Obama original birth certificate for Taitz’s examination.

Taitz is planning to travel to the state agency, despite receiving no answer from Fuddy as to whether or not she intends to comply with the subpoena. Taitz put the question to Fuddy in a July 27 letter.

On July 15, Florence Stone, an interested citizen residing in Oregon, was told that Nagamine was on leave and that Fuddy had left the islands.

On April 27, the White House released hard copies and a PDF electronic file of the Obama birth certificate, a document numerous experts, including several in Adobe software, have charged to be a forgery.

Handed out at the White House press conference were paper copies of the Obama birth certificate that lacked the green security paper background seen in the PDF electronic version.

The White House claims to have a certified copy of the birth certificate that contains an embossed seal from the Hawaii Department of Health, a feature that is questionably present in the PDF file and not apparent in the paper copies the White House handed to reporters.

NBC reporter Savannah Guthriewas the only person at the April 27 White House press conference allowed to see the certified copyof the Obama document, feel the seal and take a picture of the document.

To date, the Hawaii Department of Health has kept whatever record of Obama’s birth that exists in its files in the agency’s vault. The department refuses to grant any requests to show the original document to the public or to allow independent forensic examiners to authenticate it.

Without access to the original document, dozens of traditionally trained court-authorized forensic document examiners approached by WND have refused to render an opinion.

Vogt, who describes himself as an expert in documents, typesetting, imaging, scanners and document imaging programs, has owned Archive Index Systems, a company specializing in the international marketing of scanner equipment and technology, since 1993.

WND previously reported, and laterexpanded on the report,that Irey has identified different sized and different shaped letters within the Obama birth certificate. Irey believes the letters used to compose the document came from more than one typewriter, which he considers “irrefutable proof” the Obama birth certificate released by the White House is a forgery.

Irey, a typesetting and typeface expert with 50 years of experience in the business, founded Bergan Graphics in Fort Lee, N.J., in 1967.

Taitz said the state’s “privacy” regulations should be ignored, as Obama already has released what the White House purported to be a copy of the document to the public.

The subpoena comes in a case she has developed in Washington, D.C., seeking the original application for Obama’s Social Security number, a document that could provide significant information about the president’s early life that relates to his eligibility.

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Royce Lamberthrejected a defense concern over procedure in the dispute. Taitz said the judge’s ruling moved the case into the discovery phase, in which she can issue subpoenas to those holding documentation she is seeking.

WND previously has reported on the issuethat Obamaholds a Connecticut-based Social Security numberdespite allegedly being born in Hawaii, starting his work career in the Aloha State and neverhaving lived in Connecticut.

The first three digits of a Social Security number indicate the state of the applicant’s mailing address. Obama’s number begins with 042, which falls within Connecticut’s range of 040 through 049.

The national news media have been virtually silent on this potentially criminal fact.Indeed, when Fox News finally attempted to explain it, the news networkbroadcast false informationand thenscrubbed the report from its website.

When WND asked the White House about the issue, then–Press SecretaryRobert Gibbs dodged the question.Taitz’ case,against Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue, explains that because of the numerous questions surrounding Obama’s eligibility, his birth certificate and his other records, a Freedom of Information Act request was submitted.According to a report in The Post & Email,the U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii had issued a subpoena that was served on the director of the Hawaii Department of Health.

The demand to Fuddy requires the “original 1961 typewritten birth certificate #10641 for Barack Obama … issued 08.08.1961, signed by Dr. David Sinclair, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama and registrar Lee, stored in the Health Department of the State of HI from 08081961 until now.”As WND has reported,there long have been concerns about the Social Security number.”There is obviously a case of fraud going on here,” says Ohio licensed private investigator Susan Daniels. ”

In 15 years of having a private investigator’s license in Ohio, I’ve never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii. There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly.”Does the Social Security Administration ever re-issue Social Security numbers?”Never,” Daniels told Corsi. “It’s against the law for a person to have a re-issued or second Social Security Number issued.”Daniels said she is “staking my reputation on a conclusion that Obama’s use of this Social Security Number is fraudulent.”

“A person who wants to hide their true identity often picks up the Social Security Number of a deceased person, thinking that nobody would ever look into it,” Daniels added. “I think it was sometime in the 1980s that Obama decided to hide who he really is.”There is no indication in the limited background documentation released by the Obama 2008 presidential campaign or by the White House to establish that Obama ever lived in Connecticut.

Nor is there any suggestion in Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” that he ever had a Connecticut address.Also, nothing can be found in the public record that indicates Obama visited Connecticut during his high-school years.An affidavit filed by Colorado private investigator John N. Sampson specifies that as a result of his formal training as an immigration officer and his 27-year career in professional law enforcement, “it is my knowledge and belief that Social Security Numbers can only be applied for in the state in which the applicant habitually resides and has their official residence.”

Daniels told WND she believes Obama had a different Social Security Number when he worked as a teenager in Hawaii prior to 1977. “I doubt this is President Obama’s originally issued Social Security number,” she told WND. “Obama has a work history in Hawaii before he left the islands to attend college at Occidental College in California, so he must have originally been issued a Social Security number in Hawaii.”The published record available about Obama indicates his first job as a teenager in Hawaii was at a Baskin-Robbins in the Makiki neighborhood on Oahu.

USA Today reported the ice-cream shop still was in operation one year after Obama’s inauguration.In April, some 11 months after WND began publicizing Obama’s Connecticut-based SSN, Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News Channel briefly addressed the issue while reading his viewer mail on the air.But the news anchor falsely asserted the president’s father lived in Connecticut.

In his viewer email segment April 13, O’Reilly was asked: “What about Obama having a Connecticut Social Security Number? He never lived there.””His father lived in Connecticut for several years,” O’Reilly claimed, adding that “babies sometimes get numbers based on addresses provided by their parents.” However, there is no evidence Barack Obama Sr. ever lived in Connecticut. He left Hawaii in 1962 to study at Harvard in Massachusetts and then returned to his home country of Kenya.When WND publicized O’Reilly’s error, the information vanished from the Fox News Channel’s website and

O’Reilly’s full explanation of the “truth” of Obama “myths” is here:

The website, responding to complaints by Fox podcast customers that O’Reilly’s Social Security claim, broadcast on Fox, had gone missing from the audio archive, trumpeted the headline: “Busted: Fox News scrubbed Bill O’Reilly’s 4/13 mailbag segment on Obama’s Social Security Number reserved for Connecticut applicants.”

The site added, “Not only did Fox News scrub the podcast, they also left out the viewer -email about Obama’s Social Security number at O’Reilly’s website. I report, you decide!”By Jerome R. Corsi
2011 WND

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