Argentina Supreme Court Connected To Convicted Felon George Soros’s Prostitution Operations!

Soros ~ Perverting The World One After Another Of Willing Participants!

A key asset of George Soros‘s British-directed “Opium War” against Ibero-America, Argentine Supreme Court Magistrate Eugenio Raul Zaffaroni, is embroiled in a growing scandal over the discovery that six of eleven apartments he owns in Buenos Aires have operated as whorehouses for the past five years. A “VIP” escort service operated from one of the apartments in the capital’s exclusive Recoleta district.

Drug-legalization advocate Zaffaroni is well known to the LaRouche movement. In August of 2009, members of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) confronted him as he addressed the Latin American Conference on Drug Policy, sponsored by Soros’s Open Society Institute, the British and Dutch embassies, and the Soros-sponsored and financed Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy (LACDD). The LYM denounced Zaffaroni as a proponent of British menticide and destruction of youth, as well as of Prince Phillip‘s Malthusian population reduction policies.

George Soros ~ Mr. Lucifer

The judge claims “not to have known” how his apartments were being used and that management of the properties was delegated to third parties. Some congressmen reject that argument and propose he be impeached for criminal negligence.

Among the “employees” at the six apartments were young women from Paraguay and the Dominican Republic who were “savagely exploited,” according to an NGO investigating the case. Neighbors who lived next to some of the apartments reported that whenever they complained to the police about loud noise and drunken behavior by some of the “clients,” they were told that the police could do nothing because “the apartment belongs to Zaffaroni.”


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