Largest Union In The U.S. ~ AFL-CIO Quits The Democrat Party: Issues Resolution They Will Be Independent in 2012 Elections!

AFL-CIO’s new policy and activity, Trumka said:

“We have listened hard, and what workers want is an independent labor movement that builds the power of working people — in the workplace and in political life …Our role is not to build the power of a political party or a candidate. It is to improve the lives of working families and strengthen our country.”

This morning, the State Convention of the New Jersey AFL-CIO voted up a resolution of support for the Glass-Steagall bill which has been introduced into the House of Representatives by Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), H.R. 1489. The full body, by a unanimous voice vote, approved the following resolution, which had been voted by its Executive Board the day before, June 13.

Joe Biden Makes The Judas Speech To The Citizens Of The United States.

The opposition is called “son of a bitches” at one Labor rally and “barbarians” at another rally. Here’s an angry Joe Biden at the AFL-CIO rally in Cincinnati just a short time ago

The Speech Is Hollow & Contemptuous, As Biden Histrionically Acts Innocent Of What He Has Done To This Nation. By Indebting  The American Taxpayer By $12.8 Trillion Behind The $700 Billion TARP, He Has Sold The Americans Out To TheBritish Banking System For Their NWO Scheme. The NWO Scheme Exists For One Purpose Only And That Is to Fraudulently Get Money From Other Nation States So As To Provide A Means For Them To Avoid Bankruptcy.

The Rothschild British Banking System Is For All Practical Purposes Currently Bankrupt.

Middle Class Vaporizes By Backdoor $12.8 Trillion Bailout Taxpayer Giveaway To The Rothschild Banks: AFL-CIO Chief Issues Warning & Resolutions To Democrats Stating They Will Be Supporting H.R. 1489 ~ Which Shuts Down International Banker‘s Ability To Invest Against Their Own Fraudulent Derivative Mortgages Sold To Americans ~ AFL-CIO Leaves TheDemocrat Party & Will Be Independent in 2012 Elections! 

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This action represents a powerful addition to the national mobilization underway to re-enact Glass-Steagall in the very short term, as the only means of adequately addressing the disastrous state of the U.S. economy, and the threat of a imminent total systemic financial breakdown crisis.

It should be noted that the New Jersey resolution includes a statement that the National AFL-CIO supports the Kaptur legislation.

The full text of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Executive Board Resolution follows:

Whereas, an effective money and banking system is essential to the functioning of the economy; and

Whereas, such a system must function in the public interest, without bias; and

Whereas, since 1933, the Federal Banking Act (known as Glass-Steagall) protected the public interest in matters dealing with the regulation of commercial and investment banking in addition to insurance companies and securities firms; and

Whereas, the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed in 1999 by Bill Clinton, permitting the financial industry to exploit the system for their own gain in disregard of the public interest; and

Whereas, the House of Representatigves and the Senate have been making efforts to restore the protections in the Glass-Steagall Act; and

Whereas, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur has introduced H.R. 1489 known as the “Return to Prudent Banking Act” and re-installing Glass-Steagall; and

Whereas, The National AFL-CIO supports this legislation:

Now Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Executive Board of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO supports the enactment of H.R. 1489 and urges members of the New Jersey Congressional Delegation in the House of Representatives and in the Senate to cosponsor and vote for this bill which will restore the protections of the Glass-Steagall Act; and

Be It Finally Resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to the New Jersey Congressional Delegation and congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

Glass-Steagall: H.R. 1489: Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2011


Here Is Another Excellent Attempt By The NWO Gangbangers At Bastardizing The Soverignty Of The Unite State’s Citizen And All Attempts By Americans To Uphold The Constitution.

MSNBC Hired Psychologist Stanton Peele On Tea Partiers: Analysis Of Tea Partiers Correlates With Vampire Movie ‘Blade Trinity’. Hilarious!

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