Bilderberg Group Stopped Selling Gasoline To Iran In 2010.

Obama Bilderberg Dlitism

WASHINGTON —Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich says the United States could “break Iran within a year” if allies worked together on a strategy instead of focusing on specific tactics.Gingrich says that ending gasoline sales to Iran and sabotaging its refineries would lead to regime change and end its nuclear ambitions.

Banker's Man For All Seasons ~ Newt Grossman Gingrich
Banker’s Man For All Seasons ~ Newt Grossman Gingrich

The former House speaker says the world must change regimes in Tehran before Iran acquires a nuclear weapon.Other Republican presidential candidates debating in Washington Tuesday night had different views of how to deal with Iran’s aggressive nuclear program.

Texas Bilderberg Gov. Rick Perry says he favors sanction on Iran’s central bank.

The Central Bank Of Iran is SOVEREIGN and The NWO must control all Central Banks in order for their global takeover to work or at least have a chance.

Libya was one of the last 5 countries remaining sovereign – they used the Gold Standard and this is why they were attacked.

Gadhafi’s gold backed currency was a deadly threat to Rothschild’s derivative ‘paper scheme’ aka; Keynesian Economics of fraud.

This interesting approach by ‘Rick Perry’ is a NWO Freudian slip and clearly outs this asshole as an American Traitor!

Its All About Going After The Central Banks Of The 5 Last Sovereign Nations. They already Got Iraq, They Got (1) Libya, Hezbollah Has Now Set Up Camp In (2) Cuba, They Need (3) Venezuela, But Hugo Just Ordered All His Gold & Silver Back To His Nation, They’re setting up (4) Iran as we speak, and (5) North Korea.

In Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign to radicalize the Middle East, will Syria fall next?

John McCain’s Rothschild Connection 1John McCain’s Rothschild Connection 2John McCain wants Syria real bad for his boss Rothschild.

The other interesting motive of attacking the Middle East Is Henry Kissinger’s T-Bills. Its all in this post: 

Businessman Herman Cain says he would support an Israeli military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities only if he were convinced it would work. Herman Cain is also a Rothschild Central Bank Crony and does not want The Private Federal Reserve AuditedSeattle Times

Obama's Nuremberg
Obama’s Nuremberg

Nuremberg Trial Of The National Socialists aka; Nazis:

Verdicts and Sentences

The indictments were for: