The NWO aka; Council On Foreign Relations Blew It , REVEALED Their Plans To Start World War 3!

Engaging In Constructive Murder For Rothschild Private Central Banking Scheme!

This guy General Wesley Clark revealed 2007 that US planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years INCLUDING Iran, Now november 14th 2011 he was on CNN saying how IRAN must be invaded. CNN blew it by showing this video cause now it is out in the open what they are doing.

The first part of the video shows Banker’s puppet General Wesley Clark, exposing the Iraq war as some kind of a Conspiracy in 2007. The second part of the video shows him employing this Conspiracy by supporting Obama in 2011.

Born To Be Wasted: Carrying The Brunt Of Rothschild Usury ~ U.S. Soldier, Middle Class, Disenfranchised, Disabled, & The Young.

Death Toll For United States Military Power: Defense Secretary Gates Excised $178 Billion & Obama To Excise Another $400 Billion ~ Leaving America Naked! 

Iraq War During Clinton’s Administration 1998 This Was Well Before Any Bush So Called Intelligence Reports.

But The Reality IS, IS that They Are All Working Together.