New Hampshire Lawmakers Require Obama To Produce Vault Long Form Birth Certificate.

Ibrahim Lincoln

Yesterday, a valiant judge in Georgia did what all previous Obama eligibility judges had refused to. Michael Malihi, Deputy Chief Judge of the Administrative Court in Georgia, ruled in four eligibility cases that Obama’s motion to dismiss is denied. This means Obama will have to stand trial and prove his eligibility for office.

At the same time, three New Hampshire state legislators — Representatives Laurence Rappaport, Carol Vita, and Lucien Vita — delivered an affidavit to the NH Attorney General Michael Delaney’s office regarding their belief that the people of New Hampshire had been “defrauded” by Obama. In the press conference that followed the delivery of their affidavit, Rep. Rappaport said:

  • The affidavit states the three had met with AG Delaney in 2009 to ask him investigate Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be President, specifically whether he indeed is a “natural born” U.S. citizen. That term is understood to mean both parents must be U.S. citizens at the time of the child’s (Obama’s) birth. But Delaney demurred, saying that Obama’s eligibility is a “federal matter.”
  • More recently, on November 18, 2011, the three state representatives had met with NH’s Ballot Law Commission to review their complaint about Obama being on the state’s primary ballot. But the Commission denied their appeal on the grounds that it is not in their purview to determine whether a person on the state’s ballot is a natural born citizen.
  • However, the Commission at best is inconsistent (and at worst, is covering up for Obama) in that on two occasions — November 15, 2007 and July 19, 2011 — the Commission had disqualified two individuals from being on the ballot because the two men are not natural born citizens. And yet both the Ballot Law Commission and the Attorney General continue to refuse to look into whether Obama is qualified.