McCain’s Council On Foreign Relations: The Banker’s Seditious Hidden Government In New York.

Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, & The List Of Those In The Hidden Government.

The Council on Foreign Relations runs the United States government and has done so since before it was born, which was, for the record, in 1921.  The same people who were its first members were the controllers of Woodrow Wilson from 1913 until his incapacity which began with the flu in 1919, then worsened by a stroke.  Wilson’s inability to perform his presidential duties was hidden from the public.  He did the United States severe damage on behalf of the Rothschild banking cartel. The damage he did to Russia and Europe generally cannot be calculated.  Perhaps his realization of what he had done contributed to his stroke, based on remarks he made about having betrayed his country.

Wilson’s treachery to humanity was crowned by his efforts to create a totalitarian world government in the aftermath of his world war.  The American people through their representatives rejected the League of Nations which Wilson’s handlers expected him to achieve for them.  The angry handlers realized they had not prepared the American people properly for their own downfall.  The handlers started the Council on Foreign Relations.

The CFR was formed in order to put the US under a world government.

It is not possible to exaggerate the control of the US government by this private group headquartered in Manhattan.  Its membership has grown considerably to over four thousand today and includes politicians, professors, military officers, psychiatrists and movie stars.  But most importantly it includes bankers and financiers, the ones who actually make US policy.

The CFR’s spokesmen pretend to play down the central role of the club to the public.  Its members, though, pledge allegiance to the club whenever they speak.  Dick Cheney addressed his fellow members thus:  “It’s good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations.  As Pete [Peterson] mentioned, I’ve been a member for a long time, and was actually a director for some period of time.  I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for reelection back home in Wyoming.”  (Sardonic laughter by CFR audience)

Hillary Clinton gushed recently, “Thank you very much, Richard [Haass], and I’m delighted to be here in these new headquarters.  I have been often to, I guess, the mother ship in New York City, uh, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here, down the street, from the State Department.  Uh, we get a lot of advice from the Council so this will mean I won’t have this far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”

She was referring to the recently established DC headquarters of the CFR at 1777 F Street, NW.  This historic old building is one block from the White House.

The CFR in DC describes itself thus:  “The Council on Foreign Relations’ Washington DC office is a growing and multifaceted presence in the nation’s capital.  Our goal is to use CFR’s convening power and intellectual resources to inform not only our members, but also Congress, the administration, the media, and the business community.”

Convening power.  Do a search on those words.  America and the world are on the brink of financial and physical destruction only because the CFR has been using its convening power and intellectual resources to inform not only its members, but also Congress, the administration, the media and the business community.  They say “inform” but they mean “run.”

The mother ship is of course the actual headquarters at 58 E. 68th Street in Manhattan.  There’s also one in Chicago at 116 S. Michigan Avenue.  All three death houses must be blown up.  We don’t need to save them as museums of mass death.  They must be demolished.

Here’s the latest reason why:  A CFR scribe named Matthew Kroenig has just released a CFR essay entitled, “Time to Attack Iran.”  You don’t need to read it, obviously; you know what it says.  The point is that the CFR is officially demanding that Obama direct the US military to wage total war on Iran.

The Council on Foreign Relations is the Rothschild’s invisible ministry of war.  Before the Rockefeller brothers, before the CFR, there was an evil little man named Edward Mandel House, who was the chief Rothschild operative in the US.  He’d honed his king-making skills in Texas before his assignment to find a suitable Democratic candidate for the 1912 presidential election.  He came up with a pompous professor and governor of New Jersey, Woodrow Wilson, who was susceptible to House’s flattery and his ability to get things done.

Wilson was the perfect patsy.  Before his first year was up, House had put America back under a Rothschild central bank and a graduated income tax.  This was followed by starting an international war in Europe, arranging for America to enter the war, creating an international government and arranging for America to submit to that government.

This was all based on an incredibly bad little novel entitled, Philip Dru: Administrator, written in 1911, the year House discovered Wilson.  It was published just after the 1912 election of Wilson, possible only because Teddy Roosevelt split the Republican vote for William Howard Taft, persuaded to run by House.  For the next fourteen years no one knew who wrotePhilip Dru: Administrator.  It was finally admitted in 1926 by Charles Seymour, the editor of House’s Intimate Papers, that Philip Dru: Administrator was written by Colonel House, who was a colonel like Colonel Sanders.  He’d been given the title by Texas governor James Hogg for no apparent reason.

It had been rumored that House was the author but it was so subversive and destructive of the American way of life at that time that the truth could not be admitted for years.  House, however, had given a copy to young Franklin D. Roosevelt, his new protégé, in 1918.

The character Philip Dru was a West Point officer who resigned his commission due to ill health to become a social worker and community organizer in New York’s Lower East Side for five years.  Dru’s “purpose was not so much to give individual help as to formulate some general plan and to work upon those lines.”  Dru comes out of this experience as a military leader of the rebellion against a corrupt national government to become “administrator to the Republic,” that is, dictator of the United States, and then later of one quarter of the world, and finally, in cooperation with the British, the rest of the world.  He then, once the world government is set up, retires to study the Russian language.

Barack Obama, the CIA mystery man and protégé of Zbigniew Brzezinski, a community organizer from the Chicago slums with seemingly no verifiable personal history, appears to match the character of Philip Dru better than anyone so far.

Does anyone know how Communism started, how it took over Russia and exterminated scores of millions of normal people?  It was started by the US government while it was run by Colonel Edward Mandel House during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

There were about 350 Russian Jews (Mensheviks) holed up in New York’s Lower East Side in 1917.  They were led by a Jew named Lev Bronstein, who had changed his name, as Jews often do, to Leon Trotsky.  Colonel House arranged for these Communists to be put on a ship in New York and transported to St. Petersburg to meet up with another Jew named Vladimir I. Ulyanov, also with the fake name Nikolai Lenin.  The Jews swore for decades that Lenin was not a Jew but declassified Soviet documents have revealed the truth, that the most horrifying sadism against humanity was directed by and committed by Jews.  These guys were not Semitic but Central Asian.  Their forebears had converted en masse to Judaism.  Old Testament and Talmudic Judaism authorized the mass slaughter, torture and disappearance of millions of Russians and other peoples in the Jewish “workers’ paradise” now known as the Soviet Union.

The way that House put the Communists in charge of Russia was as follows:  The ship, the SS Kristianafiord, pulled into Halifax, Canada en route to Russia.  The Canadians arrested the Jews.  Why?  Because they realized what the plan of Colonel House was, to have these revolutionaries take over the new Russian democratic government and cut a deal with Germany, who would be sending Lenin and 165 of his Bolsheviks (128 Jews) holed up in Zurich, Switzerland on a protected German army train to St. Petersburg to meet with Trotsky.  The Canadians knew that if these Communists pulled Russia out of the war on the Eastern Front that hundreds of thousands of German soldiers could go over to the Western Front and fight Canadians and British and French soldiers.  They knew that Trotsky represented the deaths of Canadians, and found that House had provided Trotsky with a US passport and that he had ten thousand dollars “from German sources.”

We really need to appreciate the time frame of this conspiracy against Russia.  Wilson declared war against Germany on April 6, 1917.  Ten days earlier, March 26, Trotsky and his Menshevik Communists left New York with House’s help.  Ten days after Wilson’s declaration of war, April 16, the Germans put Lenin and his Bolshevik Communists on the train for Stockholm and St. Petersburg.    On the very same day, President Wilson ordered the Canadians to allow the Trotsky gang to resume their cruise to St. Petersburg, or Petrograd.  As we know, Trotsky and Lenin took over the Russian government and created the Soviet dictatorship and signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany, ending the war on the Eastern Front.

So, we have an American president collaborating with Germany to take Russia out of the war so that Germans could concentrate on fighting American soldiers on the Western Front now that the American president had declared war on Germany at the very same time!  This is called “giving aid and comfort to an enemy in time of war,” our official definition of treason.

As successful as this treachery against Russia and Europe had been, the main idea was to create the world government and force America to submit to it.  We should be grateful that the American people were as aware of the danger as they were back then, instructing their elected representatives to reject the League of Nations.  This rejection infuriated Wilson’s handlers, mainly Colonel House and the Dulles brothers, who began in 1919 to form a group that would create conditions for a more terrible world war and an irresistible world government.  The CFR was born two years later and within only eighteen years not only created World War II but got America to fight it to the deaths of about sixty million people around the world, culminating with the dropping of two Jewish hell-bombs on innocent civilians.

Just as they had done following WWI, the handlers provided another world government following WWII.  The United Nations created the State of Israel in 1948 and took us to war against North Korea and China in 1950, pretty remarkable achievements for a “peace organization.”  All of the UN members were of course also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The CFR members arranged for a stalemate with the Communists and a permanent occupation of South Korea.

CFR members put us at war with North Vietnam and made sure that we lost that war to the Communists.

CFR members made policies that shut down our industries and transferred them to Communist China, from which we must import most of our goods.

CFR members have created a new country here out of Canada, America and Mexico they call the North American Union.  CFR members will of course be the government of this new country.

CFR members were the ones who lied to us about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and are the ones lying to us about Iran’s weapons of mass destruction.

CFR members are saying that America must attack Iran and that millions of Iranians should be slaughtered, just as millions of Iraqis and Afghans have been slaughtered on the orders of CFR members.

CFR members have made nightmare laws that call for the rounding up and disappearance of millions of Americans for no legal reason.  The members have turned the military against the American people.  This is the main reason that the CFR must be destroyed and all members of the criminal syndicate executed for crimes against humanity, crimes against peace and specifically for treason against the American people.

CFR members are the most dangerous and treacherous people in America.  The membership is reportedly 70% Jewish but has always been a function of the Rothschild banking cartel of London, Paris and Frankfurt.

The CFR is behind Agenda 21 and the FEMA concentration camps and the deadly parasite state of Israel and the trafficking of drugs into America, not to mention the War on Drugs that has put millions of harmless Americans behind bars and billions in drug money and prison money into CFR banks.

We shall either wipe out the Council on Foreign Relations or we shall die at its hands, as hundreds of millions of people have done for all of the 20th Century since the CFR’s inception, and now for all of the 21st Century thus far.  The CFR is dedicated to the deaths of billions of people in a depopulation program first enunciated by the CFR’s Henry Kissinger in the 1970s and then by David Rockefeller and other CFR members and directors.

Every war that the CFR has designed, and that is virtually every war since 1914, has produced mega-death.  The CFR is now demanding that Iran be attacked, which again will result in mega-death, not to mention catastrophic oil prices which will shut down the United States’ already crippled economy.

The CFR is made up of extremely malignant people – people who have no problem with the deaths of millions of normal people who mind their own business.  These malignant people must be removed from this earth because they have proven themselves deadly and toxic beyond description.

The membership list should be studied and the malignant ones neutralized before they can order the deaths of millions of Americans and millions of other people who mean us no harm.

Edward Mandel House, whose British father raised him “to know and serve England,” set in motion a mass murder machine that even he probably underestimated.  The levels of murder he unleashed by sending Trotsky to Russia are really beyond human comprehension, followed by the Chinese exterminations by that CFR henchman, Mao Tse-tung.  This is what happens when sadists and psychopaths are sponsored by “the civilized governments.”

Revolution means the overthrow of first the invisible government of the Council on Foreign Relations, followed by the overthrow of the visible federal government.  If it is tried in reverse order, the invisible government would remain in power and the revolution will fail.  If the CFR is taken out first, the federal government will collapse with its head cut off.

It should take less than a year to locate and remove the four thousand or so members of the CFR, an operation by a combination of civilian and military members of the resistance.  The three CFR buildings must be taken down.  The other subversive organizations having interlocking relationships with the CFR will also be reduced to nothingness.  But the first and most urgent action must be against the most destructive group in world history, the Council on Foreign Relations.



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