Weekend Reflections: Elite Politicians Subversing The Sovereignty Of The United States People

In a previous post (Why GOP leadership doesn’t ring true) I alluded to Former GOP Majority Leader Dick Armey’s infamous boasting about how “When I was Republican leader, I saw to it that Tom Tancredo could not get on a stage because I saw how destructive he was.” Armey called Tancredo destructive because of his strong stand for border security, and his support for stemming the tide of illegal immigration.

In today’s Featured Link Congressman Tancredo thoroughly refutes Armey’s slur, including his charge that seeking to secure the nation’s borders will cost the GOP the Hispanic vote. As Tancredo rightly points out, “All the evidence says just the opposite is true, but hey, the truth is not as sexy and won’t make headlines.” Of course, since border security is essential to the defense of the United States the question arises: If GOP leaders like Dick Armey are willing to sacrifice the nation’s security to win votes from Hispanic extremistswho don’t care about it; don’t they deserve to lose the support of all the patriotic Americans who do?

The GOP lost control of the Congress in 2006 precisely because, on issues vital to America’s survival (like budget discipline, border security and enforcement of our immigration laws) voters in the party’s support base revolted against the GOP’s cynical willingness to sacrifice the nation’s vital interests in their heedless ambition to get Republicans re-elected. But when Dick Armey flaunts his successful practice of repression he reveals to all what some of us have known from repeated experience for a long time: just like the Obama Democrats, GOP leaders arrogantly subvert the constitutional sovereignty of the people in order to hold on to political power. Here’s the thinking that leads to this conclusion?

, member of the United States House of Represe...
Tom Tancredo

Armey says he abused his position as Majority leader to repress Tom Tancredo’s views because Tancredo was “destructive.” But can someone be destructive if they have no impact? If what they say is simply goofy and ridiculous, won’t audiences simply laugh them off the stage? Obviously, Armey took pains to repress Tancredo’s voice because Tancredo spoke to and for the majority of Americans who want America’s borders defended, and the laws regulating immigration enforced.

When Armey, and GOP leaders like him, act against outspoken leaders like Tom Tancredo, they do so in order to deprive the majority of a voice. Without a voice, they cannot express their political will. If they cannot express their will, it cannot be heard and or carried out. If it is not heard and carried out, the American people are effectively deposed from the position of political authority they are supposed to exercise as citizens of a constitutional republic. (Q.E.D.)

As I write these words, GOP leaders in the Congress are decrying the open assault on constitutional self-government the Obama faction has launched in order to ram the government takeover of health care down the throats of an outraged majority of the American people. But the Obama faction’s repression of their opponents on this issue is simply the legislative counterpart of the repression GOP leaders like Armey boastfully perpetrate against their opponents on issues like border security and immigration.

The GOP leaders seek to deprive the people of leaders who express their will. The Democrats seek to shield from scrutiny the leaders who vote to betray their will. In either case, what they actually repress is the sovereignty of the American people. And what they really aim to secure is a form of government in which the people can no longer act with authority because they have been deprived of the voices needed to express their will, or the accountability needed to enforce it come election time.

As I indicated in my previous posting, my firsthand experience amply verifies the commitment to political repression evident in Dick Armey’s prideful boasting. In my experience, however, the ultimate target of repression is the view, expressed in America’s founding creed, that the people’s right to government based upon the consent of the governed is grounded in the sovereignty of the Creator God.

The elite subversives who control both political parties practice repression on particular issues in order to deprive the people of their sovereign right of self-government. But they repress voices that remind people of its foundational principle (i.e., the existence and authority of God) in order to assault and break the good faith of their hearts. Without that they will surely lose the courage to assert and defend their God-given right. This is why we must above all bear witness to its truth, as long as there is hope that anyone will hear us. And there is always hope, for God is listening.