Ron Paul Educating Americans On Foreign Policy And Defense.

Ron Paul clips on foreign policy, and the blowback effect from interventionism:

The 9/11 Commission report said it, the CIA operatives who were most responsible for tracking bin Laden said it, and Ron Paul was the one who predicted the whole mess.

Jesus came to bring a spiritual war for the minds, hearts, and souls of men, to conquer them through his infinite love, demonstrated in his death, and demonstrating victory over sin and lack of love and even death and hell itself. “Neither do I condemn thee”, and he “came not to condemn the world..but that the world through him might be saved”.

Jesus Christ said “neither do I condemn thee” to the woman caught in adultery, and he demonstrated that all the people who claim to follow the law, and all the ones who claim that God expected us to follow the law in ANY “dispensation”, are hypocrites when he wrote in the sand and challenged every one of those self-righteous hypocrites with their own sins in their own hearts.

That’s right. Then many churches and preachers turn around and throw that lesson away wanting to legislate sin out of existence. Not gonna happen.

That’s why we should get the state out of the marriage business. A license? Permission from the state to marry?

If you don’t want to subject yourself to the whims of your neighbor to tell you what to do, or how much money he should let you keep, then get the government out of your business too!