Democrat Senators Meeting At Convicted Felon George Soros’s CAP ~ ‘Center For American Progress For Rothschild Banks’

CAP is the Center for American Progress, headed by John Podesta. The think tank is funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros and is inextricably tied to the Obama administration — and recent coordinated efforts to bring down conservative talk giant Rush Limbaugh and other prominent conservatives.

Podesta previously served as former Democratic Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle’s counselor and has helped staff the Obama administration with many CAP alumni. One CAP fellow, Hugo Chavez-admiring radical Mark Lloyd, has attacked conservative talk radio and is now the FCC’s “Diversity Czar.” CAP was the lead organization in the Health Care Action Now coalition, the Astroturfed “grass-roots” lobbying group for Obama’s health care takeover legislation run out of 1825 K Street in Washington, D.C. with a $40 million budget.

CAP is also the parent group of Think Progress, the far Left website that led the smear campaign against fiscal conservative activists who protested at congressional town halls three years ago. Several CAP alumni spearheaded the Obamacare push at the Department of Health and Human Services, including special HHS assistant Michael Halle and HHS director Jeanne Lambrew, a former senior fellow at the Center for American Progress who worked on health policy in the Clinton Administration. CAP/HCAN also transported protesters to the private homes of health care executives to bully them over the public option — even as many health care executives line the pockets of Obama administration officials and allies lobbying on their behalf.

Nice 1 percent-er work if you can get it.