Weekend Reflections: Mexicans Behead More People Than The Muslims!

Here is an MSNBC recent headline on more beheading in Mexico just a few miles from the American border. Over the past year there have been more beheadings in Mexico than in the vast area reaching from Pakistan to across the entirety of the Mideast and northern Africa, but there has been very little publicity on this in our controlled media.

Yet, we have Americans fighting and dying half way across the world for Israel’s strategic interests, rather than for the real security of the United States. America is literally being invaded right here at home. The real threat to America was never in Afghanistan or Iraq or Iran, it was and is right here on our own border. In fact, America would have no terrorist threat at all against us except for the fact that American foreign policy has been completely hijacked by Israel and extremist Jews who dominate media, international finance, and politics.

They have supported Israeli terrorism against the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Syrians and other Mideastern peoples. They have the most powerful lobby in Congress and provide the lion share of political campaign funds in America.

In addition to this, their media power can be used to demonize any candidate who dares to stand up for America rather than Israel. At the same time it supports politicians who have betrayed America to Israel, a nation that has committed terrorism against us such as in the Lavon Affair and the attack on the USS Liberty, and who has spied on us such as in the Pollard Spy Case! Bring our troops home now and deploy them along the Mexican-American border!

Dr. David Duke