Breaking: Rothschild’s City Of London ‘PAPER’ Banking Cabal Implodes: But The Rothschild GOLD Reset Is Just Beginning!

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild by Derry Moore, 12th Earl of Drogheda

Note: The Bank of England is Rothschild. It is, like the Federal Reserve (co-owned by blood-line families along with the Rothschilds) , anything but Government owned, despite its official sounding name.  All central banks are Rothschild owned but (I believe Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Iceland, Cuba, Venezuela, & North Korea).  The BIS is also a Rothschild enterprise.

Putin Removed Rothschild From Russia In 2006.

Iceland Revolution Continues: 9 Rothschild/Rockefeller Self Proclaimed Global Elites Arrested For Iceland’s Financial Collapse Of 2008.

The City of London Banking Cabal Implodes

CEO Bob Diamond
Things are moving so fast in the UK now I don’t think even I can keep up with it. I found this interesting web site at The Guardian that is updating the news in realtime so rather than re-write all this coming out, I’m just going to direct you to this amazing URL directly:

Barclays blames ‘senior Whitehall figures’ for Libor scandal
as Bob Diamond resigns – live feed

Barclays briefs media on CEO’s departure – 3.25pm onwards
COO Jerry Del Missier also resigns – full details
United Kingdom’s Barclay ~ At The Center Of NWO Banker’s Scandal.

Barclays Wealth 2011 UK Wealth Map


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Reading The Tea Leaves:

1) For many years the banking cabal has dominated the U.S. Military.

2) For many years their goal was to implant Rothschild central banks into those countries they attacked under the auspices of “humanitarian”. They used the CIA to construct “false flag” terrorism as their excuse to attack for banking world domination. This was all illegal and violates our Constitution. Main players were John McCain, Joseph Lieberman, Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham was blackmailed.

3) Rothschild has now “lost” traces of “derivative values” to banking scheme by “spreading the debt” though out the world by “false flag” bailouts”?

4) George Soros was the “Operative” in constructing “false flag” scenarios for bailouts, which also produced “inside trading” mechanism to invest against “shorting” against the “host country” thus making “billions” during a crisis.

Soros is the one responsible for the bankruptcy of Greece by selling them junk bonds.

A few days ago Panos Kamenos published on his personal page in the social media Facebook documentsusing which he aims to demonstrate the relation of the younger brother of the former Greek Prime Minister Andrikos Papandreou with companies that bet on the Greek bankruptcy. According to the Member of the Parliament, the Foundation Institute for climate and energy, whose chairman is the brother of George Papandreou, was involved in a network for providing “inside information” to companies who will earn huge amounts of money if Greece goes bankrupt.

He wrote that the member of the Foundation Jeffrey D. Sachs, whose last name amazingly resembles the name of the investment fund Goldman Sachs, operates in the same field of activity. “Look closely at the members of the board, headed by Andrikos. In the coming days you will find out who each one of them is and what his relationship is with the companies that sell inside information, with the foundations owned by friends of George Papandreou, George Soros, with companies that stake on the bankruptcy of Greece and with the “wise advisors” who are responsible for the propaganda, such as Jeffrey D. Sachs. We have to break the criminal silence. Spread this information. This is the only way we can prevent the handing of the country into the hands of speculators”, he urges his electronic friends.

On the website of the Institute for climate and energy security, it really is indicated that Andrikos Papandreou is the founder and chairman. Among the board members is also listed the economist Jeffrey D. Sachs.

Convicted Felon George Soros Creeping Around Our Nation: Told Obama To ‘Nationalize’ US Banks By Exorbitant Forced ‘Bailouts’.

God Bless Russia’s President Putin: Blocking Of Obama & The Rothschild Banking Cabal.

Breaking -> United State’s New Hero ~ Vladimir Putin: Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For Rothschild Henchman & Leftist Savior George Soros!

During the “false flag” crisis events in Europe, Middle East, & Africa the Rothschild cabal has been hoarding their Gold. Massive amounts of gold has been absconded to London from especially Libya after they murdered Gaddafi. Rothschilds Wants Iran’s Banks: Rothschild Obtained Iraq’s Central Bank, Rothschild Obtained Muammar Gaddafi Gold ~ Syria & Iran Next Using U.S. Military Machine!

5) Next move after absconding the Gold and Driving down the Silver prices by paper ‘derivatives’ (shorts) they now want the Glass Steagall Act which will block Banks from Casino-ing (fascism) nation states with Bank/Corporate wealth (which is an unfair advantage to nation state citizens).

6) So are they going to reap the wealth of this “world crisis” by hiding their (unjust ‘vacuous derivatives by false flag bailouts upon nation states to pay off through taxes) to then enact Glass Steagall with their (unjust hoarding of massive Gold thus setting the standard for currency exchanges now upon GOLD)?

7) Whatever transpires as far as justice is concerned, one may now want to purchase PHYSICAL silver & Gold. One may want to now, get rid of any electronic/paper backed investments and delve into real PHYSICAL precious metals. Rothschild’s Federal Reserve in the U.S. contains 5.5 trillion dinars (IQD) from jump starting the Iraq currency in 2003 with USD. Dinars should revalue soon and one may want to consider buying PHYSICAL dinars.

8) The Rothschild Federal Reserve is out of a job with the U.S. at the end of 2012, this is why all this “crisis mongering” started up in ernest in 2008. They wanted to prepare for a global reset to the GOLD standard – this was their end game all along. So hoarding all the gold/silver that you can maybe a good idea!

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Holding The “Silver Circle”.

The Silver Circle Movie

BREAKING WORLD NEWS: Globalists Have Called For Glass-Steagall?

The banking gambling scheme was outlawed by Franklin Delanore Roosevelt through The Glass Steagall Act and then made legal again by Billy Clinton in 1999 when he repealed The Glass Steagall Act.

  1. America’s Antidote & Powerful Tools To Bankrupt Rothschild Banksters: Silver, Glass Steagall Act H.R. 1489, & The 25th. Amendment!