Boycott London Olympics Ritual July 27, 2012: A Bonanza Of Luciferian Esoteric Subliminals


London 2012 Olympic logo

The LOGO above is supposed to represent “2012” BUT, it also represents ZION.

If 2012 why the dotted i ?

The 2012 Olympics in London. A striking celebration, which celebrates all kinds of sports. But like FIFA Cup, is a satanic ritual that takes place without people’s knowledge of this celebration. But we see as the government itself is pulled in the middle.

Iran has threatened to boycott the London Olympics unless the organisers replace the official logo, which Tehran claims spells out the word “Zion”.

The logo, a jagged representation of the year 2012, has been said by its critics to resemble many things, from a swastika to a sexual act, but the Iranian government argues it represents a veiled pro-Israeli conspiracy.

In a formal complaint to the International Olympic Committee, Tehran has called for the graphic to be replaced and its designers “confronted”, warning that Iranian athletes might otherwise be ordered to stay away from the London Games.

The people want the Olympics, but the greedy Illuminati find it a perfect, most opportune, & delicious time to bastardize it by transposing subliminal illuminati symbols throughout. Thus their attempt at conditioning the masses. Are we awake yet?

 But you have dishonored the poor man. Is it not the rich who oppress you, is it not they who drag you into court?

James 2:6

Notice the light mounts being erected on the upper edge of the stadium.

According to the state-backed Iranian Students News Agency, which is frequently used to convey official pronouncements, the letter says: “As internet documents have proved, using the word Zion in the logo of the 2012 Olympic Games is a disgracing action and against the Olympics’ valuable mottos.

“There is no doubt that negligence of the issue from your side may affect the presence of some countries in the Games, especially Iran which abides by commitment to the values and principles.”

The letter, from the country’s national Olympic committee, leaves unclear what “internet documents” it is referring to.

Amid the popular uproar that accompanied the unveiling of the logo in 2007, there were some claims, particularly on conspiracy-oriented websites, that its constituent shapes could be rearranged to make the world “Zion” and some animations were posted on YouTube showing how to do it.

An IOC official confirmed that the Iranian letter had been received but said: “The London 2012 logo represents the figure 2012, nothing else.”

A spokesman for the London Olympic organising committee added: “It was launched in 2007  following testing and consultation. We are surprised that this complaint has been made now.”

This Is Continual Usurpation/Distortion Of Theism In The Human Psyche’ By The Globalists Using Subliminal Symbology. Their Ultimate Goal Is To Instill A New Pagan Religion/NWO For Maleable People Farming By The (elites) Banking Cabal.

“For the love of money is the root of all evils, and some people in their desire for it have strayed from the faith and have pierced themselves with many pains” (1 Tm 6:10). St. Paul is indeed warning us that the “love of money” — and not money itself — can, if we are not careful, drive us away from the faith and God.

Can Anyone Say



Burning Man Pagan Rituals In Nevada, USA ~ Here is one of their Doctrines:  “It is common for Christians to reference the foremost activity and action of God as giving gifts to humanity. Particularly as we see God’s gift in the face of His Son Jesus.
But, Burning Man is calling us to be more than voices about someone else’s great gift. Burning Man is calling us to be gift givers ourselves.”

Burning Man

  1. The 2012 Super Bowl NWO Ritual

Rothschild’s Banking Cabalists See Themselves As People Farmers Who Usurp The Established Holy Bible For Their Pagan Symbology Of Ishtar And Numerology by 11. This is their contrived New Religion for all, making control easier for their pocket books.

If you believe it is all coincidence, just watch the mascots.

Now Tell Me, WTF Do Elementary One Eyed Mascots Have To Do With The Olympics?


One Eye. The All-Seeing Eye.

Stratford in London, is to become host to the Olympic village, which is undergoing massive regeneration due to the project. The site was claimed to be the last area of suitable waste land in London. Pretty lucky eh? Or maybe it was left alone for years for this very reason! I choose the latter.

And so… to the point. Take a look at the Olympic site with the Google Maps road view. On a first glance it looks like any other map view, but persevere… take a closer look at the road names (click to enlarge):

You will find that the entire site of the Olympic Village is surrounded by somewhat biblical and mystical road names. The New Jerusalem you ask?

The Roads

1. East Cross Route (actually the A12 or A’20’12) : ref. “The Eastern Cross”
The Eastern Orthodox cross (also known as Crux Orthodoxa, the Byzantine cross, the Eastern cross, and the “Russian” cross) can be considered a modified version of the Patriarchal cross, having two smaller crossbeams, one at the top and one near the bottom, in addition to the longer crossbeam. Notice how the East Cross Route is also an A road – numbered A12.

Given the UK has hundreds of A roads, what’s the likelihood that of all roads, the A’20’12 intersects the Olympic site?

Pause for a second and think about the shape of the letter A… yes it’s a pyramid with a capstone. So symbolically the only major road which ‘crosses’ the Olympic site, is the A(Pyramid) (20)12.

2. Carpenter’s Road : ref. “Joseph”
Joseph’s profession is described in the Gospels as a τεκτων, a Greek word for a variety of skilled craftsmen, but Christian tradition has him as a “carpenter”.

3. Great Eastern Road : ref. Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization in the world that both men and women can join. It was established in 1850 by Rob Morris, a lawyer and educator who had been an official with the Freemasons.

Logo Of The Order Of The Eastern Star

As you can see the emblem for the “Order Of The Eastern Star” is a pentagram – similar to that found on the UK Passport. An acknowledgement of the pagan deity Satan / Saturn.

4. Angel Lane : ref. Angel Gabriel / The Holy Spirit

Angels visit Joseph and Mary. Angels announced Christ’s birth to Mary and Joseph. The angel Gabriel visited Mary in Nazareth. She was engaged to Joseph. Gabriel told Mary she would give birth to the Son of God. Mary was a virgin. Gabriel told her God’s power would make the conception possible. Gabriel said, “Nothing will be impossible with God”.

5. Temple Mills Lane

Temple Mills were water mills belonging to the Knights Templar – “The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.

6. Church Road
Although not shown on the above map (but please do look in Google), the road on the north east perimeter of the complex takes it’s name from the Christian place of worship, a church.

The Location – Ley Lines
The Olympics 2012 site is situated between Leyton and Leytonestone. The “Ley” found in their names originates from the term ‘Ley lines’.

For those who are in the dark:

Ley lines, or Leys, are alignments of ancient sites stretching across the landscape. Ancient sites or holy places may be situated in a straight line ranging from one or two to several miles in length. A ley may be identified simply by an aligned placing of marker sites, or it might be visible on the ground for all or part of its length by the remnants of an old straight track.
Our ancestors knew that ley lines, earth grids and vortexes were energy sources and centers that were to be considered holy.

A “Ley Line” is one a number of lines which form part of an energy grid which cross the Earth. The energy – metaphysical in nature.
So is there any documentary proof that ‘Ley lines’ cross near Leyton and Leytonestone? You bet there is…
The bender site, and the old yew tree in it, were the short-lived heart of Leytonstonia, decorated with a kerb-henge, a replica of Stonehenge made with kerbstones. (Some talked of the significance of the names Leyton and Leytonstone, of their relation to ley lines more generally, as though this might explain the energy of the protest sites. A brickhenge was made at Clarement Road, halfway between Leyton and Leytonstone.)

The Olympics site lies in an area synonymous with mystical – metaphysical – earth energy. Is this yet another coincidence or part of a plan for the 2012 Olympics which was put into motion way before the event was officially finalized?


It seems the Olympics 2012 site was picked for reasons which go far beyond that of ‘spare waste land’. The roads which encompass the site, contain biblical and Masonic references, lying dormant for years, as if to become part of some majestic ritual.
And if that wasn’t enough, a new construction intersecting ‘Angel Lane’ looks to be forming a grand procession.
In the BBC interview “It will be a lasting legacy” with Jean Pickering, the former Olympic bronze medallist was quoted as saying:

I remember running along Angel Lane to get the train to work and hearing all the market stall holders cheering me on.That’s true East End spirit.

References to ‘lasting legacy’, ‘Angel Lane’, and ‘true spirit’ sound ominous to me, given our ‘Zion’ street maps.

Britain’s spiritual landmarks – Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor and Avebury, all rest upon ‘ley lines’ (areas of intense earth energy). Could it be any more bewildering that they have chosen such a site for our Olympic games? And that it just so happened to be vacant for the occasion?
To close I would like to end with a reference from the Bible. Note the chapter and verse numbers.

Mark 11:11 “Then Jesus went into Jerusalem and into the temple and looked around at everything. Since it was already late, he went out with his twelve disciples to Bethany.”
But in my opinion, something will happen here, it will be suspended these Olympics.
As the movie 2012 says. The Olympics of 2012 have been canceled.
It might not happen, but Hollywood movies tells you the reality mixed with fantasy, but always becomes reality in some way or another.
  1. The Mayans said that in 2012 is the end of the world as we know it. The fact of the matter as I said, is the end of our called “freedom.”
  2. In 2012 will be the beginning for me, the New World Order. It all fits when choosing the date of September 11, 2001. When the control over humanity began to show. Presumably because of a man named Osama Bin Laden. Which had nothing to do, but was prepared by the government of the United States.
  3. You!… like me, we realized that the world is not the same since that date. Before, you could travelin with anything you wanted, now you have to travel only with your clothes. Right?
  4. You can not even eat inside the plane. Because they ”fear” you’re going to commit a terrorist attack.
  5. Take the date of September 11, 2001 to 2012. EXACTLY 11 years. Woow … 11 years … So???….
  6. 11, a very important number for the Illuminati, Masons.
  7. And no doubt they love to play with numerology. And also with the ancestors. The Mayans predicted this solar change, change of the galaxy, whatever …. and the Illuminati will use this to start with the solar cycle, the New World Order … But not until 2017 when they will start their plans.
  8. You may say I’m wrong, I accept. I am not a Psychic, or anything like that. But there are many things that are obvious and match, may not start in 2012, but we do know that there will be a war after the New World Order and will be the World War Three.

The Western economic systems are crumbling under the weight of over $100 Trillion in orchestrated debt that no one is able to pay and wherein: “Never in history has the world been this close to total financial chaos and nuclear war at the same time.”

2012 Olympics The Beginning Of World War III

A grim Ministry of Defense bulletin issued to Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev today states that President Hu has agreed in principal that the only way to stop the West’s aggression led by the United States is through “direct and immediate military action” and that the Chinese leader has ordered his Naval Forces to “prepare for warfare.”

Click the Orange CC Icon That lights up on the lower bar when the video begins, To See English Caption

Hu’s call for war joins Chinese Rear Admiral and prominent military commentator Zhang Zhaozhong who, likewise, warned this past week that China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a Third World War, and Russian General Nikolai Makarov who grimly stated last week, “I do not rule out local and regional armed conflicts developing into a large-scale war, including using nuclear weapons.”

The raising of global tensions between the East and West was exploded this past fortnight when Russian Ambassador Vladimir Titorenko and two of his aides retuning from Syria were brutally assaulted and put in hospital by Qatar security forces aided by CIA and British MI6 agents attempting to gain access to diplomatic pouches containing information from Syrian intelligence that the United States was flooding Syria and Iran with the same US-backed al Qaida mercenaries who toppled the Libyan government.

Further evidence in these diplomatic pouches, this bulletin says, reveals that the United States is preparing an “ultimate solution” to the Middle East Crisis should nuclear war break out by attacking Syria and Iran with lethal biological agents intended to kill tens of millions of innocent civilians.The discovery of the biological agent to be used by the West was revealed a fortnight ago by Dutch virologist Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands who lead a team of scientists that discovered that a mere five mutations to the avian flu virus was sufficient to make it spread far more easily and would make it the most lethal killer of mankind ever invented.

Should the US begin an attack utilizing this deadly virus, this bulletin continues, its most likely method of delivery would be via its RQ-170 Sentinel Drone which is operated by the CIA.

These frightening assessments of future US actions against its enemies were revealed in this bulletin based upon Russian intelligence analysts examination of the RQ-170 Sentinel Drone brought down over Iranian territory last week by the Russian made Avtobaza ground-based electronic intelligence and jamming system used against this unmanned aerial vehicle with little damage and that showed it be equipped with a sophisticated aerosol delivery system.

These NWOs are crazy baboons, they are heavily into subliminal messages, numerology, death, sex, dope, and of course their own pocket book.

Important to note is that the Western powers first use of a deadly flu virus to destroy their enemies and overthrow the established global order was first used less than a century ago in 1918 when the Spanish Flu variant was unleashed at the ending of World War I and killed an estimated 500 million people which represented fully 3% of the world’s entire population.

Archived KGB files on the Spanish Flu pandemic have always stated that this deadly virus was “bio-engineered” by US military scientists who used as their “guinea pigs” American Soldiers who were the first recorded victims and were stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas.

To fully understand the underlying reasons behind the United States and its Western allies push for Total Global War was recently detailed by the top American investigative journalist Greg Hunter whose shocking in depth report titled “Is the World Spinning Out of Control?” revealed that the entire edifice of the Western economic systems is crumbling under the weight of over $100 Trillion in debt no one is able to pay and wherein he warned: “Never in history has the world been this close to total financial chaos and nuclear war at the same time.”

Sadly, but as always, the American people are not being allowed to know the horrific future their elite leaders are planning for them



London 2012:

Missiles to be placed on residential flats

Olympic Stadium
Security levels surrounding the London 2012 Olympic Games will be high

The Ministry of Defence says it is evaluating sites for surface-to-air missiles for the Olympic Games, and could place them at residential flats. Residents at an estate in east London have received a leaflet saying soldiers could be placed there during the Games. It says part of an air defence system might be based at a water tower on the estate, where 700 people live. A spokesman said the MoD had not yet decided whether to deploy ground based air defence systems during the Games. The leaflet states that members of the Armed Forces will be at the location for a military exercise in early May for between five and seven days, between 2 and 7 May. It goes on to say that there will be a “major national exercise” from 2 to 10 May to test the Armed Forces’ capabilities to help the police provide security during the Olympics.

Why? Just Ask Yourself Why? Who Drew This Figure Of Alleged Terrorism? Who? Why?

Improve security

And if the government decides to use the missiles during the Games, then the soldiers could be “operationally deployed for a period of up to two months this summer”.

Extract from MoD leaflet
This part of the leaflet assures residents that their residence will not become a terrorist target

The MoD also says in the leaflet that the missiles will be manned by “fully trained, professional soldiers”, will not pose a hazard to residents and the missiles “will only be authorised for active use following specific orders from the highest levels of government in response to a confirmed and extreme security threat”. The document also states that “having a 24/7 Armed Forces and police presence will improve your local security and will not make you a target for terrorists”. Journalist Brian Whelan, a resident at the flats, said: “They are going to have a test run next week, putting high velocity missiles on the roof just above our apartment and on the back of it they’re stationing police and military in the tower of the building for two months. ”It’s a private, gated community… We have an MoD leaflet saying the building is the only suitable place in the area. ”It says there will be 10 officers plus police present 24/7. I’m not sure if they are going to live in the building.”


‘Not normal’

Mr Whelan also said that the property management company which runs the flats put up posters and gave out the leaflets on Saturday.

A MoD spokesman said: “As announced before Christmas, ground based air defence systems could be deployed as part of a multi-layered air security plan for the Olympics, including fast jets and helicopters, which will protect the skies over London during the Games. ”Based on military advice we have identified a number of sites and, alongside colleagues from the Metropolitan Police, are talking to local authorities and relevant landowners to help minimise the impact of any temporary deployments. ”As part of our ongoing planning, we can confirm site evaluations have taken place.” The MoD has previously been considering plans to install surface-to-air missiles in south-east London at Blackheath and Shooters Hill during the Olympics.

But Wait… Is this the first Olympics with missiles and army as a guard?… I think yes…

This is just an entertainment, what are they afraid of?… Osama is death, And YOU still thinking this is just a crazy thing. I Hope nothing bad happens here. But this is NOT normal.

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