Obama Built This!

Civility in all areas of American life is disappearing more rapidly under this President than during the last 100 years. The gains of the civil rights movement are being thrown away. Republican Dr. Martin Luther King’s exhortation of ”judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character” has been turned on its head by black racism.

Charles Manson

Tolerance has become a perverted catch word for “either believe my way, or we’ll make your life hell! ”The women’s movement has been hijacked by a bunch of radical feminists whose litmus test is murder. They have turned the phrase “women’s health” into a synonym for abortion. Religious freedom, under the First Amendment, is under assault by a small minority of loud mouth, intolerant people who want everyone in this country to believe in NOTHING!

The wealthy are now demonized as ”evil”because, according to Obama, they made their money off the backs of the poor.  Obama has put more people out of work and has raised the cost of energy more than any President since Jimmy Carter because of his anti-fossil fuel agenda. Entire industries, like coal, are being threatened with extinction by Obama’s EPA. Political payback is openly practiced by this administration, and taxpayer money is what is being used to facilitate that practice.  Do the “green energy” failures ring any bells? Check out who the investors are who are involved in those companies.

  1. More Taxpayer Dollars Lost In Green Energy Venture
  2. Meet The Market Makers For The Climategate Fraud ~ Green Energy Products!

A new “Healthcare law” was defined by the Supreme Court as a TAX! This law was lauded as leveling the playing field for everyone in this country; yet Obama and his Progressive zombies got exemptions for all their favorite patrons (unions both public and private and certain states colored blue on the political map!)

  1. Breaking -> Colorado Federal Judge July 27, 2012 ~ Declares Obamacare Mandate Unconstitutional: Violates First Amendment.
  2. If Obamacare Was Fully Implemented ~ It Still Leaves 23 Million People Without Coverage!
  3. Did Justice (sic) Roberts Sell His Soul To The Devil: The 16th. Amendment Constitutionally Prohibits The IRS Taxing Personal Income Because One Does Not Purchase A Government Insurance & Is Therefore Legally Avoidable!

Obama refuses to enforce our immigration laws or beef up our Southern border, despite the fact that Mexico has a murderous drug war going on that is spilling over into our country. Obama is in reality opening up our borders at a time when we have chronically high unemployment. Our entitlement resources are stretched to the breaking point, and there are unanswered questions about a botched, illegal gunrunning operation that resulted in two federal agents dead as well as hundreds of Mexicans.

  1. ATTENTION ALL 3,086 US COUNTY SHERIFFS: British Monarchy’s Secret Society Crimes Are Now In Progress!
  2. Breaking: Hillary Clinton To Face Charges Behind Supplying U.S. Weapons To Rothschild/Soros Mexican Drug Cartel ~ Fast & Furious!
  3. Rothschild An MI5/6 Cronie & Sons: Implicated With George Soros In Some Of The Filthiest Drugs-For-Weapons Operations.

Obama’s Justice Department, under the “leadership” of Attorney General Eric Holder, is currently fighting states that have implemented voter I.D. laws to prevent voter fraud. This is in spite of the fact that most Democratic political functions are demanding photo I.D. to gain admission! The First Lady preaches a political message from a church pulpit, an act that would have gotten a conservative crucified in the press for months! Obama has refused to work with either party in a serious attempt to put forth a budget that would clearly show the American people where his spending priorities lie. (It’s a whole lot easier to spend money when you don’t have to account for it.)

  1. Banking Cabal’s U.S. Entitlement: The Federal Reserve Handed Over 16 Trillion Dollars Just The Other Day!
  2. Reuters [Wholly Owned By Rothschild] Says Reid [Elected By Voter Fraud] Moving Forward With Debt Limit Bill.
  3. Former Democrat & Whistle Blower: 2008 DNC Voter Fraud, Financial Fraud & Gov’t Sponsored Murder. Forward To 2012!
  4. JW Exposes Voter Participation Center Scandal

Obama has divided this country like no man I’ve seen in my lifetime. Blacks against whites, Hispanics against whites, rich against poor (and the middle class), conservatives against progressives, women against women (war on women?), and youth against seniors.

  1. Al Sharpton, Charlie Manson’s Acolyte: Inciting Race Wars

Obama has started a war against religion by trying to force churches to provide “birth control”, whether they believe in it or not. He has recognized “same-sex” marriage. Since when did that become a function of the President? I thought moral and religious questions were supposed to be left to the church?

  1. George Washington Tells Michael Bloomberg To “Imitate Christ” & “A Free people Ought To Be Armed”
  2. Breaking -> Colorado Federal Judge July 27, 2012 ~ Declares Obamacare Mandate Unconstitutional: Violates First Amendment.

Obama has negatively impacted our relationship with Israel, a relationship that we have maintained at a very high level since Harry Truman. Our standing in the world is sinking like a stone in the minds of the global community. Our enemies no longer fear us; in fact, they have become quite good at thumbing their nose at us under Obama’s watch.

  1. Putin’s Russian Fleet Nears Syria: To Prevent The Usurped U.S. Military From Acting As Rothschild’s Bulldog ~ In Establishing NWO Banking Control.
  2. Putin Removed Rothschild From Russia In 2006.

Obama has done everything he can to skirt the authority of Congress to keep the Executive branch in check. He has repeatedly violated his oath to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution. He enforces only those laws with which he personally agrees, but the Republicans in Congress have apparently been castrated by the fear of political loss. Therefore, Obama’s dictatorship continues. I ask this of my fellow Americans and patriots: take a good, hard look at your finances and your job (or jobless) situation, and tell me that you’re better off now than you were four years ago. Remember, do not drink Obama’s Kool-aid until AFTER you answer that question honestly.

  1. 100 Million Americans In Or Approaching Poverty: Treasonist & CFR’s Mikhail Gorbachev “Our Aim Is To Disarm The Americans And Let Them Fall Asleep.”

By the way, Nanny Bloomberg, have you ever considered retiring and pursuing your true calling- being a food commissar for either the Chinese or the Russians? I would bet that you would rise through the ranks quickly, and who knows, we may even see you one day taking the salute of your agency from the reviewing stand in Red Square! Well, I’m going to finish my Big Gulp now…bottoms up! Adieu.