Federal Judge Henry Hudson: Obama Was Never President Of The USA


Federal Judge Henry Hudson in Virginia declared Barack Obama is destroying our Constitutional form of Government.

You didn’t need a federal judge to tell the majority of Americans they no longer want Obama as the false President of the United States.

The truth is that Obama was never President of the USA because he was never a “natural born citizen of America.” According to the newspapers and magazines in Mombasa and Kenya, Obama was born right there.


His maternal white grandmother told the media she was in the hospital when Obama was born.

Shortly after, his grandmother revealed that information during Obama’s campaign for President in 2008, she died.


Or murder?


Obama settled in Chicago after he came to America. Chicago is known for its “thugs” and corruption. It was this corrupt city that voted for Obama when he ran for public office.

His radical friend, Rhan Emanuel, is now the Mayor of Chicago.

Obama is an admitted socialist-Marxist whose friends were communists and terrorists (Bill Ayers).

So how did he get to the White House?

Just ask Hillary Clinton, who ran against Obama in the Presidential primary. Obama and his Chicago thugs rigged the election so Hillary Clinton could not win.

Hey, between murder and corrupting the voting process, Obama came out of “No Where” and somehow became President.

For me, Obama will never be a “legitimate” President because he broke all the rules.

So what is our national mainstream media doing to find out the truth of the “Man from No Where?”


Yes, Absolutely NOTHING!

I blame the Far Left Liberal media for this political disaster that already is costing America more than $8 trillion of debt. (The actual amount is more like $18 trillion!)

Obama happily hops into the taxpayers multi-million-dollar Presidential Jet and flies all over the world talking and hugging his communist dictator pals.

Just what America doesn’t need.

America is broke.


And Obama goes on and on spending trillions and trillions of dollars, which have to be paid back at high interest rates.

What puzzles me is why the United States Supreme Court doesn’t call in Obama to prove he is a “natural born citizen.”

Obama has yet to submit a legitimate birth certificate. The ones he gives to the crooked liberal media have yet to be proven they are NOT forgeries.

I really think America is lost, with no real leaders like a Ronald Reagan or Jack Kennedy to save this once brave and prosperous United States.

We are no longer the shiny star where millions of foreigners would love to live, work and raise there families.


Those days are long gone because of one Barack Hussein Obama.

Again, we deserve what we get because we refuse to stand up to the socialist-commie radicals who have hi-jacked our once proud Constitutional Republic.

At 73, this life-time author and journalist no longer feels like an “American.”

Those 2 words — America & Americans — once were looked at with respect and good fortune.

We are now entering Obama’s “Spiral Inflation” world, which, ultimately, will collapse the already bankrupt United States of America.

Wake up, Supreme Court, and arrest Obama for destroying our society.

Send him back to Kenya, North Africa, where he rightfully belongs.

(Gordon Bishop is a “Who’s Who in the World” national award-winning author, historian, syndicated columns and New Jersey’s First “Journalist-of-the-Year”– 1986/New Jersey Press Association.)

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