Remembering Chris Dodd?

dodd41jpgChris Dodd Used To Date Carrie Fisher

When you look at the stage during a  Democratic Presidential debate… among the “hip” younger candidates and eccentric weirdoes… there’s a seemingly-stodgy white-haired man. We rarely remember what he had to say. We just remember the kind-of-boring guy. The “fuddy-duddy”, or to coin a phrase… the “fuddy-DODDy“.


This is NOT the real Chris Dodd. Beneath that family-friendly white hair is the mind of a playboy, filled with drunken memories of romantic conquests.

GQ Magazine reported on Chris Dodd the player in 1990. An article by Michael Kelly recalled Dodd doing a “Mexican hat dance” at a French Restaurant near his office. He was drinking with fellow Democrat Ted Kennedy. According to the article, Kennedy saw a framed picture of Chris Dodd on the wall. He shouted, “Who’s that guy?” and then ripped the picture off the wall and smashed it to the ground. Laughing, Dodd located a picture of Kennedy and danced on it.

The Banker’s Leacherous Leeches

The article doesn’t reveal whether or not the two men picked up hot women that evening. But there’s a good chance they did. According to the Hartford Courant, Dodd and Kennedy held the reputation in Washington as the “Playboys of the Western World.”

Dodd has scored some fine women in his time. Take for instance, Bianca Jagger, former wife of The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger. In today’s world, dating the jet-seting, party-going Jagger would be akin to having sex with an older Paris Hilton.

CFR Rothschild Agent = Chris Dodd (Former United States Senator from Connecticut)

And it gets better…

In 1977, young boys the world over began to drool over a cute young space princess named Princess Leia. In 1983, those boys had become men. The third film in the Star Wars trilogy was just released and the cover of Rolling Stone magazine featured an older, sexier Princess Leia in a golden space bikini. The closest most men could get to the beautiful princess was a few magic moments with that magazine cover. But not Chris Dodd… he dated Princess Leia. The New York Times described Dodd’s relationship with actress Carrie Fisher as a “courtship”.

Of the relationship now, Dodd will only say “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” (The Kansas City Star June 22, 2007)

And this – in the near-words of Yoda – is why he will fail. President… will he be not.

Americans aren’t stupid. We could look in the televised eyes of our last two Presidents and see that they were scoundrels. We like scoundrels. It takes time management skills to be a success and still find time to get into trouble.

But Chris Dodd isn’t showing us the “interesting Chris Dodd”. He’s backwards fronting. Why?

I have a theory. Stay with me. Carrie Fisher was once married to singer Paul Simon (1983-1984). She then married CAA agent Bryan Lourd. That relationship ended when Lourd left Fisher for a man. Now it’s Chris Dodd, Fisher’s former love interest, is carrying on with Fisher’s first husband, Paul Simon. According to WMUR Channel 9 in New Hampshire, Dodd teamed up with the singer for a bus tour through Iowa. And there’s more to the Simon/Dodd affair. On March 23, 2007, Paul Simon donated $2,300 to Chris Dodd For President Inc..

Now, I’m not saying that Chis Dodd is gay. I’m just saying he has yet to provide a position on the importance of breakfast.

Mr Breakfast continues to point out the foibles and goofs of all the candidates (regardless of party) until they reveal a position on the importance of breakfast.

The 2010 Dodd/Frank Bill is actually meaningless, it simply made disclosure requirements and credit burdens while leaving JP Morgan and other Wall Street Giants alone.

Dodd's House Cushioned IN The Rothschild U.K.
Dodd’s House Cushioned In The Rothschild U.K.