Geo Engineering Hurricane Sandy: HAARP Criminal Intent.

Day 1

Thursday Oct 25, 2012

Geoengineering Chaos For America!

The chemtrails have been abundant on the western and northern reaches of Sandy during these past few days, and the chemtrails have been thick associated with this storm coming in from the Pacific. These two events are being engineered into ONE MONSTER. This storm is intentional!

This is a storm to run from!


HAARP Antennas Located In Alaska

Day 2

Friday Oct 26, 2012

Chemtrails Exist For HAARP!

What is different from yesterday’s model forecast is that landfall is farther to the south, over New Jersey maybe even southern New Jersey with a slow progression over the ensuing 36 hours into northern Appalachia.

At the 9:00 mark we see the chemtrails over the West highlighting where the engineering is accentuating the, digging to the south, resulting in a landfall over Jersey versus NYC.

Will Sandy also bring the Northeast a big snowfall? This is very possible!

At 14:30 an examination of many the chemtrails visible from space that have been flown through Sandy.

At 15:15 I look at the odd geometry embedded in Sandy, it is the managing of this geometry that enable the weather makers their power over the weather, and the chemtrails are used to keep track of all of this geometry in alignment with their goals.

Day 3

Saturday Oct 27, 2012


Day 4

Sunday Oct 28, 2012

        HAARP ~ How To Make An Earthquake: Simulacro ~ Mexico Earthquake, Haiti Earthquake, Japan Earthquake, & Iceland’s Volcano!      

They micro-manage every aspect of our weather. At 0:45.

At 5:30 I see a US Air 757 flight, not leaving a trail, but upon looking at the video, it was, just a faint one.

Hunting for anomalies at 8:50.

It’s a busy day at 11:50.

These particles are attached to a resonance frequency at 14:00.

These little trails are chemtrails also at 15:30.

All these man-made clouds MUST impact the climate of this planet! At17:13.

This is a perfect example of what the chemtrails are used for. At 19:00and 19:40.

Using a Gulfstream business jet to de chemtrailing is so much cheaper than big passenger jets at 20:00.

A seriously low flying craft at 22:10 leaves a fatty. More “black-beam” shots aka shadows from chemtrails at 25:00.

At 27:55 another example of a “tail-clip.” A full wingspan chemtrail delivery at 29:00.

“Geometric protection” at 30:15

Day 5

Monday Oct 29, 2012

        HAARP Weather Modification Hits Chihuahua Mexico ~ Home To Mitt Romney’s Father: Drought Threatens 2.5 Million Mexicans By Starvation!      

For the first time ever, for me at least, I just captured video of a Continental ATR-42 chemtrailing over the mountains to my east. Leaving a substantial trail as well. The next plane over the mountains was a Dutch KLM 747, talk about a contrast between aircraft size!

I do a quick Sandy update at :05.

“Let’s make this a global discussion.” at 2:20. At 2:45 I spot what I thought was a flight that flies into our local airport at Alamosa which would have been a Beechcraft 1900, but it was actually an ATR-42 flying Continental Express a paint scheme. What I’ve never, ever seen prior to this was a plane of this small size leaving a full-on chemtrail. If you have seen this, share the video on this page so others can see.

At 5:50 I spy a “heavy” a 747 painted up with Dutch KLM paint doing the work. Look into the open skies treaty privileges allowed to member nations.

“Nothing changes until the people see.” -Scott Stevens

Sandy East Coast

Chemical Dumps Feeding Storm

Atmospheric Scientists in aircraft take information from hurricanes for DHS Operation H.A.M.P. (HURRICANE AEROSOL AND MICROPHYSICS PROGRAM). DHS funds it. One of the functions of those planes is deploying aerosols. In 2010 the American Meteorological Society (AMS) presented discussion on how these aerosols were effective at decreasing and increasing the intensity of Hurricane KATRINA under DHS Operation H.A.M.P.

“Singular Polarity” — simply a magnet with 1 pole rather than a north and south pole.

“Perpetual Motion Generator” — using 2 same pole magnetic unit – singular polarities against each other to create force away from each other continuously.

“Contrail vs chemtrail”. (As Congress refers to them.)
Contrails dissipate to invisibility within seconds or minutes of being laid down because they are simply steam from the jet wash.
Chemtrails are mixtures of aerosols that are sprayed in the ionosphere with metals and chemicals such as aluminum and barium in tiny particulates. 1 reason being to create a mirror effect to bounce frequency off of, to pass frequency as far as 1/4 of the globe away. HAARP website explains this process.

“Infrasonic Undulation” Looks like frequency on a spectrograph. If you Google images – spectrograph, you will find pictures of frequency. You’ll see sound waves in consistant patterns obviously man-made, electro-mechanically emitted. Chemtrail (already magneto-dynamic) becomes more dynamic when frequency is added to the mix to undulate (stir up) the system. “Infrasonic Undulation” through chemtrail is ELF waves stirring air deployed aerosols up. Hitting the metals etc… with high powered – low frequency disperses the metals throughout the storm, the moisture in the storm clings to those metals, Object 1 – move the metals, and you move the storm. Object 2 – decreasing and increasing the storm’s intensity. DHS Documented during KATRINA.


Which is why the new cloud name “Undulatus Asperatus.” “Undulated (Stirred Up) Breathing Vapors” Stirred up by TTA frequency. Kind of reminds you of the NAZI’s who insisted to their victims, “Now breath the vapors in deeply!!!” As they were locking them in the ‘showers’ to be gassed to death, doesn’t it! I get the feeling that when they came up with that name, they were laughing at their many victims whom they dub the “sheeple.”

The Bankers Are Attempting To Chaos The Social Order Of America With Weather

HAARP Caught On National Reflectivity Weather Map!

HAARP IS Also The Culprit For All The Unusual Sounds People Are Hearing Now A Days & Bird Deaths!

  1.         Japan Was On The Eve Of Throwing Out The U.S. Military & The NWO: Tectonic Plates Thru HAARP Was Rothschild’s Response. Iceland Stops Rothschild Cold!      

Another Example Of HAARP Sonic Flashes To Induce Storms

TTA = Tesla Tech Array. HTA — HAARP Type Array.
(They use frequency to manipulate.) There are ground based TTA’s (like HAARP n Arecibo) multi-million watt frequency emitters around the world along with countless Low Orbit SAC (AEHF) Satellites, booster antenna arrays, oceanic echo buoys, military, commercial and privately owned sea going vessels with TTA units (BTW …ever heard of mass ocean animal deaths – burned bodies and the necropsy reports stating cause of death to be “Acustic Trama?”) , in field military and mobile units, are all a part of the SAME Global TTA Network, under the auspices of the UN and NATO and are thereby complicit.

Decency dictates that having this technology we should use it to save lives and property but…UN Agenda 21 – population reduction from 7 Billion to 500 Million. It means the wholesale slaughter of 6.5 Billion people. ‘The great culling’ they call it. Impossible to believe until you do the research as to why. If you step into their economic shoes, you understand their rationale. The PTB n UN want Obama in office. UN is overseeing our election. May need Martial Law to suspend elections.

If our country’s TTA is involved (and with FrankenStorm it is, because UN Treaty requires WE be the nation responsible under the UN “weather weapons” agreement) then our leader is at the helm of our TTA network. Working along side other countries’ TTA’s – this is a semi-global effort.
The reason???
UN Agenda 21 (Population Reduction) and attempt to suspend elections. With no electricty, floods, population displacement, damage etc… state of emergency – possibly even martial law.

We have several methods of changing things like this. 1. Prayer – the most powerful weapon in our arsonal. 2. Knowledge – researching and sharing. 3. Lobbying US and UN law makers to create laws to govern these technologies. 4. Our vote.
Right now this is the best list I can come up with.

In this image taken by NOAA on Friday, Oct. 26, Hurricane Sandy is seen in the center bottom. When Sandy becomes a hybrid weather monster some call “Frankenstorm” it will smack the East Coast harder and wider than last year’s damaging Irene, forecasters said Friday.”In the eleven minute video several eyes of this storm are visible, along with 

“ten HAARP dumps that are actually showing up on satellite imagery in Hurricane Sandy, or Frankenstorm. These are not illuminated by the sun this is the middle of the night: These are Chem-dumps that are being dumped in this storm.”

If you look carefully at the video beginning at 2 minutes 17 seconds, you can actually see the other two eyes of this storm being created. (1)

Aerosol dumps are also visible being dumped into this same storm as well. The storm is repeatedly hit with Chem-dumps every time the natural storm begins to die down, to intensify the power of Frankenstorm-Sandy. Infrasonic-undulation is going on, on the South and North Carolina Coast, just outside the storm track.

What this means is that the infrasonic undulation is actually pushing the storm East-northeast, and causing a greater veracity in this storm. (4:24) you can see in the storm the Chemtrail. It is quite obvious – look at this – this sonic undulation is going around with the storm, can you see it aggravating the storm? There is infrasonic-undulation going on all around and about this storm (5:16): Steering it where someone wants it to go. On again and off again, all of this is showing up on this radar image.’

On the same video: Let’s look at Venezuela, what is this? This is diabolical (6:16). They are even hitting Venezuela with Infrasound – on again, off again, this is TTA manipulation; Tesla Tech array manipulation, otherwise known as HAARP. 

(Venezuela is also being targeted by elements of this same storm – 6:40)

Looking at the larger system over the US there are all kinds of weirdness going on over the Tennessee valley region, from New Orleans to Canada as well (7:12). (7:19) There is something massive happening over Washington State as well. There is a dancing storm from Washington State all the way east to the Great Lakes. (7:55) South of Texas there is still another separate storm being created, intermittent and pulsating.

There is also a spike in Nashville Tennessee (8:13) that is creating volatility to come against the storm from inland—to buffet that storm in the Atlantic and make it more volatile. (8:40) An enlargement so that you can see some things for Hurricane Sandy right now: Two Chemtrails are very visible on satellite imagery, more Chemtrails against the flow of the existing storm (9:16) Infrasound-waves can be seen caught in infrasound-sonic undulation (9:30) Do you see it? The actual lines of sonic-undulation are visible, TTA Tesla Tech Array, HAARP type array—sonic undulation (totally unnatural 10:52), caught on satellite imagery. Frankenstein was created too… (1)

That video was taken on Friday 10-26, the first landfall of this Frankenstorm will hit the East Coast tonight (10-29) and is expected to affect the US for at least the next six to nine days—just in time to distort and scramble the government. Federal offices in DC are closed today. The stock market was closed today as well—can the east coast banks and businesses be far behind?

Yet despite all this the media is focused on the election and the campaigns, NOT on the 66+ millions who are expected to be affected by this storm. This Frankenstorm will be classified the same way politically as “the poor” and the unaddressed-needs of the public are. In the US where is the demand to end the endless wars—all of which are being totally ignored by the media. And then there’s this:

HAARP Sensors down in path of Hurricane Sandy – Page 2‎ – Oct 26, 2012
I’ve never seen HAARP literally go off the scale! RIGHT WHERE ‎ – Oct 26, 2012
Look at the HAARP Status in NorthEast US Now – M10 with …‎ – Oct 25, 2012
HAARP Sensors down in path of Hurricane Sandy‎ – Oct 24, 2012

Frankenstorm Sandy Manipulated By HAARP To Disrupt…/frankenstorm-sandy-manipulated-by-haarp-to-…

1 day ago – Listen closely to what these weather people and news broadcasters are saying about this Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy. They are telling us 

US Presidential Elections – IS HAARP STEERING SANDY? | Opinion…/us-presidential-elections-is-HAARP-steering-sand

15 hours ago – I don’t know if anyone has made this connection yet, it seems a little obvious after looking at these two issues side by side for a while. I really …”

In San Francisco: The San Francisco Examiner’s (the Examiner is nationally published) list of the most-important things that were covered yesterday: Featured are the tens of thousands of people and their bonfires who took to the streets last night as the Giants won the World Series of Baseball.

Sandy Forces Obama to Shift Lying to Other States

Washington—The threat of Hurricane Sandy has forced the Obama campaign to move its lying efforts from states in the path of the storm to others beyond the hurricanes reach.
Starting today, the President’s campaign began reallocating lies originally intended for Virginia to other swing states such as Ohio and Wisconsin, the campaign confirmed today.

“An emergency situation like this really tests how good your ground game is,” said Obama adviser David Axelrod. “Fortunately, we have liars in all fifty seven states.”

But even as the Obama campaign expressed outward confidence about its ability to maintain an uninterrupted flow of whoppers, some Democrats privately feared that a major power outage could disrupt its ability to lie, distort, and exaggerate in the crucial days ahead.

The crowd’s in San Francisco, in light rains, acted as if all the WARS had suddenly been won around the planet. What if the same size crowds were to take to the streets to demand an end to US-Zionist policies and end the seven-wars that we are illegally continuing to create!

The irony is that we could end this shit in-one-night if the public gave a damn about what can be done to free us all from the TRAITORS throughout the US government. (2)

Yet instead of doing anything at all about ourselves or the viability of the world, the public here is about to be taken advantage of again; as they were during both Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Katrina.

Virgin Mary is all that remains from a home which was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy October 30, 2012 in the Breezy Point neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.

During the impending storms now, the ONLY thing that FEMA will do is to disarm the public. Just as in the two previous hurricanes; this is what FEMA does, using mercenary troops to DISARM THE PUBLIC during national emergencies!

This is the perfect storm to both disarm the public and to finish stealing the selection covered-up by this man-made Frankenstorm called Hurricane Sandy that officially begins tonight. Everything DEPENDS upon Sandy and her ferocity; when she touches down to begin this entire saga on the US East Coast.

These distractions will no doubt be used in the Middle-East to do what they have planned for in Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Look for financial-thugs to use these devastating-distractions to possibly close down large parts of the internet just to complete their vision of global-collapse: While nearly a third of all Americans are distracted and being disarmed at home.

This is some of what’s IMPORTANT yet most of it will quite possibly NOT even be mentioned by the major media outlets. While the storm does its thing and the public endures possibly the worst storm in several centuries ever to hit this nation; the entire nation will probably be HIJACKED!

On the political front: Not to be outdone, a new commercial was released yesterday that gave new meaning to the word OBSCENE.

What this means is that there is now officially “another WAR” between parents and their children. The characters used in the video came straight out of central casting; omitting the chronically obese, gangsta members and any others the public might find offensive. The message is clear: The politicians want “youth” to blame their parents for everything the criminal-politicians have done since the New Millennium began. (3)

The public of the old USA will no doubt be victimized during the next eight or nine days by this orchestrated disaster that is meant to end us. We won’t get much help, if any, from the government that will be extremely busy disarming people, and just watching—while the public falls victim to rising waters and downed trees that will devastate further what would already be, by then, a hellstorm.


HAARP Antennas In Alaska
  1. The New World Order is “Communism”: Also Known As Rothschildism Or More Bluntly Robbery!

  2. Obama Shuts Down Air Defense System On US/Mexico Border!

  3. Foreign Troop Buildup In Colombia: To Confiscate U.S. Citizen’s Defense Weapons In The United States Of America.

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