As The World Burns What Happens To Silver?


With the main tool of criminal Silver Market Rigging (the COMEX pricing mechanism) destroyed the world is gyrating over what to do about pricing physical silver.

Since there is no longer any credible market for physical silver pricing people continue to be confused about what will happen going forward.

Some still lie awake at night checking the electronic Kitco price looking for some glimmer of hope. They are still stuck in the past.

Stuck in the matrix. The COMEX will continue to play their games even though 99.9% of the trades are just banksters trading back and forth with themselves.

Physical Silver premiums will rise further, shortages grow bigger and delivery delays will keep getting pushed back.

  1. Silver: Criminal History In The Making ~ With Silver Not Being Mined ~ Gold Is 5Xs More Abundant Above Ground Than Silver!


Keynesian Economics is nothing more than the mafia’s carnival act of derivative paper fraud.

spanky bucks

There is only one way to go from here and that is the total and complete destruction of the global monetary system. I’ve said it a hundred times….

“If you can’t control gold and silver you can’t control an unbacked fiat monetary system.”

  1. Golden Secrets Of Silver!

The biggest control mechanism has always been PRICE and that facade has been shattered as people scramble for physical after the latest downward slam. They will continue to scramble for physical on all the price gyrations from here on out…up or down. Now that there is no pricing mechanism for physical silver, the unbacked fiat monetary system will die.

You know how it CAN happen…just one failure of any of the FIVE big banks with over $40 Trillion in derivatives will do the job.

Bloodsport Eye

A deep understanding of silver price manipulation will lead you to only one startling conclusion…

The ownership of physical silver will never make you rich in our current monetary system.

The concept is fairly simple. The ramifications of $1,000 silver would instantly destroy the quadrillion dollar derivative complex and with it, all other forms of electronic and paper money. There would be no way to enjoy your new found silver riches because everything else that held the system together would be gone. There would be no buying and selling of silver…or transactions of any kind. Silver cannot be priced freely in the current unbacked fiat system.


So what now?

The key is realizing that physical Silver is the best asset for rebuilding AFTER THE CRASH and that’s why it is so important to own physical silver in your own possession…NOW! Not tomorrow or in 3 weeks when the earth goes wonky (see Clif High’s latest) but NOW!

With the silver rigging mechanism broken the monetary chaos has already begun…much like the Bear Stearns silver crisis that kicked off the 2008 Monetary Meltdown (yes, it was the 139 Moz silver short “problem” that brought them down and began the global collapse).

Alan Greenspan Age 87 2013
Alan Greenspan Age 87 2013

In the coming weeks Alan Greenspan will finally get his “Creative Destruction Event” and we will all be forced to accept this harsh reality…

Forbes Publishes Propaganda Hit Piece On Economy: Spins A Defense For Bill Clinton Deregulating The 1% Banking Industry!

Since the 1980s Greenspan, Summers, Rubin, Reed, & Weill were doing everything they could to remove the regulations between commercial and investment banks (insurance companies) that the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 had made law to prevent. In fact, In 1998, Citigroup bank (a commercial bank) purchased Travelers Group (High Risk Insurance Company) and they broke the law in violation of the Glass-Steagall Act.

Citigroup received from tax payers a bailout for $306 Billion {of course in newly printed money} that we must work off in one form or another!!! Lets not forgetCitigroup had previously received from us taxpayers $25 billion in exchange for preferred shares on which they were supposed to pay 5% interest for five years and then 9%. But people were running out of jobs and couldn’t pay so Citigroup recently laid off about 50,000 of its employees, or 20% of its global workforce. Not a bad scheme for indebting the United States eh?

Gold is the most manipulated financial instrument in the history of financial markets.

After 1971 it was Alan Greenspan that used his computer programming expertise to rig the gold markets.

  1. Senile Dianne Feinstein’s Surreptitious Desert Wilderness Protection Act To Block Gold Mining: Agenda 21 Shutting Down The United States Gold Mining, Biden’s Anti Coal, & Obama’s Anti Oil.

The matrix that the Sheeple find so comfortable is coming to an end.

Breath deeply and accept the change as it comes.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

Silver Fear

A Note of Caution to Our Silver Camp

by Tom Goehle,

by Tom Goehle,

If there is one thing that can be said about our silver community it’s that we sure take things in stride. It’s almost comical watching us, like an army, declaring victory after victory, as we get our collective noses bloodied by the cartel which has now smashed the silver price down below $25.

It’s been exactly two years since the Big Smash when silver got pounded from $49.78 down to the $32-$33 range in a couple of days. You may recall that Mr. King over at KWN lined up a parade of guests who all in lock-step said they would be buyers at that level.

Moreover, after just a few days, the “bottom” was in. Victory was declared. See, look how cheap we can buy this stuff now. It’s only onward and upward from here.

  1. Decommission Banks For Credit Unions: Reinstall The Glass Steagall Act To Protect American Citizens From The 1% Sociopaths.

Um, not so fast my friend. The patient stacker could have saved himself some FRNs had he or she waited until a few weeks ago rather than a few days after the Big Smash. We keep pretending the metals are always on the cusp of rocketing upward when in fact they have been moving downwards for some time now. (I know, that’s only the paper price, we’ve really got them where we want them now in the physical department. Or so the narrative goes.)

That is why it is so agonizing to see Sinclair (0 for 2 for those keeping score at home), Sprott, Norcini, and others call the bottom so soon in gold. If the bottom in silver was miscalled two years ago by virtually everyone, and then in gold a few weeks ago (Sinclair), you would think that with everyone hanging on to your every word that you may want to exercise a little reticence this time around when calling bottoms.

Nope. Not in our camp.

Victory must always be pulled out of the jaws of defeat right this minute.

Remember how we heard a few years ago when silver started its move towards $50 that the shorts were “trapped?” How about when Leeb said silver would hit $100 by the end of 2011.

Or when Turk said last year that as soon as we got through $35 we would get to $60-$70 in a few months. Now he is calling for a short squeeze. Does this stuff never end? There is no patience in this camp. The metals MUST start moving up NOW. After all, we own them. (Like a conclusion drawn logically from its premise.)


  1. Silver: Criminal History In The Making ~ With Silver Not Being Mined ~ Gold Is 5Xs More Abundant Above Ground Than Silver!

Thus the continuing narrative, which is reaching a crescendo as I write, is that the divergence between physical and paper is nearing its “event horizon” of which there will be no escape. This may be true. It really may be.

But I have a couple of honest questions which are not meant to be a challenge to those holding to the “imminent failure to deliver” crowd which seems to be the ubiquitous position in our camp right now.

1) First, why are the paper metal prices rebounding so vigorously if paper and physical are diverging?

2) Second, the divergence between physical and paper was much worse in 2008.

Eagles, if you could even get them, for example, were selling for over $20 when spot paper silver was $8.45. If the COMEX/LBMA didn’t default when the divergence was far more acute, then why would they default now?

Another foundation of our silver narrative is the notion that the paper price doesn’t matter. This is accepted as gospel. I have never seen this proposition challenged so let me take a stab at this non sequitur. If the paper price doesn’t matter, then why does everyone get bent out of shape when the price gets slammed?


Of course the paper price matters! I am working on another project (a book) and therefore I am now only working part-time. In order to pay bills while my income is diminished, I unfortunately had to sell nearly 20% of my stack about 4-6 weeks ago. I know I risk being excommunicated from this camp for admitting I had to sell.

It’s anathema to do that in our camp. (Please don’t throw holy water at me.) At any rate, do you think the paper price didn’t matter to me? Based on fundamentals, I think everyone in this camp could make a good argument for physical silver being priced around $130. I had to sell because I thought silver looked weak (on the chart) and I didn’t want to get stuck selling even lower in case it crashed.

It did. Until we go to a physical cash market by way of a COMEX/LBMA default, yes the paper price does matter. Unless you can wait it out. I couldn’t.

My point here is that while I agree that the metals in the long run provide the best chance to reserve purchasing power, we seem to continually underestimate TPTB’s (The Powers That Be) ability to extend this fairytale economy.

  1. Silver Market Rigger Jack Lew:

The constant calls for the dollar’s demise and the imminent collapse of the economy have proved wrong over and over again. The simple fact of the matter is, we have to get through the entire Eurozone explosions first. The dollar will be the last to fall.

Thus, entities run to the dollar, not silver and gold until their normalcy bias does not provide safe haven. Again, contrary to popular opinion, I see this at least 2-3 years away. I know, I know, it can’t last that long. That was the same argument made 3 or 4 years ago. That’s the point. Everything should have come apart. But guess what? It didn’t. They “fixed” it.


Yes, all the markets are “fixed” now, if you get my meaning.

The only thing that will stop this fairytale economy is when people, governments, banks, and other entities stop accepting paper like its money with value. Otherwise this insanity goes on and on.

Bank gold currency Green

I made up a little saying- “Paper = power for those that are in charge.”

Read #5 In The Above List.

Paper is what keeps all the global elites and their glorious banks going (with their nefarious intentions). This is why it is ill-advised to underestimate the lengths these liars and cheaters will go to hold on to their paper schemes.

  1. Obama’s Web Of Debt: Its The Derivatives Stupid.

I hope the COMEX/LBMA go bust. But I am not so sure that time is now. I am expecting a US debt downgrade sometime between Memorial Day (which would provide good cover) and Thanksgiving. This should give the metals a boost which ever way they are being priced. Also war, or the imminent threat of war, would likewise do the same.

Top 20 Silver Producing Countries in 2012

(millions of ounces)

  1. Mexico 162.22.
  2. China 117.03.
  3. Peru 111.34.
  4. Australia 56.95.
  5. Russia 45.06.
  6. Poland 41.27.
  7. Bolivia 39.78.
  8. Chile 37.09.
  9. United States 32.610.
  10. Argentina 24.111.
  11. Canada 21.312.
  12. Kazakhstan 17.513.
  13. India 12.714.
  14. Sweden 9.815.
  15. Turkey 7.616.
  16. Morocco 7.417.
  17. Guatemala 6.618.
  18. Indonesia 4.419.
  19. Islamic Rep. of Iran 3.220.
  20. South Africa 2.9

The Silver Institute

Of course a bust of the COMEX/LBMA would be the jackpot. I think in the long run the metal prices will move to new record highs but don’t expect them to go to the moon priced in dollars, because we may not be talking about “dollars” then.

  1. JPMorgan Accounts For 99.3% Of The COMEX Gold Sales In The Last Three Months | Zero Hedge

The other problem with the “shoot to the moon” assertion is that you are once again underestimating TPTB.

The government will be ready, willing, and able to tax you to death on your new found gains. Something that no one seems to want to talk about.

In conclusion, we look upon the sheeple with supercilious scorn as they go about their daily lives blinded to the reality that is fairly soon to come upon all of us.

Our camp knows better.

dramatic chipmunk

We are awake.

But then we should know not to underestimate the opposition. Therefore, I will not be surprised if the paper prices of gold and silver go back down – silver to $21 which is a 61.8% fib retrace of the entire move from $3.50 to $49.78, and gold I have no idea where it goes, if it goes down, but as long as it stays above $1285 which is a 38.1% fib retrace of the entire move from $250 to $1921, that would be very healthy in a secular bull market.

Folks, gold has been up EVERY year in this latest bull market. It needs a breather O.K.?

Not saying the metals necessarily will go back down, but I won’t be surprised if they do.

Keeping this in mind, I just pray for everyone in our camp along with Pete Townsend- “We don’t get fooled again.”

point gif

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