Without Paper Currency We’d All Be Rich.

Silver Paul

Paper Money & Paper Silver Is The Mechanism Which Makes Us Poor. You MUST hold physical silver in your possession, Paper anything is left to the pick & choose corrupt mechanism of the rothschild banking cabal.

The G5 banksters face conquest by erosion. Day by day, and week by week, it is getting harder and harder for them to pay for anything bought from outside the G5 banking cartel with anything other than delivered gold or silver. The rest of the world sees Euros, Dollars and Pounds as yesterday’s [Rothschild’s] rip-offs.

Just No Money Is Made During Peace Time.
Just No Money Made During Peace Time.

The orchestrated effort to suppress the price of gold and silver is the sign that the rothschild banking cabal are frightened and that more than serious trouble is brewing.

The cabal cannot control it ~ unless they can sell the illusion that paper is going up and metals are going down contrary to the hidden truths about present day supply and demand for metals which is quit opposite.

The stench of the manipulated paper dollar through the scheme of derivatives and fraudulent bailouts are also their signs that they are pulling out all the stops to sell this illusion in order to create in people a strong confidence in the dollar vs Gold/Silver.

This is why JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, are doing everything they possibly can to rig the international gold and silver markets to keep the prices of gold and silver artificially low.



  1. National Debt Quotes – USA Debt Clock.com
  2. U.S. Must PreEmptively Declare Bankruptcy Against Mr. Pick & Choose Rothschild Or Roll Back The Fake Debt: Rothschild IS The Receiver If The United States Corporation Declares Bankruptcy ~ thus leaving him with nothing!

Bullion purchasers among the public outpaced sellers by 50 to 1, and that even though the premiums over the spot [Cost To Purchase] gold and silver coins are the highest in decades. Alcuin Flutterby

Wall Street veteran Jim Rickards believes any problems the Reserve Bank has in trying to stave off a recession are its own fault. He also thinks the US Federal Reserve talk of winding back Quantitative Easing will prove to be just that, talk.

This absolute must watch 11:26 minute video interview with Jim was posted on the abc.net.au Internet site on Tuesday morning Australian Eastern Standard Time.  Anything Jim has to say is worth listening to…and at this particular juncture, I’d be hanging on his every word.

The Financial Asymmetric War Against The United States Of America!


  1. Federal Reserve’s 100 Year Charter Is Over With This Year 2013
  2. Diversion From Their Financial Crimes By Histrionics aka; False Flags.
  3. They Are Parasitical In Nature, Their Only Industry Per Se Is Crime.
  4. Parasitical Via IndiaArgentinaIsraelUSA. Now They Are After Iraq As Their New Host, With Their Many False Flags/Media Propaganda Going Off All Around The World.
  5. They Felt The USA’s GDP Had Reached Its Apex As It Related To Their Criminal Machinations.

The Head Of The Asymmetric Financial Snake ~ Rothschild.

Rothschild Waddeson Manor
Rothschild Waddeson Manor


rothschilds infamous 'let me issue & control money' quote, END the FED

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