Rothschild Charlatan Elizabeth Warren And The Feigned Glass Steagall: Basel III Doomsday Is Upon Us.


Senator (sic) Elizabeth Warren (D-MA):

Judicial Watch uncovered evidence that Elizabeth Warren gave false statements under oath regarding Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) activities when she served as the agency’s interim director.

With Rothschild’s Basel III Enacted On July 2, 2013, Glass Steagall Type Bill Is Meaningless! The Corrupt Would Have To Nullify Basel III And Then Allow Glass Steagall. Not The Watered Down Version By Warren/McCain. I Just Don’t See That Happening Right Now.

Elizabeth Warren

According to the records, Warren and the CFPB were intimately involved in brokering a 50-state settlement underway with the nation’s largest mortgage lenders related to alleged improper foreclosure procedures.

This evidence seems to contradict Warren’s statements before Congress suggesting her office responded to requests for advice, but did not seek to push its views.

During a March 16, 2011, hearing of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, Ms. Warren downplayed her agency’s involvement in the state settlement negotiations:

“We have been asked for advice by the Department of Justice, by the Secretary of the Treasury, and by other federal agencies. And when asked for advice, we have given our advice.”

But this does not come close to telling the full story.

Emails obtained by Judicial Watch from several states suggest her agency’s participation was far more intense and aggressive. Warren called emergency meetings by phone and in person with attorneys general nationwide to contribute unsolicited input on the matter.

The documents also indicate that Warren’s office insisted on keeping its contact with the state attorneys general secret.

For example, in a February 25, 2011, email to the Executive Committee of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), Iowa Assistant Attorney General Patrick Madigan wrote:

“Elizabeth Warren would like to present the CFPB’s view on loan modifications.”

Two weeks earlier, a similar email was distributed to NAAG’s Loss Mitigation Subgroup on Warren’s behalf. In an email on February 15 regarding that meeting, Madigan points out that “The CFPB wanted me to stress the confidential nature of this briefing.”

Judicial Watch

This Hen Is proposing A Glass Steagall Type Reform On Obama’s Boss ~ Rothschild International Banks?

Elizabeth Warren Czar Glass Steagall

Constitutional Government Under Assault with New Obama Consumer Czar Elizabeth Warren

There’s a new Wall Street Sheriff in town. Her name is Elizabeth Warren and she’s President Obama’s pick to help set up (control) a brand new Big Government agency called the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

(Just so you know, this new agency was the brainchild of the corrupt Fannie and Freddie twins, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

The laughably named Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act effectively gives the federal government control of our nation’s financial sector.

(Think of it as Obamacare for Wall Street, the stock market, and credit cards.)

One of the most deceptive U.S. traitors to date is John McCain.  ~mccain, lieberman, rothschild ~
‘One’ of the most deceptive U.S. traitors to date is John McCain.
~mccain, lieberman, rothschild ~
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Obama and his allies have been big promoters of Warren, who is the left-wing patron saint of so-called consumer protection.

[There is just no way she is sincere about The Glass Steagall Act. Barney Frank & Harry Reid prevented this bill from being introduced. In its stead they allowed the Innocuous Dodd Frank Bill to be passed. The rouse of Glass Steagall at her hands, is a diversion and a fein job to discourage Americans and to thus disengage Americans from the fight. Its like the fox guarding the hen house ~ STUPID.]

There’s only one problem. In the dubious tradition of Obama czars, Warren is a leftist radical with a “penchant for provocative statements” and has very little chance of being confirmed by even a Democratic Senate. How anti-business?

Well, in a blog she crafted for in 2005, Warren said:

“…big corporate interests, led by the consumer finance industry, are devouring families and spitting out the bones.”

[Just Public Rouse to disarm Americans]

And that’s just one example.

Even Democrat Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, sees the writing on the wall on a Warren appointment. Dodd has publicly stated that he doubts Warren could muster the votes for confirmation. Many others in Congress agree, even if they won’t say it publicly.

[Just Public Rouse to disarm Americans]

So, how do you think this President plans to “move forward” with this appointment in light of a looming confirmation war? By ignoring the Senate confirmation process! The Obama White House had Warren post a propaganda item today announcing her appointment:

The President asked me, and I enthusiastically agreed, to serve as an Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He has also asked me to take on the job to get the new CFPB started—right now.

Warren goes on in her statement to push the socialist trope of “leveling the playing field” in the consumer credit market.

[Just Public Rouse to disarm Americans]

[All the major damage is in place now ~ The Bailouts Must Be Disgorged ~ The Basel III must be stopped ~ the $trillion immigration must be stopped ~ endless printing of debt must be stopped & disgorged ~  NDAA must be stopped ~ Agenda 21 must be stopped ~ The Constitution must be enforced.]

Obama White House officials are spinning this as an “interim appointment.”

But we all know the strategy:

Get Warren in the back door, and have her put her stamp on the “creation” of this powerful new agency, while really running it.

(Obama calls this an “interim appointment.” We call it a “czar.”)

Indeed, Obama’s statement today about the Warren appointment shows that he is essentially giving her the keys to the kingdom of the new government agency.

obama jail arrested

But our Constitutional Professor-in-Chief needs to heed the Appointments Clause of the US Constitution (Article II, Section 2) states that “officers” of the United States must be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

As the Justice Department explained in 2007:

A position is an office of the United States if it is “(1) invested by legal authority with a portion of the sovereign powers of the federal Government, and (2) it is ‘continuing.’”

Such “sovereign powers” generally involve “binding the Government or third parties for the benefit of the public, such as by administering, executing, or authoritatively interpreting laws.”

It sure seems to me like Ms. Warren is set to act as an officer of the United States. Except her legal authority, since she’s unconfirmed by the U.S. Senate, is null.

Multi Millionaire Elizabeth Warren
Multi Millionaire Elizabeth Warren
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But, according to Business-week, Warren will have a “$400 million budget and the power to impose federal rules on mortgages, credit cards, layaway plans and other consumer credit products.”

With this much money and this much power at Warren’s disposal, don’t you think her record ought to be thoroughly examined by Congress?

We do. Most Americans do.

And the Constitution certainly mandates it.

But none of this is of concern to President Obama as he continues to preside over the massive and unprecedented expansion of federal government.

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Even the Left has raised hackles about this lawlessness. The notoriously radical Internet site Daily Kos posted an article that highlights the legally dubious nature of Obama’s new czar appointment. The piece, by a supporter of Warren’s, suggests that Obama has no authority to install her.

President Jackson

Judicial Watch has an ongoing, thorough investigation of Obama’s czars. You can read all about it by clicking here. By our count, Obama has appointed 42 czars, with Warren’s appointment perhaps being the most striking example of Obama’s abuse of office, his contempt for Congress, and his disrespect for our republican form of government.

[So Sure, I do Not Believe Elizabeth Warren is sincere about A Glass Steagall [Text of the Legislation] & [Fact SheetType Bill to reign in Obama’s Boss Rothschild Banks. I believe she is acting just like Reid And Frank Did When It Was First Introduced BY McCain on 3 separate occasions 2001, 2003, & 2005.

Every time it was introduced it was tabled by the democrats who were in  control. Conveniently McCain [A Rothschild Czar] knew that it wasn’t going to go anywhere ~ but it satiated to some extent the sheeple.

Same is the case now with a radical marxist [Rothschild Czar] such as Elizabeth Warren.

Her talk is noble, as was the traitorous Alexander Hamilton who capriciously brought in the corruption of his father in law’s central bank behind George Washington’s back.

Oh, and that father in law’s name was Rothschild.]

Judicial Watch


Bilderberg puppet Elizabeth Warren being positioned as false messiah

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