A Look Back ~ Defeating Rothschild’s Banking Cabal Empire For All Mankind.

In this latest dialogue between Lyndon LaRouche and the slate of LPAC endorsed candidates, Mr. LaRouche stressed the uncertainties of the current strategic situation. However, what is certain is that the oligarchy is behind the drive for war and the mass extermination of mankind.

Therefore, the only real victory now will come by defeating the empire outright. For more on the candidates, see: LaRouchePAC.com/Campaigns, and the previous candidate’s dialogues can be found here.

CITY OF LONDON'S BANKING STOOGE OBAMA ~  barry, blair, lizz, & phil
barry, blair, lizz, & phil

LaRouchePAC invites you to a series of upcoming events that must define the Presidential election process now in progress. Next Wednesday, January 18th, Lyndon LaRouche will be delivering his own State of The Union Address, live at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific on LaRouchePAC.com. Additionally, the series launched on January 9th, with Lyndon LaRouche and the expanding slate of Federal Congressional Candidates, will be continued, at least, for the next two weeks, January 16th and the 23rd. All these events will be broadcast on LaRouchePAC.com

“We’re going for Constitutional issues, we’re going to take over the United States for the measures that have to be taken, otherwise the United States can not be saved: Those two issues are, Glass-Steagall, and National Banking. Those are the only two issues for a Presidential election… Because having declared, which is true, that none of the Republican candidates are fit for the Presidency, or even for a serious political position in government [is not good enough,] [None] of them are qualified; and we have on the other side, we have Obama, obviously, the enemy of civilization: not qualified. So we don’t have a Presidential candidate for the United States, none in sight, no one competent to become President of the United States in sight. And we’re going into the greatest crisis, that the United States has ever experienced, right now, this year.”
-Lyndon LaRouche (January 10, 2012)

A Presidential election year is now upon us, and the entire Trans-Atlantic economic bloc is still trapped in a physical and financial downward spiral. Almost two presidencies gone by, still without a serious solution in sight. And with our last two choices, as a nation, for president proven to be a disaster, our time for bad choices is over. If this economic collapse is not resolved through an orderly bankruptcy reorganization in the memory of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the imperial British intention to reduce the world’s population to less than 1 billion persons, through nuclear war, famine and disease, will be the guaranteed outcome of our poor national decision-making. The outcome would be grim, any civilization that were to survive the intended global thermonuclear war now planned by the British and Obama, if any were to survive at all, would be a civilization completely unrecognizable to us today.

It has been the bad habits in the thinking of most of our American citizens and policy makers for the last 40 years that has crippled our nation, and has made our citizens willful captives of a whole set of poisonous ideas, and British-Liberal ideologies. These habits and ideologies express themselves most vividly in the disastrous choice of the last two presidencies of George W. Bush Jr., Barack Obama, and now the slate of dangerously unqualified Republican candidates, who most Americans citizens recognize, already, as incompetent fools not fit for the presidency.

However, there are solutions.

If the United States intends to survive this Presidential election year, unity around two, crucial, non-optional policies must be forged as bi-partisan legislative and executive action. These core constitutional, non-optional policies are expressed, first, as the reinstatement of FDR’s 1933 Glass-Steagall Act exactly as written in the original 1933 legislation, and, two, the implementation of an American, Hamiltonian-style Federal Credit System, to replace the current British-Liberal style, Federal Reserve System. All other pressing issues to ensure your day to day survival, including employment, housing, food supply, health care, etc, will come as a product of the implementation of these two, core, constitutional principles.

In order to accomplish the implementation of these two core constitutional policies, there must first be a bipartisan unity of leadership which expresses these non-optional, constitutional policies. So, beginning with the first in a series of dialogues aired on January 9th, Lyndon LaRouche and the federal slate of six candidates launched a process of replacing those bad habits in thinking, which have guided the nation to the brink of disaster, with the principles that can bring the best of all parties together. Once our citizens demand that these two policies, Glass-Steagall and a Federal Credit system, represent our national economic salvation, only then will a viable candidate for president emerge.

These discussions, along with a live State of the Union address by Mr. LaRouche on Wednesday, January 18th at 8pm EST, aired on www.larouchepac.com, will be crucial for our national future and survival.

George Soros As The Fighting Uruk-hai With Jacob Rothschild As Saruman
George Soros As The Fighting Uruk-hai With Jacob Rothschild As Saruman

Economic Collapse Orchestrated Hyperinflation: Under The Bus By “lord of the rings” Rothschild.

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