President Putin Defends Capitalism & Rejects Rothschild’s Socialism: Karl Marx Employed By Rothschild Family To Write Centralizing Doctrine For Banks.

Putin Socialism

President Putin prefers a free market and capitalism over socialism. It must be true. Otherwise the Communist US government and western media would favor Putin. Instead they brand him as a tyrant or dictator. They try often in making him look like them when he is not a Communist. Khrushchev’s 1959 prediction came true and now most US citizens do not know they are in the USSR on American soil. The universe has changed and the other side of the world is free as Putin prefers capitalism over socialism.

flow chart liberalism marx

Fascism is an economic system based on socialism combined with nationalism.

Russia Federation’s President Vladimir Putin.
Russia Federation’s President Vladimir Putin.

Yes, President Vladimir Putin has been weaning Russia from socialism to capitalism ever since he used oil revenues to pay off the debt owed to the IMF and others.

He has been promoting fewer taxes for small businesses and a conservative approach to economics and society. Half the governors have been fired in Russia for corruption and he even threatened a governor to improve dental care. He has helped the largest country in the world out of darkness and there is still more to be done. Yet, he has found the time and energy to lead the world by its hand towards peace and economic prosperity which the US has helped to destroy.

On December 19th at Putin’s News conference, Maria from the Vladivostok newspaper, who longs for the old Soviet Union days, asked Putin to nationalize businesses so the country can have more money to solve cancer, health and other society issues.

She says the country will love him and let him be president for life if he does that. I bet Obama wishes there were more like her in the US. If you notice in the video she seemed awkward and out of place, just like a US news anchor does when they use their commanding voice to declare nothing.

President Putin tried not to laugh at her other requests like he has laughed at western journalists. He rejected president for life and stands firm on the Russian constitution and says it is not safe to nationalize companies.

Putin would rather encourage private companies and use the taxes from them. He did promise to help those with cancer saying it was possible to get the equipment needed.

Needless to say, there are more Communists in Vladivostok and in America then there are in Russia. I am sure the US mainstream media will support her if they don’t already.

When President Putin announced recent consolidations on state media due to budget constraints the US media shouted, “Dictator!” and that there was no freedom in Russia. I even got emails from worried Americans asking what will happen to me now. I told them they had been brainwashed and not to watch the US news anymore.

President Putin said, “in 2014, we have reduced support for state media due to budgetary limitations. And none of our main channels, including the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, were thrilled to hear this, but it is a necessary measure, again, due to budgetary constraints.” He’s not a Communist so naturally the western media attacks him.

When Russia set laws to stop websites from pedophiles and sodomites the west went crazy and proclaimed once again that Putin was a dictator policing the internet. Their media is truly perverse when they attack Russia and promote their agenda of perversity under the guise of freedom. I hope people in the west are able to bypass the US propaganda machine. The internet can help them see the truth until their government restricts foreign news.

Xavier Lerma

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“the task of the state doesn’t consist in nationalizing those companies…

we should use the money which we get as taxes from them to develop the country”

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