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Sochi Games' Lavish Opening Ceremony Gets Under Way

Sochi Games’ Lavish Opening Ceremony.

“The Games in Sochi will be record-setting in the history of the Winter Games in terms of attendance of heads of state and government,” the Games organizers told RIA Novosti. “That’s more than at the last two Games in Turin and Vancouver combined.”

Photos: Winter Olympics Open in Sochi

But For Western Media Its Payback: Staying In Sochi For Them Is An Anticlimactic Hilarious Adventure.

Putin Laugh Toilet

If Western Rothschild Journalists aka; CFR Media Henchmen thought they had it bad waiting a few extra hours for a flight out of New York City following the Super Bowl, they’ll be really mad when they see their living conditions at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

The army of CFR “journalists” who have descended uponVladimir Putin’s Russian Federation had the misfortune, no make that the sheer trauma, of checking into hotels that did not have working restrooms, fully-functioning lobbies or door knobs. When you make the fatal mistake of inconveniencing CFR reporters, sports writers, columnists and drive by blogger types, and MSM TV folk who are used to being coddled, you are writing your own media-relations death sentence.

Council Of Foreign Relation's Media Henchmen Must Dispense Used Tissue In Bucket.
Council Of Foreign Relation’s Media Henchmen Must Dispense Used Tissue In Bucket. The smell is terrific and had the Press Pack throwing up.

The possibility of these pampered western scribes who are on the company dime being forced to consider adult-sized Pampers, or some other option, was breathlessly reported across social and legitimate media this week.

These apocalyptic inconveniences will ultimately trivialize any real news that will take place here. Any massive structural failure, catastrophic injury or, God forbid, a terrorist attack, will be rendered a minor disruption because Rothschild Czars couldn’t flush their two-ply Charmin while dropping a deuce.

Almost every room is missing something: lightbulbs, TVs, lamps, chairs, curtains, wifi, heat, hot water. Shower curtains are a valuable piece of the future black market here. (One American photographer was simply told, “You will not get a shower curtain.”)

In the Ekaterininsky Kvartal hotel, the elevator is broken and the stairway is unlit, with stairs of varying and unpredictable heights.

Outside the Chistya Prudy, there is a bag of concrete in a palm tree, leaking grey down the trunk. Inside, some of the electrical outlets are just plates screwed into drywall.

Sports Illustrated’s Brian Cazeneuve had to clamber through a window to get out of his hotel on Tuesday morning, since the doors were all unexpectedly locked. Chris Stevenson of the Ottawa Sun was without electricity for the first day.

Putin Sochi Water

Journalists started to arrive in Sochi ahead of the Winter Olympics and discovered they could not wash their faces with water–if their hotels had any–that was deemed “very dangerous.” Some hotels did not have lobbies, and journalists had to check in by knocking on the door the hotel owner’s bedroom. Others had signs in their bathrooms instructing them not to flush toilet paper down their toilets. A NWO CNN crew that had booked 11 rooms five months ago only had one room–and it was still under construction. 

Sochi Water
Now you know what very dangerous face water looks like.

President Vladimir Putin Ends Media Abuses: Opens ‘Russia Today’ International News Agency ~ Vatican Catholic Radio Maria Opens Eleven New Offices In Four Continents.

The athlete accommodations are fine, cozy and, social. But the Western media hotels, are decidedly lacking. Three of the nine hotels in the mountain complex simply aren’t done, and the ones that are open, are dirty, unfinished, broken, and infested with something or other.

Putin Bear

Hotel rooms are found to be decorated with seminude portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The portraits, showing Mr. Putin shirtless and riding a variety of mammals, adorn the walls of virtually every hotel room constructed especially for Western media. Of course complaints were leveled after finding their hotel rooms dominated by a gigantic portrait of a shirtless Putin riding what appears to be a bear.

For his part, President Putin has been dismissive of the complaints, today calling the media guests “babies who cry.”

“These people who are complaining about what is on their walls should be grateful,” he said. “At least they got one of the hotel rooms with walls.”

Vladimir Putin Fishing

Rothschild CFR’s Western Media Came For Ulterior Reasons And Russia Was Ready!

Add some Sochi and Voila!

It is also clear that anything that happens in Russia, across eight time zones, is now being immediately reported in the light of the Olympic Games.

shooting at a Moscow school? Sochi shudders. A gas-laden freight train derails and explodes in Kirov, some 500 miles (800km) northeast of Moscow? It’s a Sochi story, obviously.

The only challenge was to connect those events and the Games – and while some gave it a try, others totally failed.

If you think there is no connection between the Olympics and the Beslan school siege of September 2004, the 10th anniversary of which is in seven months, check CNN.

They tried hard, and in contrarian style, found a link.

“Amid the shrill noise of militant threats ahead of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games, the gym in Beslan is now steeped in silence, a monument to the dead, untouched almost,” read the February 5 report.

This is the only mention of the Sochi Games in a pages-long report, but it is there.

Readers, however, didn’t swallow the CNN bait.

Comments slammed CNN as

“a filthy wretch of a media organization”

for demonizing Russia with “a few pre-Olympic party cheap shots”, delivering them “like spoilt little bully children”“Beslan happened September 1. Today is February 5. So why did CNN publish THIS BS journalism example about ‘ten years since…..?’

Maybe because TOMORROW is February 6 – the day the Sochi 2014 Games begin?” a top-voted comment in thread asks.


“This CNN trashing Russia at it’s best, just to put everyone in a good mood before the games,” was another example of how readers felt. The list goes on.

Russia Tells United States Citizens Not To Give Up Your Guns: We Learned From Experience Fighting Rothschild’s Banking Schemes!
Russia Tells United States Citizens Not To Give Up Your Guns: We Learned From Experience Fighting Rothschild’s Banking Schemes!

President Putin, “America Don’t Give Up Your Guns!

Putin’s Purge Of The Rothschild Money Changers From Russia: Another Rothschild Goon Found Dead & Another Flees To U.K.

Russia News
President Putin Liquidates The Old Regime Media FSUE RIA Novosti .

President Vladimir Putin has given instructions to liquidate FSUE RIA Novosti international news agency and set up FSUE Russia Today international news agency.

A relevant decree entitled “On certain measures to raise the effectiveness of the operations of state-owned mass media” is posted on the presidential website.


In line with the decree, as of the moment of the liquidation of RIA Novosti, the rights of its founder will be transferred to Russia Today agency.

Pursuant to the decree, the news agency will manage the property, including foreign property, used by RIA Novosti for reporting Russian government policies and Russian public life abroad.

Russia Today news agency will have its headquarters at 4 Zubovsky Boulevard in Moscow.

The core business of Russia Today will be “the coverage of Russian state policy and public life in the Russian Federation” for foreign audiences, the decree says.

The same decree liquidates Voice of Russia state-owned broadcasting corporation. Its property will be placed under the management of Russia Today news agency.

Dmitry Kiselyov was appointed General Director of Russia Today news agency.

The reorganization of RIA Novosti and some other state-run media outlets aims at their cost-effectiveness and efficiency, Presidential Administration Head Sergei Ivanov told reporters on Monday.

“The decree has two main purposes,” he said.

The first task is to ensure “the more rational use of budget money allotted to state-run information resources,” he said.

“This is the question of reducing [the funds needed] rather than their enlargement,” he stressed, adding that budget spending on that sphere of activity was already cut for next year.

The second task “is to improve the efficiency of operations of the state-run media,” he said.

“Russia is holding an independent policy and unwaveringly protects its national interests. It is not easy to explain that to the world, but it can and must be done. We have achieved certain successes in this field and, on the other hand, have had some problems. I am confident we can overcome them,” Ivanov said.

“We must tell the truth, make it accessible to the most people possible and use modern language and the best available technologies in doing so,” said the Kremlin administration head.

Russia Beyond The Headlines

The Banker: It Was Us Who Founded Nazis

Saint Michael
Saint Michael

Radio Maria associations in the world widens to five African countries (Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, Madagascar, Mali, Nigeria, Republic of Guinea), one American country (Haiti) two Asian (China and India) and two European (Ireland and Latvia).

During the press conference, which was held this morning at the international headquarters of the World Family of Radio Maria in the Vatican, the coordinator of the editorial activity of the World Family, Father Francisco Jose Palacios, highlighted Radio Maria’s faithfulness to its original plan: to evangelize through radio, 24 hours a day, through prayer and Christian formation.

Radio Maria’s international structure renders it a true and proper missionary activity, with one peculiarity: “Every one of our national broadcasting stations is coordinated by local people. No one goes abroad to found a new Radio Maria, we think of people already formed in that country,” explained Father Palacios.

“Faith always brings light and a way out of any situation,” added the priest, illustrating the scene in individual countries where the new Radio Maria broadcasting stations will open.

In India, for example, “Christians consist of roughly 1% of the total population and are concentrated in Kerala in the South western part of the country. Private radio broadcasting was introduced recently and we will begin with a Web radio in streaming,” explained Father Palacios.

Macao, instead, is “a multi-cultural island and is the second major city of the world for gambling. Yet amid so many situations that denigrate man, there are those who go against the current,” commented the priest.

Standing out in Europe is the opening in Ireland, a country of renown Catholic tradition, yet in crisis today, and Latvia, where, although Catholics are in the minority, “a spring of faith is being experienced.”

In America, the opening of Radio Maria in Haiti will bring a strong wave of hope. It is a country that is still suffering the consequences of the terrible earthquake of 2010 and where the situation is one of such emergency that “there are those who allow themselves to die and those who kill to survive,” revealed Father Palacios.

Radio Maria’s challenge is to take the values of “respect for life,” “religious tolerance,” formation and education everywhere.

Father Palacios also mentioned the touching case of the attack in Dar Es Salaam, in Tanzania, where, after the murder of a Catholic priest by Muslim fundamentalists, the local Radio Maria reported the messages of solidarity of some members of the Muslim community.

During the press conference, some numbers and logistical aspects of Radio Maria were illustrated by Luisa Bixio, who is in charge of communication and of fundraising for the World Family of Radio Maria. She explained that an estimated € 3 million were needed to open the 11 new offices.

The World Family of Radio Maria, she added, was born as an NGO in 1998 for the purpose of coordinating the various Radio Maria’s already present in the world. Radio Maria is active in 63 countries in all five continents. The station benefits from the fundamental work of the “hundreds of volunteers who are committed in every country with great respect for the local cultures.”

Putin Minority immigration

Radio Maria, which has never been a commercial radio but “lives only on charity,” has the merit of having “brought information to countries where before there was none and, in 26 years of activity, it has “provided a service as Marian and missionary radio at the service of the Church of Rome,” said Bixio.

In this regard, Father Palacios specified that Radio Maria has never received financial support from any diocese in the world, yet the bond with the local Churches and the Religious Orders is very close, in as much as the directors are always chosen among the priests of the area, just as the national presidents are always chosen among the laity.


President Putin Sixth Degree Judo Black Belt
President Putin Sixth Degree Judo Black Belt

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