Russia’s 70 Agreements Signed By 450 Foreign Companies!

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TASS – About seventy agreements with participation of business and government authorities will be signed at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Chief Executive Officer of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Fund Sergei Belyakov said on Wednesday.

“We currently expect that about 70 such agreements will be signed according to our tentative information,” Belyakov said.

843 representatives of 450 foreign companies already confirmed their participation, he said. 184 chief executives of foreign accompanies will attend SPIEF, he added.

“Dynamics is positive for the Russian business also. It means the program is interesting and people decide to participate in the forum. I hope the discussion will be very meaningful and interesting,” Belyakov said.

Both weakened pressure of Western governments on the business and sophisticated organization of forum’s preparatory activities contributed to the growth, the chief executive said.

As far as the US business circles are concerned, representatives and management of PwC, Ernst&Young and McKinsey will take part in the forum. “If consulting firms are developing business here, it means the demand for their services is growing,” Belyakov said.

“The demand for Russia exists as for the economy where it is possible to make profit. Our task, I certainly mean the government in the first instance, is to satisfy such a demand,” he added.


China Russia
China Russia

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