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The drivers of the gold and silver markets are primarily exchange rates, which are currently moving against a backdrop of waning global growth.

Since 2008 the prime engines trying to bring about a recovery have been central banks using monetary policies. These have produced limited results that, to us, are in the process of losing effectiveness. Their [facade] efforts are to be commended particularly considering they were not designed to do the job, just support government when they did the job.

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But the track record of governments, whether it is the U.S., E.U. or Japan is very poor. Consequently, after 8 years since the credit crunch, recoveries are weak, debt levels higher than in 2008 and prospects for the global economy are uncertain.

All of this synthesizes in the monetary system which is in the process of changing to a multi currency system from dollar hegemony.

The ruptures these will cause are close now but have yet to be felt fully.

These are the reasons why the prospects for gold and silver are brightening by the day and why institutional investors of note are lauding gold’s qualities. The uptrend in gold and silver has started, but has yet to move into second gear. We are close to that happening now.

silver coffee

Monday, May 16th

Once again, Shanghai led the way higher after a lower New York close. The Gold Fixing in Shanghai’s morning was $2.32 higher than New York’s close but again rose at the afternoon Fix to a price close to London’s morning LBMA price setting.

The gold price is still in a tight trading range and still dominated by exchange rates. It remains at a point where a strong move will take place, but whether it is today or later this week remains to be seen.

The dollar index is almost unchanged at 94.53 up from Friday’s 94.33. The dollar is also slightly stronger against the euro at $1.1325 up from Friday’s $1.1348.

The gold price in the euro was set at €1,131.13 up from Friday’s €1,123.68.

Ahead of New York’s opening, the gold price was trading at $1,283.15 and in the euro at €1,133.02.

Silver Today –The silver price closed in New York on Friday at $17.10 lower than Thursday’s $17.07. Ahead of New York’s opening the silver price stood at $17.33.

Gold (very short-term)
Again the gold price will consolidate with a slightly stronger bias, in New York today.

Silver (very short-term)
Again the silver price is still marking time, ready to follow gold’s direction, in New York today.

Xi Jinping & Vladimir Putin
Xi Jinping & Vladimir Putin
  1. Beware Of ETFs Which Are Paper Derivatives
  2. America’s New Hero ~ Vladimir Putin Stopped Rothschild In 2006!
  3. Will the New World Order Finally Get Its Own Nuremberg Tribunal?
  4. World Gets Behind Putin’s Vow To Destroy New World Order 5/2016
  5. France: Entire Swiss Branch Of Rothschild’s Banking Empire Under Criminal Investigation Following David De Rothschild Conspiracy Indictment.

Gold ETFs – Friday saw purchases of 5.943 tonnes of gold bought into the SPDR gold ETF and 0.6 of a tonne into the Gold Trust. This leaves their holdings at 851.132 and 198.38 tonnes in the SPDR & Gold Trust, respectively.

This was a substantial purchase and one that should have moved the gold price more.

It was recognized in Shanghai where gold prices did rise. The continuous buying of the shares of gold ETFs this year is significant and starting to be recognized by the large institutions, who are now joining the view that gold has moved to the uptrend after nearly three years of low prices.

Silver – Repeat: The Silver price continues stable and keen to move behind the gold price.

Julian D.W. Phillips

Silver Seek

On April 19, 2016 China Opened The Shanghai Fix Which Prevents All Paper Derivatives And Uses Only Physical Silver & Physical Gold

  1. On Thursday, June 23rd a referendum is being held to decide whether Britain will leave the European Union or not.
  2. Does the LBMA truly feel threatened by this essentially symbolic gesture?
  3. By its charter the [U.S. Based] IMF may not lease or swap physical gold.
  4. However the IMF will accept gold in repayment for an IMF loan.
  5. Other means by which the IMF effectively participates in the leasing and swap system.
  6. Recall that (usually) the gold lessee immediately sells the gold in a particular LBMA or BNY participant vault, while keeping the lease on the books, then buys back the gold to satisfy the lease at the end of the lease, or may roll over the lease depending on circumstance.
  7. Leasing means that the gold is sold when the market is high in anticipation that the lease can be satisfied with a buyback when the market is low.
  8. Since the selling of the leased gold results in a buyer’s claim to that vault, the new buyer may then lease out the gold.
  9. In other worlds, multiple counter-party claims may be associated with a single vault.
  10. Behind the lease will be a sovereign or entity or central bank registered to participate in the system usually via an LBMA bank or may be an LBMA bank (Fed dealer bank) working on behalf of an Exchange Traded Fund or even its own traders.
  11. All that really changes is the LBMA/PFRD account number associated with a particular vault, the gold itself seldom moves.
  12. All of the above indicates that the system is easily manipulated and riddled with possibilities for implicit fraud and corruption.


Cinnamon tastes so good in coffee so it must be better by the spoonful.

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