The Dollar Is Coming Home To Die: Dumped By The World

Dollar No More

With the war in the gold and silver markets continuing to rage, today a 50-year market veteran discussed what’s next after massive shorting by commercial hedgers and bullion banks.

John Embry: “I can’t say that I’m terribly surprised by what is happening to gold and silver prices this week given the remarkable build in the open interest on the Comex and the staggering level of the commercial — i.e. bullion banks’ — short positions…

  1. JP Morgan Ordered To Stand Trial Consecutively For Antitrust & Silver Rigging: By The U.S. Supreme Court & NY 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
  2. France: Entire Swiss Branch Of Rothschild’s Banking Empire Under Criminal Investigation Following David De Rothschild Conspiracy Indictment.
  3. Russia’s Landmark Speech: New Centers Of Economic Power ~ As China, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, & Saudi Arabia Dump The Rothschild Fiat U.S. Dollar.

Shanghai Shock April 19, 2016: Yuan Based Gold Standard.

B.P. Oil Spill & Deadly Corexit May Kill Millions Of U.S. Citizens: U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves Stored In Collapsing Salt Domes On Coast Of Louisiana!

Clif High’s [web bot project] has long been predicting that silver and gold will skyrocket higher as the US Dollar loses its dominion as the world’s reserve currency.

And as the once formidable Dollar ultimately begins to hyperinflate as nations lose all confidence in the Federal Reserve Note, the web bots predict triple digit silver prices and eventually even a 1 to 1 silver to gold ratio in coming years.

Will it really happen? No one can say with certainty, but there are very concrete signs that the cracks in the western banking system and fiat Dollar are about to turn into gaping fissures. Meanwhile, China is hoarding PHYSICAL silver at the Shanghai Gold Exchange and openly encouraging Chinese citizens to acquire physical silver and gold as a way to protect their wealth.

It’s a paradigm shift of epic proportion, away from paper Dollars and into PHYSICAL metal. David Morgan from The Morgan Report is here to discuss it all. SGTreportRothschild’s Zionism Handbook For Obama

Gates Rothschild NWO
Gates Rothschild NWO

Out Of Chaos: Comes Dead Conspirators!

As gold and silver have reversed course this year and are in the early stages of a historical bull market, a fact confirmed by the dramatic gains in the HUI Index since January, the usual suspects have gone all-in to stop the advance.

wicked witch oz flying monkeys

  1. the wicked Witch of the East represented eastern industrialists and bankers who controlled the people (the Munchkins);
  2. the Scarecrow was the wise but naive western farmer;
  3. the Tin Woodman stood for the dehumanized industrial worker;
  4. the Cowardly Lion was William Jennings Bryan, Populist presidential candidate in 1896;
  5. the Yellow Brick Road, with all its dangers, was the gold standard;
  6. Dorothy’s silver slippers (Judy Garland’s were ruby-red, but Baum originally made them silver) represented the Populists’ solution to the nation’s economic woes (“the free and unlimited coinage of silver”);
  7. Emerald City was Washington, D.C.;
  8. the Wizard, “a little bumbling old man, hiding behind a facade of paper mache and noise, . . . able to be everything to everybody,” was any of the Gilded Age pResidents [Rothschild].
    [From “The Rise and Fall of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as a ‘Parable on Populism,” David B. Parker inJournal of the Georgia Association of Historians, vol. 15 (1994), pp. 49-63.]

George Washington unfunded paper money

Bullion Banks Shorting Staggering Amounts Of Paper Gold:

If gold and silver had blown through $1,300 and $18 respectively last week, it would have attracted considerable interest and much more buying. To prevent this from happening, the bullion banks have shorted staggering quantities of gold and silver in the last couple of weeks.

The most recent COT (Commitment of Traders Report) showed an increase of 50,000 contracts in the commercial gold short position in just one week. And this shorting has continued unabated through today. The amount of gold being [paper] shorted on the Comex alone dwarfs the physical production of gold.

To put this in some perspective, the open interest [paper derivative fraud in the U.S. COMEX] has recently grown by well over 100,000 [counterfeit paper] contracts in a [6 week] short period. That represents over 10 million ounces of [paper] gold or close to $13 billion in [paper] notional value. In an industry [Globally] which produces roughly [only] 90 million [physical] ounces in a full year.

I can’t think of another market that can withstand that degree of [paper] selling [to the U.S. COMEX] without buckling under the extreme selling pressure. However, even after repeated attacks, the gold price is still less than 3 percent off recent highs, and keeps bouncing back after each new assault.

In my opinion, this smacks of desperation on the part of the bullion banks, in a world in which the Western physical inventories are shrinking at an alarming rate, and the paper claims [derivatives churned] on them are surging into the stratosphere [complete fraud against the price charts/American people]

Abduction Patty Hearst stockholm

Pay Attention To Maguire And Mylchreest

Recommend that investors who want to know the true status of the gold inventories in the very important London market pay very close attention to the comments of the well-informed Andrew Maguire, who appears regularly at KWN. Or they can read the brilliant essay by Paul Mylchreest, which appeared a week or so ago. Reinforcing the shortage in London is the pitiful level of inventory at the Comex in relation to the paper claims outstanding.

Ignore The “Noise”

I have said very recently that there is no middle ground left. Either the powers that be can continue to contain gold and silver in their current trading ranges for somewhat longer with their paper shenanigans, or there is going to be an upside explosion in prices that will shock most observers.

I again reiterate ignore the ‘noise’ here, and acquire as much physical gold and silver as one can while it is still available.

King World News

  1. 4 Explosions in China are no longer reported as ‘accidents’ but as sabotage
  2. Scientific Study Reveals Conspiracy Theorists The Most Sane Of All.

Baby Guitar gif

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