U.S. Election Year’s Stockholm Syndrome 2016: False-Hope Psychosis

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Now that the election year caucuses have begun, it is not very difficult for anyone awakened to what’s really happening both domestically and globally to see that the election year hoopla is nothing more than a demonstration of mass psychosis filled with false hope and a sensational and pacifying sense of fiction over reality.

It’s the time of year where most Americans don’t realize that they are being sold on a contest based on who the sexiest liar is. In 2008 Barack Obama won the award for sexiest and most convincing boldface liar and the corrupt system pushed him in. In 2012 would be president Ron Paul was derailed, pushed out and left for dead as the chosen puppets were inserted in his place. They even added the exclamation point of having his son Rand endorse their candidate instead of his own dad. Remember that?

Abduction Patty Hearst

The fact of the matter is, you can pull images from previous presidential races and come across the same false hope, the same propaganda and engineered excitement surrounding these elections just as they do now.

Anyone paying attention will see that nothing has changed. This is literally a type of Groundhog day event and today being Groundhog day (Tuesday February 2nd) it is only proper to point this out. Pay attention and notice how the politicians and media are literally caught in a Groundhog day scenario of ‘lie to me in a sexy way and I’ll vote for you’.

#15. Ruthless Suppression ~ NWO Banking Cartel’s Protocols Of Zionism

Deep down everyone knows in the end there will be no change. None of the candidates are willing to speak 9/11 truth in hopes of actually ending America’s endless war against humanity waged in the name of the “war on terror”. None of the candidates are willing to admit that ISIS is a global operation created by western Intelligence and it’s NATO allies as their primary tool to usher in their new world order which is already being rolled out in too many ways to count.

None of the candidates wants to wipe out the illegal Pentagon slush fund for fear of angering the Pentagon brass and their corrupt “Department of WAR” war machine.

None of the candidates wants to investigate the Sandy Hook staged event of 2012 and reveal all files connected to all the staged mass shootings of the past 7 years. None of the candidates is promising to arrest all those involved in the 9/11 crimes from Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld all the way down. And none of the candidates wants to shut down the police state and make lockdown a federal crime against America, the Constitution and freedom.

Not one candidate wants to stop the U.N.’s Agenda 21, the globalist global carbon taxation scam based on global warming lies, the attack on individual and national freedom and the march to global enslavement. No one wants to hold agencies like the CDC accountable for their crimes against humanity of suppressing the truth about the MMR vaccine and how they knew it was linked to Autism. The list of crimes being ignored by all the presidential candidate actors and future puppets is truly a mile long yet acknowledging that list seems to interrupt the fun election race ride.

Piece Of Shit Rand Paul ~ Pimping As Murdoch's Political Cover.
Piece Of Shit Rand Paul ~ Pimping As Murdoch’s Political Cover.

Anyone with any degree of consciousness, awareness and understanding of the situation we are in knows that if anyone dares to bring up any of the above issues in any of these staged election race events they will be ignored, escorted out or worse. That’s because this election year psychosis is in many ways pre-scripted. It’s designed to capture your attention just like “breaking news” is supposed to do.

Look for a nice pause in terrorism, ISIS stories and “breaking news” false flag shootings during key election race events because the establishment doesn’t like their shows to go to waste. In the world of staged news and lies we live in, it’s almost frightening to think that we can predict with 100% accuracy not when “terrorism” or staged shootings will happen, but when they will NOT happen, which is just as powerful.

israel isis mossad cia

Such is the world we live in, and today I call on all truth seekers to see the election year side show for what it is. In the end, whoever is selected to lead the western cabal WILL do as they are told. When that happens remember that 4 and 8 years from now they’ll be doing the show all over again, and all over again people will smile rooting for their favorite candidate who, if they are selected will bow at the alter of the ruling elite.

Cruz Snake Oil

It’s time to see the simplicity of how this works and ignore the complex entertainment-filled TV presentations of candidates “debating” to see who “wins”. If we learned anything from the Obama “Hope and Change” psyop campaign it’s that the only thing that matters to these pre-selected puppets is that they sound and look good saying whatever you want to hear. This is the fundamental nature of politics.

In the recently started caucuses the mainstream media is referring to “anti-establishment” candidates having a big night as if these candidates (Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz) are really “anti” establishment and for the people and the rule of law somehow. This is just another marketing campaign to sell you a product, and the people’s inability to see the nature of these shows is one of the primary reasons America and the world, for that matter, is in the situation it is in.

In a world where those calling for the criminalization of corruption, propaganda and lies; where those calling for government transparency on all false flag events including 9/11 truth, Boston bombing and Sandy Hook to name a few; and where those calling for individual freedom, justice and respect for the Constitution are censored, silenced and demonized, we cannot ever realistically expect any change from the course we are in now.

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For this reason I’m passing up on this year’s Groundhog day style election year psychosis and I’ll watch it from the sidelines knowing full well that it’s a show for entertainment only. I would much rather spend time on other things that will make a difference like taking action to increase awareness of the vast amount of information that is censored by these candidates.

Theres always a reason pick your starting point.
Theres always a reason ~ pick your starting point.

Lucky for us, those of us who seek knowledge, the information bottleneck that was created for over a century by the powers that be has truly been broken and no one should rely on staged western empire election year mass media events to know what is true, what matters, what’s happening and what you should care about.

That’s because knowledge is free and available to all who want to travel down the rabbit hole of information outside the narrow spectrum of information available through mainstream media news. Don’t deprive your mind of the informational vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. Turn off the election year side show and stay focused on truth.

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