Gold Headed To $50,000/oz: While Zionist NWO Oligarchs Deliberately Create Food Shortages!


Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair shocked the precious metals community by publicly stating that the U.S. will be Cypruss’d [NWO zionists], the current take-down in gold & silver is a last-ditch *can kicking* attempt by the bullion banking cartel, and as a result of the coming derivatives collapse banking system *bail-in*, physical gold is headed to $50,000/oz!

Today, Sinclair updated CIGA’s on the fundamentals behind his $50k gold prediction:

I have a huge number of emails all asking why $50,000 gold. The answer is that the bullion market is in the process of emancipation of the gold price from the fractional paper gold system.

The actualization of the real price of gold will be its emancipation from the prison of paper gold. The emancipation will occur because there is no [physical] gold whatsoever behind the deluge of [fraudulent] paper [silver & gold] we have just witnessed.

The central banks have most of their gold under lease. That gold was leased by gold banks and then sold for cash. That cash has been dispersed. [This is known as fraud]

There are no funds to re-buy the gold that the leases call for upon maturity. The central banks cannot lease out any more gold. The entire fractional gold paper scam sits upon gold leases that are exploding right now.

The attempt to hide reality by the *can kick* of pummeling the [physical] gold market with paper [gold promises] is going to fail miserably.

Every time you buy one gold coin you consume more physical. It is the physical market that is going to emancipate gold. Gold then will be free to react to not only the debt due to foreigners, but all debt.

Please take your time to watch the Canadian documentary on gold here on It exposes the fragility of the fractional paper gold system that is now burning down because leases cannot be repaid to central banks.

The real gold show is only starting. For a great deal of what the Free-Golders think, they are right.


Is the end-game of the paper manipulated futures markets being played out in front of our eyes?
The man who predicted gold would achieve $1650/oz in 2011 over a decade prior to the event sure seems to think so.

Silver Doctors


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