Russia India Take Part In Joint Military Drills

Russia India Joint Military Drills 2017

KHABAROVSK (Sputnik) — Up to 900 servicemen of the Eastern Military District will take part in the Russian-Indian joint military exercises Indra-2017, which will take place in Russia’s Far East at the end of this year, the press service of Russia’s Eastern Military District said on Monday.

“This year the international ‘Indra’ drills will be interspecific. Major maneuvers will take place on the sites of the Eastern Military District and waters of the Sea of Japan, up to 900 servicemen of units of the Eastern Military District are expected to participate,” the statement said.

Indra-2017 exercises will be carried out to train military command and coordination of actions, practicing the tactical maneuvers of combined units and improving the interaction between Russian and Indian troops, the statement specified.

In June, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that Indra-2017 would be interspecific and would involve land units, naval and air fleet.

In 2016, Russia and India held anti-terror and naval exercises in Primorsky Territory in the Russian Far East engaging over 500 servicemen and up to 50 military vehicles.


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