China “Gold Super Power” Urging Their Citizens To Diversify Into Physical Gold And Silver Since 2009

Financial Time Period 2008-2017

– China officially imported over 1,500 tons in 2013 with some estimates
as high as 2,200 tons. This is in addition to the 400 tons they produce
annually which is never leaving the Mainland.

– China has now declared that its citizens are privately holding more
than 6,000 tons of Gold turning China into the “Gold Consumption Super-Power”

– China will not release their Gold holdings as they want gold prices
to stay low. Acquiring gold is all part of China’s master plan which the
Chinese press refer to as “Secret Gold Holding Logic” to make Shanghai
the world’s financial centre with the RMB as its central currency.

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As most informed individuals know, Gold has been dropping like a rock from its previous highs of over $1900 an ounce. This has only encouraged more buying from China, in paticular the fictional character called “Auntie Want” which represents all of those middle-aged Chinese women with money to burn that love buying real assets like houses and are gold are now being blamed
for buying over 200 tons in only a few months during the summer when prices hit lows around $1,250.

In 2013, China took advantage of falling prices to import more than 1,500 tons of Gold. This is in addition to the 400 tons they produce annually which is never leaving the Mainland.

What has people really talking in China is why the government will not release their holdings in the People’s Bank of China (PBoC).The last timeChina released their official holdings was 2009 when they shocked the markets by showing a massive increase in reserves to 1,054 tons. They have always promised to release their official holdings numbers every five years. Those of us that watch China and Gold closely have seen the PBoC’s Gold release data dates come and go with no release of the banks holdings.

Chinese financial commentators are saying that this is because the PBoC would spook markets showing that their holdings are now up near 5,000 tons. This is the last thing the PBoC wants to do as they plan to buy more and they want to buy as low as possible.

The Shanghai Gold Exchange is now the world’s largest physical bullion market in the world and all part of the plan. They are set up in Shanghai’s free trade zone and are opening up gold holdings to foreign investors who want to keep bullion in China. The Gold contracts are of course priced in Chinese Yuan. Shanghai has also recently opened a new vault with a 2,000 tons capacity to back up Shanghai’s bid to hold and control global pricing of the commodity.

While traders in Chicago on the COMEX sit and trade each other paper contracts all day with neither one actually owning any of the commodity they are training, the traders in Shanghai will be well-at-ease to know the physical bullion is actually there.

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China’s continuing grip on the global gold market is all part of the plan according to analysts in the Chinese media. Literally translated it is called the “Secret Gold Holding Logic”. China needs Shanghai to become a global financial center. It will surly become one as the RMB goes global, and China will have the gold reserves to partially back the RMB with a hard asset. This is the long term plan according to some state media sources in China.

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There are some Gold holdings in China which are not secret. Recent numbers have been released estimating that the Chinese population themselves are now holding over 6,000 tons of Gold. China has long been trying to get its citizens to invest in Gold. In fact going back to 2004, the PBoC governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, was nicknamed “Golds best salesman in the media. The result is today, in China’s Big 5 banks you can hold gold accounts both paper and physical as well as visiting their “GOLD VIP” centers to purchase physical bars.

With China now importing more than 1,500 tons annually and the consumers holding more than 6,0000 tons one commentator in the financial press refereed to China has the “New Gold Consumption Super-Power”

The China Money Report

US Debt Clock September 25, 2017 ~ Enlarge Here

The Deep State Fiat Financial System Ended In 2008. Since Then, The Deep State Has Been Shuffling Paper In An Attempt To Orchestrate A System To Replace The Fiat Rothschild USD With A Fiat SDR.

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