Britain Monarchy’s Obama & Hitler : Britain’s Seditious War Upon The United States Of America!


Edward The VIII & Adolph Hitler 1937 – Several Years Before WWII 1939

President Franklin Roosevelt‘s chief Bretton Woods adversary John Maynard Keynes. The visible leading edge of the pro-genocidal, and drugtraffic-promoting policies of the current British imperial monarchy, is the pro-genocidal policies of population-control promoted under the umbrella of the British Prince Royal Consort Philip, and his son and putative heir to the British Throne, Prince Charles, the Prince Charles who harbors former U.S. VicePresident Al Gore as a virtual lackey-in-waiting.

The World Wildlife Fund, its lackies, and the international drug-trafficking policies of Nazi-trained, British lackey-in-fact George Soros, are the center of the principal enemies of not only our own U.S. Federal Constitution today, but, also, of the welfare of humanity at large.

The charges which I have made against President Obama for his complicity-in-fact with those evil policies, have been moderated by the evidence which I have received which indicates that the President is not in full charge of his own intellectual faculties, but should be kept in office, if possible, under protected managed care, as if according to the Woodrow Wilson precedent. The challenge to all our U.S. citizens, under these circumstances, is, simply, are you a patriot, and are you actually capable of acting as a patriot, especially if you hold Federal public office?

September 11, 2009 (LPAC)‚ÄîIn the report [below- ed.], historian Anton Chaitkin documents the personal complicity of the British Prince of Wales, Charles, in engagement with the type of crimes against humanity which the British monarchy has foisted, as a fraudulently alleged “health-care program” on its virtual puppet, U.S. President Barack Obama.

The crucially important point to be made in this and other publications on this subject, is that since the elevation of Britain’s Queen Victoria, as successor to the bankrupt British East India Company, and Empress, the British empire has been a continuation of what had been the imperial power and reach of the British East India Company, since the February 1763 Peace of Paris.

That British monarchy has been a globally extended empire in the true sense of that term, and has been also the chief author of not only World Wars I and II, the author of Japan’s 1894-1945 warfare against such included nations as China, Korea, and Russia, and the co-author of the originally early 1920s scheme for the British alliance with Japan for a planned Japan attack on the U.S. Pearl Harbor naval base which was actually carried out on December 7, 1941.

It was this British monarchy which organized what became known as World War I and which had put Adolf Hitler and its policies into power in Germany through an operation run, in January 1933. It was British health-care policies, then, in SeptemberOctober 1939, which are known today as both the genocide policies of the Hitler regime, and the policies, uttered from the London of former British Prime Minister and infamous liar Tony Blair, which are expressed as the pro-genocidal intention of the policies currently proposed by President Barack Obama (those who deny that fact, are either stupid, or lying).

The policies underlying the Hitler- and Blair-like policies of the Obama administration presently, are entirely creations of the British Empire under the current British Royal family‘s role as an empire of a British monetarist system.


The British Monarchy Caught in a Death Scheme

By Anton Chaitkin

September 10, 2009 (LPAC)‚ÄîThe Royal Family and panicky City of London financiers began implementing, in 2008, a new program to kill elderly and other sick people, precisely repeating the opening phase of Hitler’s 1939 T-4 euthanasia program. Under the Liverpool Care Pathway adopted for general use by the National Health Service, those showing symptoms that might foreshadow death are targeted to be killed by heavy narcotics and the withdrawal of fluids and nutrition.

The new policy reportedly accounted for about one sixth of all deaths in Britain last year, according to a study by Dr. Clive Seale, of the prestigious Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. When the world financial system meltdown began in 2007, British imperial leaders pursued drastic shifts in funds away from public services and into bailouts of the London-Wall Street axis.

They rushed into general practice an all-out euthanasia policy, that had been introduced as a pilot project in 2003-2004 by then-Prime Minister Tony Blair and royal health adviser Simon Stevens. This British fascist “health-care reform” agenda was at the same time exported to the United States for adoption by the incoming Obama Administration.

Mr. Obama And His Backers – The Royal Monarchy!

The King’s Fund is the official agency driving the new euthanasia. A government-funded charity, called alternatively Marie Curie Cancer Care or Marie Curie Hospice, is the operations center tasked with shaping the killing program.

Prince Charles has been president of the King’s Fund since 1986, and president of the Marie Curie Hospice organization since about 2000. What is today called the King’s Fund was created in the late 19th Century by the Prince of Wales. After he became King Edward VII, the agency was incorporated in 1907 as King Edward’s Hospital Fund for London.

This was the Royal Family’s planning center for the reform of health care, in accord with the Empire’s innovation of the time, eugenics or race-purification theory. To start up the new killing program in 2008, the Queen became the Patron, the agency was re-incorporated under the shorter name, King’s Fund, and Prince Charles and his retainers went into overdrive.

The King’s Fund and the Marie Curie Hospice were merged for action with the June 24, 2008 announcement that King’s Fund Policy and Development Director Steve Dewar would simultaneously lead the two agencies, to “develop the contribution of both organizations to the further improvement of end-of-life services across the U.K.” In July 2008, the National Health Service published its End of Life Care Strategy, developed by an NHS Strategy unit set up for the new euthanasia program.

Hughes-Hallett wrote further on the urgency of getting the killing program going full blast, now: “One thing that has changed quickly, and unexpectedly, is the financial climate. For this financial year and the next, the NHS has new money for this strategy. After that things are much less certain….” In that national Strategy Report, the “end of life care pathway” starts with”

Step One: Identifying people who are approaching the end of life”; it proceeds to ”

Step Five: Last days of life,” in which the Liverpool Care Pathway is the means of termination. After this comes”

Step Six: Care after death,” or what to do with the bodies and the survivors, and proposed methods for falsifying death certificates to show a natural cause rather than homicide ‚Äî precisely as was done in the Hitler T-4 program. A National Health Service-commissioned report by McKinsey and Company, calling for saving $32 billon per year by drastic cuts in health care, was leaked to the press last week.

King’s Fund chief economist John Appleby (quoted in Time magazine, Sept. 9, 2009) responded that these savings must be accomplished by finding “ways to counter rising health-care costs associated with an aging population, expensive new medical treatments and rising patient expectations.” King’s Fund chief executive Niall Dickson chimed in that, rather than doing more with less resources, “Doing less with less seems a more realistic scenario.”

The Royal euthanasia program was introduced as a pilot project in 2003 and 2004 by Simon Stevens, Blair’s chief adviser on health policy from 2001 to 2004. In 2007, Stevens went to the United States to spread the euthanasia project there. Stevens became vice president of Minnesota-based UnitedHealth, the President Obama and his royal backers The Marie Curie Palliative massive private health insurance Care Institute in Liverpool is one of two centers for experimental company for the U.S. and Britain. Stevens’ official job is to advise killing regimes.

Out of this has come the procedure called the all private health insurers to get behind the new agenda for healthLiverpool Care Pathway, with its Continuous Deep Sedation, care reform. which has recently broken into the headlines in Britain due to a Continuing as a trustee of the King’s Fund for Prince public protest against the murders by physicians.

Charles in London, Simon Stevens connects President Obama Marie Curie Chief Executive Tom Hughes-Hallett, a with the London-Wall Street axis, for implementation of the King’s Fund Senior Associate, chairs the “external Implemen-tation urgent strategy in the face of financial catastrophe. Advisory Board” for the national End of Life Care Strategy. In his forward to the killers’ first annual report, published by the National Service in July, 2009, Hughes-Hallett wrote, “We’re trying to change the way this country thinks about and responds to the idea of death.

We’re trying to change the way the medical and social care professions think about and respond to death. We’re trying to change the way end of life care services are commissioned.”


Hitler’s Concentration Camps were modeled after the British Concentration Camps during the Boer War!

Originally called re-education centres the Schutz Staffeinel (SS) soon began describing them as concentration camps. They were called this because they were “concentrating” the enemy into a restricted area. Hitler argued that the camps were modeled on those used by the British during the Boer War.

British Concentration Camps (Boer War)

[Red Cross put Dachau at 18,000, Auschwitz at 53,000 deaths.  A report after the war concluded that 27,927 Boers (of whom 24,074 [50% of the Boer child population] were children under 16) had died of starvation, disease and exposure in the concentration camps. In all, about one in four (25%) of the Boer inmates, mostly children, died.]

SeeBaden-Powell Kitchener Concentration Camp (USA) Concentration Camps (Eisenhower’s) Concentration Camps (Holocaust) US based Concentration Camps for Germans

British Concentration Camps Boer War

Just over a century ago during the Boer War, the British were responsible for about 27,000 deaths of innocent women and children who were rounded up and placed in British concentration camps after burning them out of their own farms and settlements in (now) South Africa.

In 1900, Britain invaded the Boer Republics, stole the gold mines, turned the Western Transvaal into a “smoking desert” (in their own words), imprisoned 110,000 women and children in concentration camps where 28,000 of them died, then, after the war, they tried and shot 2 Boer officers for “misusing a flag of truce”! You’re wasting your time looking for justice in any post-war trial. They are simply a continuation of the war. 

[Interview] CARLOS W. PORTER

Lizzie van Zyl, visited by Emily Hobhouse in a British concentration camp


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