Treasonists Obama & Biden Destroy 9,000 More U.S. Mining Jobs In October: While They Approve Coal Mining In China

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 9,000 jobs lost in mining in October, a statistic Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is likely to cite in the waning hours of the campaign.

“Mining lost 9,000 jobs in October, with most of the decline occurring in support activities for mining,” the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced in Friday’s jobs report. “Since May of this year, employment in mining has decreased by 17,000.”

Some have critiqued the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency for their regulations on the coal industry, calling it a” war on coal.”

At a rally in Ohio, Romney said of a possible Obama second term, “You know he’s going to continue his war on coal, you knows he’s going to keep pushing back on oil and natural gas.” This issue also plays in Pennsylvania, where Romney is making a new push.

The Romney campaign also released an ad this week that reinforces its message of President Obama’s hostility to the coal industry.

“If somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can – it’s just that it will bankrupt them,” President Obama says in the ad, then adding that “22 Pennsylvania Coal Units Announced They Will Close Or Convert.”

The free market energy policy group American Energy Alliance pointed to these job losses as a clear indication of the need for new energy policy reform.

“[Friday’s] employment report underscores the need for new, pro-growth policies for the energy and manufacturing sectors,” the group’s president Thomas Pyle said.

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Treasonist Joe Biden & EPA Approves Grants For China To Produce Coal: Simultaneously Biden Closes US Coal Plants Puts Americans Out Of Work!

“One of our concerns has been … with so many regulations coming from so many parts of the EPA and other agencies … that we’re actually sending lots of jobs overseas,” says Rep. Griffith.

China Building 1 Coal  Plant Every 2 Weeks:

The Obama-Biden Attacks On American Coal and Energy Jobs


Well, your ability to guess why the Murray Energy Corporation today announced that it is closing a mine in Brilliant, Ohio will be largely dependent on whether you rely on local news or not. If you’re just paying attention to local news… you won’t be told atall why a coal mine that employed 239 people at its peak laid off 24 of its remaining 56 employees today, with the remaining to be (hopefully) integrated into the company elsewhere; in fact, you won’t even be told that the mine employed that many people directly. But if you go to the company’s own press release… yeah. That’s a different story.

Regulatory actions by President Barack Obama and his appointees and followers were cited as the entire reason. “Mr. Obama has already destroyed 83,000 megawatts of coal-fired electricity generation in America,” said Mr. Michael T. W. Carey, Vice President of Government Affairs for Murray Energy. “Electric prices in the recent PJM Interconnection monthly auction were bid up 800 percent (8 times) for 2015-2016 because of this,” he added.

“At its peak, Ohio American employed 239 local people in high-paying, well-benefited jobs,” said Mr. Stanley T. Piasecki, General Manager and Superintendent. “University studies show that our Mines can create up to eleven (11) secondary jobs in our communities, for store clerks, teachers, etc., to serve our direct employees. Thus, if one uses the eleven (11) to one (1) multiplier, the Obama Administration has destroyed 2,868 jobs in eastern Ohio with this forced Mine closure,” stated Mr. Piasecki.

Although, to be fair, the local news article did at least link to the press release; it also mentioned another set of layoffs (29) at Murray’s Powhatan No. 6 mine in Alledonia, OH. They just forgot to note that Murray Energy squarely laid the blame for that closure too on the Obama Administration’s War on Coal. And make no mistake: this administration hates coal.

In a fine bit of irony, the President will actually be campaigning in Ohio Wednesday*. I wonder what the odds are that somebody who will be losing (either directly or indirectly) a good-paying job because of the current regulatory regime will be in the crowd. I also wonder whether any of those people will get the opportunity to object to the President’s top-down, hideously ineffective way of driving economic policy. I don’t wonder how petulant President Obama would be in response.

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*In an even finer bit of irony, President Obama will be touching down at a base that may go under the axe if the next set of defense cuts goes through. And if you don’t think that base closings loom large in this era of chronic high unemployment, anemic economic growth, and no budgets… well, the Beltway can insulate a person from those sorts of plebeian concerns, yes.

[*Oops!  Sorry about that.]